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USNA Uniforms

GoNavy87GoNavy87 Posts: 55Registered User Junior Member
edited March 2005 in Naval Academy - Annapolis
I have just a quick question for anyone who knows. I was looking through information and USNA pictures and I was wondering...I know that the White Works uniform is used during Plebe Summer, but do 4/C Plebes (during the academic year) continue to wear them, or do they receive normal academy uniforms in September for the year?
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Replies to: USNA Uniforms

  • NAPS05momNAPS05mom Posts: 210Registered User Junior Member
    From what I hear, they are just for plebe summer. Actually rumor has it that they might discontinue those altogether. :) That would be nice as I hear they are quite hot!
  • jadler03jadler03 Posts: 696Registered User Member
    White Works is only for plebe summer. The standard uniforms (i.e. Working Blues, Summer Whites, Service Dress Blues, etc.) are worn by all classes, including 4/C during the academic year. Dress issue for these uniforms occurs during plebe summer and when the brigade reforms, the 4/C start to wear the standard uniforms. The only exception is for Herndon when White Works Echo will be worn for the last time.
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  • JonezJonez Posts: 135Registered User Junior Member
    That would be real nice if they got rid of the white works all together. I like all the other uniforms except that one.
  • NAPS05momNAPS05mom Posts: 210Registered User Junior Member
    Sometimes it seems sort of crazy to have these uniforms which are expensive to only wear on occassion during plebe summer. I don't see the point. PT wear and/or cammies seems more logical to me. Oh well. Why fight tradition right? :)
  • davygravy3davygravy3 Posts: 380Registered User Member
    Yea, but if you think about it....

    White Works are an enlisted man's version of a summer whites (sorta or maybe yes, i don't quite know). Plebe Summer is like being enlisted, y'know your at the bottom of the barrel getting turned to a military lifestyle. Seems perfectly normal / acceptable to me.
  • USNAMarine09USNAMarine09 Posts: 37Registered User Junior Member
    I've heard that the fleet navy is taking on a Utility Uniform similar to ours in the Marine Corps. They're apparently using this uniform as a multipurpose daily uniform. Does anyone out there know whether or not this is true...and whether or not this uniform will be picked up at the academy? One of the things I'm excited about joining the Navy for is getting to wear many different uniforms for many different occasions. In the Marine Corps, we have a bunch of cool uniforms, but we never get to wear them...pretty much the only uniform we wear is our Digital Cammis. I'd hate to get into the Navy just when they're fazing all of their uniforms out too.

  • GoNavy87GoNavy87 Posts: 55Registered User Junior Member
    Yes this uniform rumor is true. If you go to www.navy.mil, there is an area devoted to the new Task Force Uniform on the right hand side. There is both a bluish camo utility for working environments, as well as a YEAR ROUND uniform (greyish and dark blue). They are just tesing these uniforms, so they won't be in the fleet for about 4-7 years, or not at all (depending on how testing goes).
  • lyleslyles Posts: 5Registered User New Member
    NONE of you know what the hell you are talking about. White works do not exist at USNA anymore. My class (2008) was the last class to wear white works. The SUPT feels that it is no a professional uniform so any future plebes out there will be wearing CAMIS all summer long. And for your info, white works were the best uniform ever. They are really comfortable and easy to get on and off during uniform races.
  • USNAMarine09USNAMarine09 Posts: 37Registered User Junior Member
    "my plebe summer was the last real plebe summer"
    -yeah, this has been being said since what....1845
  • GoNavy87GoNavy87 Posts: 55Registered User Junior Member
    WAIT, so there is no wearing of white works AT ALL? Are they even issued anymore? This is news to many of us. Can someone please elaborate. Thanks.
  • jadler03jadler03 Posts: 696Registered User Member
    Vice all previous word, White Works will still be the uniform for 4/C during the summer (specifically heard from cadre-to-be). White works is not authorized for wear to classes on P.E. days.
  • anythinganything Posts: 11Registered User New Member
    there are rumors of plebe summer eventually changing to cammi's, but for now its your white works...learn to love them, its like wearing pajamas all the time
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