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If I want to go to law school, what classes should I take/major in

paulsuperpaulsuper Posts: 51Registered User Junior Member
edited May 2013 in Law School
I want to become a lawyer. What classes should I take/major in undergraduate school? What does the pre-law program consist of? Thanks a lot.
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Replies to: If I want to go to law school, what classes should I take/major in

  • morrismmmorrismm Posts: 2,955Registered User Senior Member
    From what I understand, your undergraduate major does not matter. What matters is your LSAT score and gpa. If you want to get into a top law school, you need to get a very high gpa (3.5 or better) and a high LSAT. A very high LSAT is 170 or better. A 165-169 is very good. I believe a 150-155 is average.

    The LSAT score is the most important factor for top law schools.
  • blackeyedsusanblackeyedsusan Posts: 2,446Registered User Senior Member
    Decent law schools are not looking for you to follow a pre-law program. Major in whatever you like that you'll do well in. Courses that require a lot of writing and critical thinking will be the most helpful. I know many successful lawyers that majored in things as diverse as psychology, anthropology, economics, English, etc. There's also a misconception that political science majors are favored in law school admissions. That is not true. Law schools look at your GPA and LSAT scores.
  • mom2collegekidsmom2collegekids Posts: 76,705Registered User Senior Member

    Very true....

    majors like philosophy, math, physics, etc have a high rate of acceptance because of thinking skills. but, as said above, you need a high LSAT score.

    i think if I was going to school as a pre-law student, I'd choose a school that let me do a custom major that let me include a combo of philosophy, business, econ, English, and history classes.
  • lifekiwilifekiwi Posts: 54Registered User Junior Member
    Anything except pre-law. The most important thing is that you pick something you're interested in and feel you could do well in. The second most important thing is that you have important critical thinking skills, and the ability to interpret and analyze the English language. Having good rhetoric skills will also be beneficial. Majors in things like English, History, or Political Science will help prepare you for this, but it doesn't matter as long as you can prove that you're a smart guy.
  • res ipsares ipsa Posts: 1,943Registered User Senior Member
    Everything said above is accurate and very good. Also you might want to think about what would interest you if you decide that you do not want to be a lawyer and what would be good background for leaving the practice of law as many lawyers move on to other careers. Also if there is something you are extremely passionate about it would a good thing to consider. I would definitely stay away from a so-called "pre law" program which is a largely a marketing gimmick steering you towards uninspiring classes.
  • overachiever91overachiever91 Posts: 475Registered User Member
    I am planning on majoring in Political Science and International Relations.Do you think this is a good choice ?
  • CoolbrezzeCoolbrezze Posts: 5,403Registered User Senior Member
    I myself would like to keep law school as a consideration and have interest in double majoring as a undergraduate. To share, my pick of double majors are: political science and economics or international relations and economics.
  • DreamPinkDreamPink Posts: 19Registered User New Member
    Would studying psycholoogy help me get into law school?
  • Ghost73Ghost73 Posts: 153Registered User Junior Member
    ^No, not at all.
  • marcdvlmarcdvl Posts: 1,315Registered User Senior Member
    Definitely take philosophy courses in logic as it is useful on the LSAT.

    Baleful, saw the post is years old.
  • Demosthenes49Demosthenes49 Posts: 1,123Registered User Senior Member
    An intro to logic course dealing with informal logic would help. Other than that, writing courses are good.
  • lamiyalamiya Posts: 1Registered User New Member
    hey guys, what are some good schools for international relations in NY? Currently i am in my second year, in LLB program at University of London(external location).
  • sybbie719sybbie719 Posts: 18,438Super Moderator Senior Member
    closing 3 year old thread. please use for informational purposes only.
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