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Co-op at Northeastern

jeeshanjeeshan Posts: 45Registered User Junior Member
edited April 2006 in Northeastern University
I have been admitted at NEU as an Honour's student and would most likely study chemical or mechanical engineering. Can anyone tell me what kind of co-op jobs I can get (related to my program or in general)? Also, how much can I expect to be paid per co-op?
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Replies to: Co-op at Northeastern

  • MaxiumusMaxiumus Posts: 548Registered User Member
    Here is the link for the engineering co-op program:

  • FrddyGVFrddyGV Posts: 634Registered User Member
    "In the College of Business, you will complete either two or three 6-month co-ops, for a total of twelve or eighteen months of work experience. "

    Do you know how much people get paid on an average per co-op? :D
  • kk.kk. Posts: 290Registered User Junior Member

    There is some information on there about how much people make during coops.
  • bendabenda Posts: 15. New Member
    I am a student at Wentworth Institute of Technology which is right next to North Eastern, I am a Civil Engineer, and our co-op is affilieted with the same companies as North Eastern, as i know from experience working with North Eastern students you will get a jobs in pipe line services and local consulting firms doing copying and drafting as a mechnical engineer, dont expect to be designing much or hold any say in anything you will make 12$ at the least and 16.50$ an hour at most, and you have to be really good to get 16.50$ an hour but co-ops NOT about the money its about the learning and north eastern has many jobs to choose from
  • kk.kk. Posts: 290Registered User Junior Member
    The amount of money you make depends on what your major is and where you work. In many majors you might not make 16.50 or more but in others you could be making a lot more.
  • bendabenda Posts: 15. New Member
    No ****, but i go to school right across the street and i know alot of engineers that go to North Eastern YOU DONT Im telling here facts not statistics
  • MaxiumusMaxiumus Posts: 548Registered User Member

    Please try to be more polite. Telling people to "shut up" is not only rude by very immature. if you met a few Northeastern engineering students who earned less than $16.50 per hour, that's fine. But your sample group is quite small. There are over 14,000 undegrads at Northeastern and 3000 co-op employers nationwide. I worked in Northeastern's co-op department as a work study where I saw fair number of the employer surveys. Some of the larger companies do in fact pay students more than $16.50 per hour. But there are really no set limits on how much a student can earn. Just like the real world, almost all co-op salaries are negotiable. How much a student earns depends various factors (e.g. grades, prior co-op experience, etc.). I think it's safe to say that I know what I'm talking about.

    By the way, why is there no Wentworth thread on this board? Perhaps you can create one.
  • kk.kk. Posts: 290Registered User Junior Member
    Seriously.. calm down. Do not pretend to know me or anything about me. You don't even know the name of the school so I wouldn't really consider you a credible source of information. I do know several people that are currently engineering majors at Northeastern so I don't know what you are talking about. Also, you might want to look at this..

    "According to the latest CCIS program survey (Spring 2005), the average CCIS co-op salary for undergraduate students was $16.25/hour."

    That is straight off of Northeastern's website. This says that the average is 16.25 for CCIS... so obviously there are going to be people making more than 16.50.

    I don't know what your problem is and why you feel a need to attack me for no reason. I was just trying to answer someone's question and give them accurate information to help them make a decision.
  • MaxiumusMaxiumus Posts: 548Registered User Member

    Good points. Benda really needs to chill. His time would be better spent petitioning CC for the creation of a Wentworth thread.
  • bhg0688bhg0688 Posts: 7Registered User New Member
    benda... are you really in college? Pretty sad to act like that at your age.
  • bendabenda Posts: 15. New Member
    Yes I am in college I was just joking around with you guys Cant we just all get along
  • jeeshanjeeshan Posts: 45Registered User Junior Member
    In total how much can I expect to earn (after taxes) as an engineering student over the five years of my studies?

    Please give me an average or estimate.
  • MaxiumusMaxiumus Posts: 548Registered User Member
    Probably about $50K before taxes. I'm not sure what this would be after taxes since you are not working the entire tax year.
  • jeeshanjeeshan Posts: 45Registered User Junior Member
    I understand that 4th & 5th year NEU students may have to live off campus. So can you tell me how much it costs per month to live in Boston? Do the students still have their meals at the university even though they don't live there any more?
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