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Anyone Going to Moonifieds?

theatremommatheatremomma Posts: 488Registered User Member
edited March 2013 in Musical Theater Major
PM if you want to meet up! Maybe we could start a group!
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Replies to: Anyone Going to Moonifieds?

  • prodesseprodesse Posts: 792Registered User Member
    What are moonifieds?
  • MTDancerMomMTDancerMom Posts: 90Registered User Junior Member
    My D and I will be at Moonifieds. We are finishing up all the prep this weekend.

    I want her to make an index card for each school that she is auditioning with. What does she like about the school, who is auditioning her, and what questions would she ask.

    We are driving from Houston Thurs afteroon to arrive a couple of hours before check in.

    Have you attended any of the Master Classes?
  • AlexaMTAlexaMT Posts: 548Registered User Member
    I'll be there with CCU helping out! If anyone has questions about Coastal or the process in general (Moo Crew alum!) feel free to send a PM.
  • monkey13monkey13 Posts: 1,016Registered User Senior Member
    @Prodesse, Moonifieds are private auditions that college coach Mary Anna Dennard sets up for her students in mid-November. They are called "Moonifieds" b/c Mary Anna's nickname is Moo. I think they have about 14 schools attending this year. For some of the schools, they use these "Moonifieds" as a live pre-screen....others may indeed use it as the actual audition. I am not the best person to provide additional details b/c my daughter uses MTCA, but she has several friends who use Moo and are attending Moonifieds.
  • theatremommatheatremomma Posts: 488Registered User Member
    MTDancerMOM- Are you talking about the master classes the first night or the ones during the year? We have done the CMU, Mich, and TSU but I don't know what goes on with the ones Thursday night.
  • MTDancerMomMTDancerMom Posts: 90Registered User Junior Member
    My D was there for the CMU, Rider and TSU ones. She said that she has met some really great kids so far - two she has been facebooking with. I think it is great that she has others to talk to about this process that understand what she is going through.

    She will be attending Thurs nights classes - as far as she is concerned it calms her nerves the more she interacts with the colleges and auditioners. She will be auditioning for 8 colleges during Moonified.

    I love the fact that it is so convienient to our home, it definately is a financial plus for us.
  • MTDancerMomMTDancerMom Posts: 90Registered User Junior Member
    @Prodesse, Monkey13 is correct. There are 14 universities that are participating in Moonifieds. I found it so convienient because we live in Houston that it keeps the travel cost down for us. For the majority of the colleges, this is the final audition with no call backs required. This is also a big help for us.

    If you would like for detailed information, feel free to PM me.
  • MTDancerMomMTDancerMom Posts: 90Registered User Junior Member
    theatremomma - I do not have enough posts yet to PM you. Can you PM me, or does the 15 rule apply to receiving post?
  • theatremommatheatremomma Posts: 488Registered User Member
    MTdancermom. I sent you a PM
  • momarmarinomomarmarino Posts: 150Registered User Junior Member
    So I've never heard of Moonifieds, but that's probably because we're in the Pacific Northwest. But I have a question: for those schools who are using Moonifieds as their final audition, are acceptances being given from the Moonified process? Which schools specifically are involved?
  • theatremommatheatremomma Posts: 488Registered User Member
    I am not going to open this whole coaching can of worms... been there. I was just looking for people going. Mary Anna lists the schools on her website. Some are pre-screens, some are actual auditions. I have heard there are offers sometimes made.
  • glassharmonicaglassharmonica Posts: 2,985Registered User Senior Member
    Some are pre-screens, some are actual auditions. I have heard there are offers sometimes made.
    I'm fascinated to know that a private teacher can set up private auditions for her studio with college and universities that result in acceptances for her students. If they are rejected, does it count a final rejection, or are they allowed to audition at the regular public auditions? I suppose this kind of influence would make the private teacher even more desirable and sought-after. I wonder if other coaches will also begin to hold this sort of private audition, and how that will affect the whole audition scenario. Are these private auditions regulated? Just curious, having never heard of this second level of auditions.
  • momarmarinomomarmarino Posts: 150Registered User Junior Member
    My thoughts exactly. Is it just me, or is there anyone else out there who thinks this doesn't sound very fair to those who are not using a coach??
  • theatremommatheatremomma Posts: 488Registered User Member
  • classicalbkclassicalbk Posts: 767Registered User Member
    I'd like to know too, if that is the only audition or if they can try for a second time with the regular auditions. My guess is the first one counts if it's really good, but doesn't count if it's not, just like the regional auditions happening at the state level. It certainly is quite an advantage. It would be amazing to have a go at one of these schools, get feedback, and then try again later. Wow. Spend your money, people (she said dryly).

    For the power house schools:

    Please post info on your website about other opportunities to meet and work with you in workshops, regional auditions, etc. It's not easy or that common to know about these opportunities and it's maddening to find out about them when it's too late. So many people wrongly assume that the posted auditions are all that's scheduled; the word needs to get out that there are "practice" opportunities out there.
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