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Funny, clean monologues for young women

lynnmlynnm Posts: 487Registered User Member
edited March 2008 in Musical Theater Major
Hi Guys! Auditions are over, but my D is now looking for a comedic monologue that's clean. The one she used for auditions was a little more, shall we say, trampy? It worked for her (hmmm....that didn't sound good), but now she wants to find one for a summer project she's thinking about which would be more clean cut, yet funny. We haven't had much luck coming across anything like that. Any suggestions would be really helpful. Thanks a lot!
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Replies to: Funny, clean monologues for young women

  • dramaddictdramaddict Posts: 27Registered User New Member
    well for my comedic monologue I used Christopher Durang's "Laughing Wild"
  • wakendawakenda Posts: 36Registered User Junior Member
    Would you mind sharing what the trampy monologue was with us? And this probably isn't what you're looking for, but I'll use the early Juliet monologues from before the play turns tragic and pair them with dramatic contemporary stuff when I need one dramatic and one comedic and one contemporary and one classical monologue. They're (relatively) clean. It's Shakespeare, so there's almost always going to be some bawdiness, but it can be as hidden or as promenient as you want to make it. But chances are you weren't loking for something classical. Maybe it'll be helpful to someone else.
  • <3*Dianne*<3<3*Dianne*<3 Posts: 7Registered User New Member
    I've used a Christopher Durang in auditions, too, but I don't know what I'll use for colleges yet. I used Jane's monologue from 'dentity Crisis...hi-larious show! Definately a playwright worth looking into, but it's hard to find 'clean' with his stuff. 'dentity Crisis is age-appropriate, though.

  • septemberseptember Posts: 98Registered User Junior Member
    Dentity Crisis is awesome, but it's used a lot-- it's even on CMU's "don't" list. It's unfortunate, because it's absolutely hilarious :0)

    My suggestion-- look at non-American stuff. One of the pieces I used was by a Canadian, Carol Shields, and no one had heard it before. Try "Departures and Arrivals" (the "people watcher" monologue comes to mind) or "Fashion, Power, Guilt". You might also just want to go to the library/a drama bookstore and look through the plays. I spent about 3 hours doing that one afternoon.

    Anyway, best of luck!
  • lynnmlynnm Posts: 487Registered User Member
    Thanks for the input everyone...please keep it coming! (I see tons of people have read this thread, so come on, share!) The monologue my D had used on many of her auditions was from "The Lives of The Great Waitresses" by Nina Shengold. It was hillarious comparing this guy to pastry...but not appropriate for what she has in mind. I appreciate everyone's input...it really helps.
  • theatermomtheatermom Posts: 629Registered User Member

    Perhaps if we knew what the project, is we could be of more help. It sounds like it may have very specific requirements. In all honesty, however, I still have to say that I think monologue choice is sooo personal that advice from others, while well-meaning, is often not really helpful, especially without knowing your D personally.
  • lynnmlynnm Posts: 487Registered User Member
    Sorry to have been vague (sp?)...She's thinking of auditioning for Disney Cruises in June. They have open auditions in NYC and she thought she'd just give it a try to see what happened. They ask for a comedic monologue and I'm sure that a clean one would be more appropriate for Disney. Seems like all the Disney girly characters are sweet and cute or evil....I can't think of any funny. Don't even know if they would want a Disney monologue anyway.
  • binxbinx Posts: 4,318Registered User Senior Member
    For musicians, Disney has in the past requested that they NOT play Disney music. Don't know if it's similar for MT.
  • DPrincesshopefulDPrincesshopeful Posts: 1Registered User New Member
    I am also auditioning at Disney Open Calls and can't find much. The few things I did find, I found by google-ing for exactly what I wanted: Free comedic monolgues. Good Luck.
  • MTgrlsmomMTgrlsmom Posts: 1,034Registered User Senior Member
    lynnm - check your PM :)
  • soozievtsoozievt Posts: 30,906Registered User, ! Senior Member
    Not sure if you noticed, but Lynn's original post was almost two years ago and so this is an old thread that was resurrected. :)
  • MTgrlsmomMTgrlsmom Posts: 1,034Registered User Senior Member
    Soozie -- Oh jeez duh...blonde me again.
  • soozievtsoozievt Posts: 30,906Registered User, ! Senior Member
    Actually, I did the math wrong.....Lynn's original post was almost THREE years ago. I can't blame mine on a "dumb blonde" moment as I'm not blonde and so I'll blame mine for being over 50. :D
  • motter3motter3 Posts: 83Registered User Junior Member
    the play "american dreams" by studs turkel (sp?) has some funny monologues in it. if you know the musical working, then the format is the same (a bunch of monologues with not a lot of plot connecting one monologue to the next) but my favorite one from that show was Emma Knight's Miss USA monologue.
  • lynnmlynnm Posts: 487Registered User Member
    Wow, everyone is SO HELPFUL on CC!! I have received e-mails and pms regarding the clean monologue and appreciate how everyone jumps in to help (ok...no comment about it being THREE YEARS TOO LATE...at least the offers are there!!!) Thanks everyone!
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