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How does GPA work?

MarauderMarauder Posts: 309Registered User Member
edited January 2010 in New York University
My high school didn't calculate GPA on a 4.0 scale or anything like that, so I'm not sure how it works. How does NYU calculate a GPA out of 4.0? Is it out of 4.0 for NYU? Thanks.
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Replies to: How does GPA work?

  • bandnerd06bandnerd06 Posts: 227Registered User Junior Member
    yep. I think it's something like 4.0 for A and A+, 3.7 for an A-, 3.3 for B+, 3.0 for B, 2.7 for B-. I'm not possitive, though. I found it on the website one day, and then I couldn't find it again later.
  • MarauderMarauder Posts: 309Registered User Member
    So say first semester you get 2 A's and A- and a B you take 4.0+4.0+3.7+3.0=14.7 then take 14.7/4 and you get 3.675 and thats your GPA? Then next semester you just add your next grades in with the old grades and divide by 8?
  • bandnerd06bandnerd06 Posts: 227Registered User Junior Member
    Yeah... I think so.
  • shades_childrenshades_children Posts: 2,206Registered User Senior Member
    There are no A+ grades here.

    A: 4.0
    A-: 3.7
    B+: 3.3
    B: 3.0
    B-: 2.7
    C+: 2.3
    C: 2.0
    and etc.

    So, if your first semester you take four 4 credit courses and earn one A, two A-'s, and one B+, your GPA will be:

    [4 (4) + 8 (3.7) + 4 (3.3)]/16 = 3.675

    Then, if your next semester you take four 4 credits courses and 1 two credit course and earn a two A's, one A+, one B-, and an A in your two credit course, your GPA for the semester will be:

    [10 (4) + 4 (3.7) + 4 (3.3)]/18 = 3.778

    Your GPA overall will be:

    [14 (4) + 12 (3.7) + 8 (3.3)]/34 = 3.729

    Did that make sense?
  • lindseygslindseygs Posts: 569Registered User Member
    Yes, thanks :)
  • MarauderMarauder Posts: 309Registered User Member
  • runpunkrunpunk Posts: 190Registered User Junior Member
    OH GG NO A+? I LIVED OFF A+. in all seriousness that sucks, since i pulled my GPA using the weight of science/math A+ to counteract the A- of other subjects....
  • SeoulSeoul Posts: 176Registered User Junior Member
    what constitutes "A-"? A 93?
  • mattistotlemattistotle Posts: 1,743Registered User Senior Member
    gpa does not matter. All that matters to NYU is your class-rank in relation to the prestige of your high school in conjunction with the difficulty of your classes.

    although you will see "average gpa" in college rankings, the figure only becomes significant with a large sample size...high school to high school it doesnt matter, since a 3.9 in one school can be a 3.2 in another.
  • ihavenolifeihavenolife Posts: 571Registered User Member
    Just to note, class rank is an important information but it is useless in a large class size. That's why my former high school did not rank. Many teachers felt that it was unfair and inaccurate. For example, one student could have a 3.85 GPA and another student could have a 3.83 GPA, and both of might have taken same amount of rigorous classes. But in a large class (say about 600), the 3.85 student could have a class rank of 25 while the 3.83 student could have a class rank of 75....

    But I agree that nyu and all colleges look at each applicant from each high school separately and does not compare them with other high schools.
  • de la nochede la noche Posts: 246Registered User Junior Member
    Seoul, it depends 100% on the school...

    for example, my school doesn't even use A-.. so it just goes A, then B+

    so if i got a 91% in one of my classes that would be a B+

    to answer your question though, i'd say most of the time an A- is a 90-92, then an A would be a 93 or higher
  • Azizi2012Azizi2012 Posts: 104Registered User Junior Member
    Im so confused, and I want answers.
    I got two A-'s this year but my school counts all A's as 4, all B's as 3, and so on. I though -/+ was always irrelevent.

    Doesn anybody have any Trustworthy sources that shows that NYU counts an A- as a 3.7?
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