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Should I bring a printer to dorm?

krnspadezkrnspadez Posts: 103Registered User Junior Member
edited June 2010 in Northeastern University
Is it really necessary?

Can I just simply print it in the library or something for free? or no?
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Replies to: Should I bring a printer to dorm?

  • Emily2007Emily2007 Posts: 981Registered User Member
    You can print 400 pages in the library for free, so a printer isn't totally necessary. I have one but it just sits in the back of my closet.
  • krnspadezkrnspadez Posts: 103Registered User Junior Member
    400? Per year? Per semester? How would they even know how many pages I print lol

    And where? How close is that printer to Stetson East?
  • Emily2007Emily2007 Posts: 981Registered User Member
    You have to log in to campus computers using your student ID, so your account is given 400 pages of free print per semester.

    The library has "info commons" which is a big computer lab with both PCs and Macs, so you can do work from those computers and print from there, but it's usually packed during "peak" campus hours (probably 11am-6pm). There's also the Quickprint station in the library, which is a bunch of computers with a 5-minute time limit, just enough time to print off whatever you need. Since the library is pretty central on campus, it's usually convenient to print on the way to your classes.
  • colorado_momcolorado_mom Posts: 7,699Registered User Senior Member
    So no printers in the dorms? (I'm interested in International Village)
  • scansmomscansmom Posts: 1,553Registered User Senior Member
    My S had a printer when he first started but I don't think he used it very much (and not sure if he even has it any more). As an engineering student, I'm not sure he's ever used up his free printing quota. Colorado_mom, I think engineering students can also set up a separate account with COE which gives them an additional 400 free pages/term. The engineering dept has its own computer lab (S had a work study job there his first 2 yrs) and students can also print from there.

    College of Engineering Computer Center > Computer Center

    forgot to add: if you use up your free printing quota they charge about 10 cents/page
  • colorado_momcolorado_mom Posts: 7,699Registered User Senior Member
    Thanks scansmom! I didn't know about the COE printing.

    Even ten cents/page sounds pretty good compared to dorm printer logistics. We plan to go without a printer and mail order one if really needed. Or maybe swing a deal with roommate if he has a printer where son buys the supplies. Not sure how much engineering courses require printing, but he does a lot of composing too.
  • NEUMom2009NEUMom2009 Posts: 50Registered User Junior Member
    My son brought a printer and used it often. If you frequently have the need to print late at night or at the last minute I think it's good to have one in your room. I wasn't too interested in having my son walking around campus late at night just to print something. Also, it's possible to buy a printer for less than $100...money well spent, in my opinion. His roommate brought one also...not sure if that was the norm or not. Son was glad he had it and will be bringing it back for his sophomore year.
  • krnspadezkrnspadez Posts: 103Registered User Junior Member
    But the thing is, getting ink & paper is a pain in the ass. I'd rather walk to the nearest available printer and print it out. Resupplying... meh.
  • colorado_momcolorado_mom Posts: 7,699Registered User Senior Member
    Yes, printers are cheap. Amazingly so. But for Colorado_son it is likely $100/year, unless we figure out local storage options.
  • NEUMom2009NEUMom2009 Posts: 50Registered User Junior Member
    Most likely won't have to buy additional paper/ink until the next year...unless you print a lot...a real lot! Son didn't run out of either last year. But, it's definitely a personal decision either way.
  • krnspadezkrnspadez Posts: 103Registered User Junior Member
    I think I'll stick to printing in the library. 400 pages per semester sounds abundant.
    No printer for me. Thanks Emily2007!
  • KvasekKvasek Posts: 129Registered User Junior Member
    I do not even think about a printer - 400 pages per semester is much more than I'll use and I think I'm not the only one. Thus I believe that if someone really printed alone he could ask some of his friends to print for him every once in a while. Unless you value printers for not having to run somewhere each time you need to print something.
  • neuchimieneuchimie Posts: 1,562Registered User Senior Member
    Computer science majors get free unlimited printing so long as it's in the cs labs in WVH. Honors also gets free printing in WVF, but they are always out of toner so it's not that great.

    I have a printer in my room. I rarely use it, but it's really nice for when I'm already 10 minutes late and have to print 20 pages, because the library can take a while. But I invested in a laser printer, and I know a lot of people who hate their ink printers because they always are buying ink.

    Personally I'd advise NOT asking friends to print things unless it's absolutely an emergency. I know many many people who started to really anger their friends because a "oh sure you can print that 1 page paper" turned into twice a week at 9 am printing off the 15 page required reading. If you don't have a printer, get into the habit of using info commons. Don't become one of those jerks who act like because your friends let you print something once or twice, you can always use it.
  • colorado_momcolorado_mom Posts: 7,699Registered User Senior Member
    "Honors also gets free printing in WVF" - That sounds good. What/where is WVF?
  • yahkeepinginstepyahkeepinginstep Posts: 25Registered User New Member
    West Village F, where the honors is located.
    sounds tight.
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