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NYU Abu Dhabi

derrickli978derrickli978 Posts: 147Registered User Junior Member
edited January 2014 in New York University
what is this about? has anyone heard anything about it, like the admissions, or the campus and student size? this seems like a pretty good idea.
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Replies to: NYU Abu Dhabi

  • jkaufmanjkaufman Posts: 1,065Registered User Member
    [url=http://****.com/lnyfdw]Let me google that for you[/url]
  • missamericanpiemissamericanpie Posts: 2,179Registered User Senior Member
  • NuclearPakistan1NuclearPakistan1 Posts: 1,285Registered User Senior Member
    I am applying to NYU Abu Dhabi. Supposedly they give you a lot of financial aid, although I am still skeptical as to how much they actually give versus how it is represented on the website.
  • Ya-AlimYa-Alim Posts: 172Registered User Junior Member
    I didn't find anything on transferring to NYUAD.

    Oh, how unlucky the class of '09 was. After our year NYU has easier admission policies (no SAT required) and NYUAD, with "generous financial aid" will be opened.

    I guess by the time I have kids, admissions will be completely revolutionized.
  • missamericanpiemissamericanpie Posts: 2,179Registered User Senior Member

    you haven't been here at NYU. there's been a lot of mumbles and grumbles over NYU Abu Dhabi, about whether it's the right time to open such a school.

    opinions are divided. while NYU wants to be a global university, some people believe that with the financial climate as it is, NYU would be better off sticking close to home. we were hit by not only the downturn of the economy, but the Madoff scandal- some of our investors were swindled by Madoff.

    NYU Abu Dhabi is costing us 250 million a year.

    also, i feel that the jury is out on whether the "no SAT/three SAT IIs" thing really makes it easier to get in to NYU. i guess time will tell.

    there were rumors of NYU opening up a campus in Washington D.C. i saw it reported in the WSN, but i don't think any progress has been made on that.
  • jazzzzzjazzzzz Posts: 39Registered User Junior Member
    i'm pretty sure i'm applying too. location's a big tops. i mean, right smack in the middle of the globe :D so close to asia, europe, africa, and just a plane's ride away from DC or NYC.

    but yeah, it's a definite stretch for me. my resume doesn't come close of matching nuclearpakistan's..
  • anorexic_abeanorexic_abe Posts: 412Registered User Member
    Jazzzz: hahahahhaha. Pakistan is THE most eager applicant I have ever met. 833 posts in 4 months. Wow. Maybe I'm being a little mean, cause paki was really rude on one post, but made itself look like an idiot. You might be surprised by your admissions decision, be optimistic!
  • stinkfiststinkfist Posts: 16Registered User New Member
    I've already applied for early decision there! I think I'll be the only Moroccan student who applied. It's an amazing school, a component of an global network. The admission process at NYUAD is indeed need-blind, so if you're admitted, just don't worry about cash! LA CLASSE!!!! But I'm sure it'll be a very competitive school, I hope I'll stack up with the other applicants.
  • NuclearPakistan1NuclearPakistan1 Posts: 1,285Registered User Senior Member
    anorexic-Yeah, I sincerely apologize, I could make up an excuse for calling you a culo, but honestly I will be straight up and say I was wrong.

    Jazzzzz- yeah OMG I can't believe it either that many posts? That is crazy, how did you find the statistical data! But anyways, I am very eager to get accepted, although I am still not going to be surprised if I don't get. My grades are REALLY holding me back. Although I will graduate with 15 AP's, there isn't ever a reason to have as many C's and B's as i do on my application. I REALLY want to get into this school. It is all that i think about, and i knew if i got rejected, I would reject myself as a human being: so I decided to fall in love with Fordham too! Yayyyyy! ( But anyways, i really want to get accepted lol)

    Good luck to you all!

    If you guys want to add me on facebook, i would love to associate a name with a face! Just PM me!
  • stinkfiststinkfist Posts: 16Registered User New Member
    There's another very interesting info! The class of 2010 will be composed of 100 students, in other words, only 100 applicants will get in.
  • ekforlifeekforlife Posts: 3Registered User New Member
    I sent in my app last week, I wonder how many other kids from the states are applying ea for NYUAD... Has anyone heard anything about those candidate weekends?
  • apivit001apivit001 Posts: 1Registered User New Member
    i am an american and i recently applied ED for NYUAD. I just found out last week that i am invited for candidate weekend. it was a complete shock and a dream come trye. i really hope the rest of you are as lucky. good luck
  • ekforlifeekforlife Posts: 3Registered User New Member
    :( I was told that im being considered for the january weekend, but not the november one... no idea what this means. If you don't mind me asking, what were ur sat/act/ap scores and class rank??
  • kanishka92kanishka92 Posts: 22Registered User New Member
    yea, same for me. to get considered for november, you have to have put nyu abu dhabi as your first choice instead of just checking the box on the common app showing "interest." only students who applied by the non-binding nyu ad only app were considered for the november weekend. hope this helps :)
  • stinkfiststinkfist Posts: 16Registered User New Member
    I am a Moroccan and I applied ED to NYUAD too, I was invited to the November candidate weekend too! Can't believe it! See you there!!
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