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boysx3boysx3 Posts: 5,162Registered User Senior Member
edited November 2012 in Parent Cafe
So, for the umpteenth time I saw that Citi commercial with the guy getting dumped by his girlfriend because he is "boring, boring, boring." And so he decides not to be boring any more. And he uses his wonderful CIti card to get special access to things like being on Giada's show, or go back stage at a concert.

And every time I see that commercial....I think. I think about how he is still so boring....it's not like buying special access with his Citi card makes him friends with Giada or Alesha (sp?) Keyes. And, of course, he is attending these wonderful events....alone. He is as boring as ever! Maybe if he used his fabulous Citi card to take a date to these fabulous events with him....he wouldn't be so boring?

What commercials rub you the wrong way, or do you think don't send the message they think they are sending?
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Replies to: Commercials

  • dstarkdstark Posts: 33,612Registered User Senior Member
    Dislike the Citigroup commercial too. It is awful.

    The Direct Tv ad with the guy complaining about never seeing his wife naked is even worse. The guy is so unlikable, I would never let him see me naked either.
  • boysx3boysx3 Posts: 5,162Registered User Senior Member
    dstark, I dislike that Direct TV ad on so many levels.
  • LergnomLergnom Posts: 7,926Registered User Senior Member
    One of the worst was the Audi ad with the environmental police acting like uber-Nazis searching people on the street for styrofoam and bad recycling. It was meant to say that an Audi is an environmentally sound decision. I wrote Audi and told them I wouldn't even think of their car with that ad because it was so negative about what is actually useful for the environment. In a lesser vein, I'm annoyed by the Prius ads that show the land turning green and flowery (and I drive a Prius). It's a freaking car. It doesn't help. It just doesn't harm as much.

    But what I want, if I may, is gun ads. That way Sundays could be complete: ads for cars, beer, ***** pills and guns. As James Brown said, "It's a man's man's man's world." With gun ads, we could add another "man's".
  • dstarkdstark Posts: 33,612Registered User Senior Member
    Boysx3, Yeah... I don't know how that ad was approved to be shown on tv.
  • GladGradDadGladGradDad Posts: 2,818Registered User Senior Member
    I dislike all commercials. Some at the top of my list for ones I can't stand -

    - All furniture store commercials that advertise the big (excuse for a sale) sale - pre holiday, then holiday, then post holiday, then extended post holiday, then the next pre holiday - sometimes obscure 'holidays'. I guess people must fall for them since they're endless.

    - Prescription medication commercials - They give you 5 seconds of why to take it followed by 55 seconds of all the bad things that could happen to you if you actually do take it all the while having people in the background with smiles on their faces doing something to illustrate them 'enjoying life'. And all of them are this same format.

    - Geico gecco - I'm sick of it including the English accent. They need to change.

    - Progressive bump haired lady (Flo I think) - I'm tired of this one. They're all the same and endless. They need to get rid of Flo and do something else.

    - Any commercial trying to be clever. They all fail. Even the ones that are amusing the first time or two one sees them lose their appeal quickly and fairly soon turn annoying.

    - Especially for radio commercials, anything with a sound effect. They're all annoying - phones ringing, alarms sounding, horns honking, people screaming, registers dinging. It's assaulting to my ears.
  • JustaMom5465JustaMom5465 Posts: 1,423Registered User Senior Member
    Much as I agree, and dislike all the commercials mentioned above, right now I'd give anything to have a night filled with them instead of endless campaign ads.....less than a week left and I'll get my wish.
  • GladGradDadGladGradDad Posts: 2,818Registered User Senior Member
    ^^ Ughh - yes, campaign ads. Not just on TV and the radio but also assaulting our eyes with thousands of little signs all along the roadside and further assaulting us in countless phone call robo-calls.
  • MutaRiSCMutaRiSC Posts: 1,248Registered User Senior Member
    I hate that Volkswagon commercial where that guy drums in the car and it says you are no longer invisible in a VW. It is like the only commercial on last.fm

    Etrade babies on the other hand...
  • valeasvaleas Posts: 168Registered User Junior Member
    @glad only watch for Flo, nothing more
  • minimini Posts: 26,431Registered User Senior Member
    I love nasty political ads - and we aren't getting any! Where are they?
  • GladGradDadGladGradDad Posts: 2,818Registered User Senior Member
    only watch for Flo, nothing more
    I do wonder how much the actress who plays Flo has been payed by Progressive Insurance. She's been doing those commercials for years and they're shown seemingly hundreds of times per day.
  • minimini Posts: 26,431Registered User Senior Member
    Probably less than the Gecko.
  • music222music222 Posts: 183- Junior Member
    And, of course, he is attending these wonderful events....alone. He is as boring as ever!

    What's boring about going to events alone? I go to events alone most of the time because my friends can't afford to go. You get better seats and you can go on your own schedule.
  • lizardlizard Posts: 3,410Registered User Senior Member
    'Where are they?' .....Over half the money spent so far for TV political ads for the presidential race has been spent in just three states: Florida, Ohio, and Virginia. Over $1 billion will be spent on TV ads for the presidential race. Political ads gear up for final push of campaign - politics | NBC News

    A TV ad campaign that always rubbed me the wrong way is Capital One Credit Card's 'What's in your wallet?' Whenever I see one of those ads I get the impression that Capital is giving me a warning and they want to know what's in my wallet so they can come and take my money from me--not help me with their product! The "What's in your wallet?' ads must be effective for Capital One, but I just don't get it.
  • MiamiDAPMiamiDAP Posts: 15,926Registered User Senior Member
    Who in a world is paying attention to commercials> Commercials are for bathroom break, for laundry checks, for taking garbage out. When I do remember commercials, it is becuase somebody in it is a really good actor, some catchy music or it is put together very well, but then I almost never can figure out what has been advertised, because it is kind of lost, other things pulled my attention. However, this does not happen much, as usually I am away from TV during commercial. No chance at "rubbing wrong way", you have to be present to be rubbed the wrong way.
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