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Early Decision Applicants

jocelyn11395jocelyn11395 Posts: 30Registered User Junior Member
edited January 2013 in Mount Holyoke College
Hi, I'm applying early decision and I wanted to start the form so we can network and answer questions. :)
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Replies to: Early Decision Applicants

  • MaxRide94MaxRide94 Posts: 95Registered User Junior Member
    Hi! I'm applying ED too. Are you going in the ED1 route?
  • Durly3195Durly3195 Posts: 1Registered User New Member
    I'm applying ED1! So unbelievably nervous...
  • PipermaruPipermaru Posts: 98Registered User Junior Member
    I'm applying for early decision 1 too... i'm a little confused. do any of you know if i could send my school letters and rec letters through mail while i submit the rest of my application online? Do i still have to pay if i send it through the mail? I don't live in the States, but I want to go to mount holyoke so bad. the campus is so pretty <3
  • MaxRide94MaxRide94 Posts: 95Registered User Junior Member
    I think you can send the letters and transcripts through the mail without paying the fee. As long as YOUR part of the application is sent online (your particulars, the essay, the supplement and all that jazz). If you have any questions, you can always email them. I've emailed a lot of schools before and MHC was the nicest and most helpful school by far. That's actually one of the reasons it's my first choice. :)
    Also, I've heard that MHC requires a writing sample but on the supplement, there is just space for the short answer. Do we submit the writing sample somewhere else?
  • jocelyn11395jocelyn11395 Posts: 30Registered User Junior Member
    I'm applying ED1 and I'm extremely nervous and excited. Pipermaru, I sent my transcript and school report stuff through the mail but I'm applying online. I called and they said you don't have to pay. :)
  • PipermaruPipermaru Posts: 98Registered User Junior Member
    Thanks for the responses! They really helped. :) Hopefully we'll all get accepted and meet each other next fall
  • MaxRide94MaxRide94 Posts: 95Registered User Junior Member
    Has anyone finished their supplements? What did you write about?
  • PipermaruPipermaru Posts: 98Registered User Junior Member
    I'm having problems with the short answers, i don't know which one to pick :( Plus my school records are not yet complete. How's yours going?
  • MaxRide94MaxRide94 Posts: 95Registered User Junior Member
    I totally get what you're saying about the school records. I've managed to convince my counselor to send in the transcripts (because I literally handed the scanned copies to her) but I can't get the school profile. I've emailed so many people about it but none of them have replied.... :(

    For the supplement, I picked the 1st short answer question. The one about what first made me notice the school? It was the question that really stuck out to me and I picked it because I felt I had a nice story to tell. The whole thing is essentially me talking about how I love the idea of a liberal arts education.
  • PipermaruPipermaru Posts: 98Registered User Junior Member
    Luckily our councilor is very enthusiastic, since I'm the first in our school to apply to a college outside our country. But he, as well as my teachers, are extremely busy, and they have no idea how the common app works. I might not get them to submit on time, and it worries me so much. Plus I still have to start my art portfolio and financial aid files--I hope I can still make it to November. And that midterm report might come late too...

    Nice choice, Max. I thought I'd answer the first question too, but I thought my reasons would seem shallow. I settled for the second question after a lot of thinking.

    By the way, am I the only one who's getting this MHC fever? It's scary; I can say I'm obsessed with this school. :) I go to tumblr everyday and see what is going on there, and they keep on complaining about mountain day being delayed and all. And the fall leaves are only making me want to go there more.
  • retrodreamer11retrodreamer11 Posts: 106Registered User Junior Member
    I'm applying ED. I sent in all my common app stuff and my transcript has been sent. I'm just waiting on my recs. My teachers said they would be done within two weeks.
    Ahhh, I'm so excited.
    I did my overnight with members of the athletic team I'm being recruited for and... ah it's such a fantastic school!
  • MaxRide94MaxRide94 Posts: 95Registered User Junior Member
    @Pipermaru, I completely sympathize with you about the whole "MHC fever" thing. I've been constantly checking tumblr for updates as well!

    @retredreamer11, I'm also waiting for teacher's recs. I just need the school profile after that. But right now, it's up to my teachers and counselor to finish up my part of the application.

    I almost forgot about the CSS profile! I've finished up most of it but my parents are really shy about talking about their income. I understand its a cultural thing but I'm their daughter! It's so ridiculous...
  • PipermaruPipermaru Posts: 98Registered User Junior Member
    my dad's filling out the CSS for me, I hope he gets it done soon. my counselor and teachers haven't sent anything yet, and I'm getting more and more panicky. I might not make it on time! Do you think they'll still accept my application even without my letters?

    and retrodreamer11, I wish I also had the opportunity to visit MHC too! Except I live in the opposite side of the world :)
  • MaxRide94MaxRide94 Posts: 95Registered User Junior Member
    I think if your letters arrive before they read your app, you can probably get away with slightly late letters of recommendation. But as one of their representatives told me, MHC cannot guarantee they'll get to review your application unless all the required documents are in. But, worst case senario, they'll probably just defer you to the RD round.
  • jocelyn11395jocelyn11395 Posts: 30Registered User Junior Member
    Pipermaru, I know I have "MHC fever". I go on their website everyday! :)

    retrodreamer11, you're so lucky that you got to do an overnight. I haven't had the opportunity to do an overnight. :(

    My application is done I just have to send it out. My mom just started filling out the CSS. Does anyone know what else we need to send out for ED1? My transcript and recs are already sent. I want to make sure everything else is there. :)
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