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Calculators for Engineering Students @MIT

Mr. LaymanMr. Layman Posts: 214Registered User Junior Member
What type of calculators would be appropriate for a MIT engineering/math/physics major? I've heard Hewlett Packard graphing calculators are necessary. How is a TI -89 Titanium? Thanks.
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Replies to: Calculators for Engineering Students @MIT

  • mathwizmathwiz Posts: 2,355Registered User Senior Member
    i think a ti-83 is fine
  • molliebatmitmolliebatmit Posts: 12,374Super Moderator Senior Member
    So, I wouldn't say a TI-89 is necessary. But if you get one and get familiar with its functions, you will probably be a happy camper in your upper-level engineering classes. (This info from my boyfriend, a junior in aero/astro -- he only has *my* 83+, and gets by just fine, but says that it whould have been nice to have come in with an 89. He melodramatically claims that "it's too late now" for him to learn an 89.)

    Then again, though, you're frequently not allowed to use calculators on tests, so if you get a super-amazing calculator that can integrate, differentiate, and make your coffee, you'd better also know how to do math without it. :) And, of course, there's always Matlab (available for free download for MIT students).
  • zking786zking786 Posts: 680Registered User Member
    Free download of Matlab -- Wow!

    With regards the TI-89, it really is powerful. It's also pretty easy to use (once you work on it for about a week). The interface is really user-friendly. It has menus for everything. And the commands are very simillar to those in Matlab. Your bf should get one! It's definitely easier to use then the ti-83. They're great to check your answers with. It can't really become a crutch, because you probably need to show your work on the math problems, right?
  • LiLiachenckoLiLiachencko Posts: 286Registered User Junior Member
    TI-89 is awesome.
    I started using it in my junior year, though I do wish it had a "log" button so I wouldn't have to type it out.
  • zking786zking786 Posts: 680Registered User Member
    hehe, that is annoying. Don't you use ln instead?
  • Mr. LaymanMr. Layman Posts: 214Registered User Junior Member
    Thanks, I think I'll go for the TI 89
  • mercurysquadmercurysquad Posts: 2,723Registered User Senior Member
    Free download of Matlab -- Wow!
    Isn't an academic license for Matlab a standard 'accessory' provided to all engg. students in all universities :confused:
  • OloOlo Posts: 1,023Registered User Senior Member
    I know the university where I do my research internship doesn't provide MATLAB to it's undergrad students. Although the grad students all get free copies.

    They had extra licenses in the MechE dept, so I got one. :D.

    EDIT: I should mention that the university, while not top-caliber, is very wealthy, so I have no clue why they wouldn't, but they don't.
  • mit2007mitmit2007mit Posts: 225- Junior Member
    Get the TI-89, trust me. :p

    You won't be able to use it on tests often, but the extra functionality provided by the TI-89 saves a LOT of effort. Yes the TI-83 is sufficient, but it is well worth the extra money to get the TI-89. Titanium or whatever is not necessary.

    lil. the log function is in the catalog. If you look it up the first time, every time afterwards when you press catalog, it will default there. Only one extra button press ;)

    Though ln is much more often used over log :S
  • HamsterHamster Posts: 675Registered User Member
    My Eval B still hasn't arrived... mailed it October 31.
  • OloOlo Posts: 1,023Registered User Senior Member
    You mailed your own Eval B? 0.o

    They're really backed up in the processing room apparantly. Ben et al. says not to worry unless it doesn't show up after 2-3 weeks. Besides, it's not something you have control over, and I doubt they'd penalize you for it.
  • zoogieszoogies Posts: 1,334Registered User Senior Member
    I'm on a silver Ti-83+...funny, because I think it was more expensive than the Ti-89 present, or maybe that was some other Ti, but I was drawn by its exceedingly shiny and translucent surface.

    I hope it's not too late, and I hope whoever said you had to type out "log" was not serious O.O. There MUST be a log key, for the log key is life!
  • corinaocorinao Posts: 614Registered User Member
    So an 89 is best? Aww...but I love my 83!
  • zking786zking786 Posts: 680Registered User Member
    There isn't a log key. Instead, there's an ln(x) key which you have to use shift/2nd to utilize. But, as mit2007mit said, you can go to catalog and pull up log. The list will stay in the same position, so you just have to click CATALOG then ENTER to pull up the log each time ~ Not too bad, considering the many features the 89 has (3-D graphing, differentiation, integration, etc...).
  • CowsGoMuCowsGoMu Posts: 75Registered User Junior Member
    I just use the change of base rule
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