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What is the best time to serve Thanksgiving Dinner?

chinabluechinablue Posts: 809Registered User Member
edited October 2013 in Parent Cafe
What is the best time to serve Thanksgiving Dinner? I am thinking 6pm is too late and 1 pm is too early. I would love to hear your thoughts.
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Replies to: What is the best time to serve Thanksgiving Dinner?

  • gosmomgosmom Posts: 1,316Registered User Senior Member
    We start with appetizers around 3:30 and then Dinner at 5.
    When I was growing up, our family did it at noon! I have no desire to get
    up early on a Holiday to start the meal....
  • bevhillsbevhills Posts: 1,131Registered User Senior Member
    We start with food the moment after the parades end...actually just the Macy's day parade. Then we have lunch....and then the appetizers. Dinner is always at 7. Dessert is always served about 10.
  • dragonmomdragonmom Posts: 5,043Registered User Senior Member
    For many of us, it depends on the football schedule. Although with the ability to time shift tv, things are more flexible.
    Absent any gridiron imperatives, we loke a brunch, and then a 2 or 3 PM dinner and then after the big dinner part, comes the centerpiece of Thanksgiving,s sandwiches. Honestly, his highlight is turkey, mayo and my home-made bread about 8 PM.
  • dragonmomdragonmom Posts: 5,043Registered User Senior Member
    Please excuse the terrible spelling that my iPad enforced I'm my last entry ...
  • sseamomsseamom Posts: 4,014Registered User Senior Member
    Both my own family and H's family do it at about 2 p.m. I've never known anyone who served the full Thanksgiving dinner in the evening. By "dinnertime" everyone is on the way home. This year we are hosting as H plans to smoke a turkey on his new smoker. Everyone contributes so no one person does all the work. My mom did it all until we got old enough to help. I like the way H's family does it.
  • sylvan8798sylvan8798 Posts: 5,052Registered User Senior Member
    We're more the 6 pm type, with cocktail hour starting at 1 ;). Football, beer, turkey, pie.

    Growing up, we had dinner about 1, laid around watching football, and then ate AGAIN around 6:30, making sandwiches, reheating leftovers, eating more pie, etc. 2 whole dinners.
  • garlandgarland Posts: 14,060Registered User Senior Member
    I aim for 4/5. I have relatives who drive about two hours, so I want to be able to have a leisurely dinner, dessert, and some time after, while still allowing them to get out at a reasonable hour.
  • minimini Posts: 26,431Registered User Senior Member
    After the Detroit Lions lose.
  • musicmom1215musicmom1215 Posts: 1,608Registered User Senior Member
    Our family has dinner about 1 p.m. We skip breakfast for the most part so everyone is hungry by then. I think we have always done it early because my grandfather would have to go to work later in the afternoon. He volunteered to work the holiday for double pay. Of course, he retired about 30 years ago and died more than 20 years ago and we are still eating at 1:00!
  • cromettecromette Posts: 2,614Registered User Senior Member
    As soon as the whole family can make it there! :D
  • psychmommapsychmomma Posts: 1,442Registered User Senior Member
    I've hosted for 20-something years and generally start dinner at 2pm. The travelers have time to get here, stay a long time, and leave whenever they want to accommodate their Friday plans. We start eating around 2:30, then graze all day on leftovers and desserts.
  • emeraldkity4emeraldkity4 Posts: 35,861Registered User Senior Member
    We eat about 2pm. Gives us enough time to eat & clean up & still have enough interest & energy to do something after, like a movie.

    Musicmom I can relate to that. Hs family had a tradition that they went to his grandparents for xmas eve & returned to open presents to their house at around midnight.
    His parents had the expectation that we would continue that tradition with them, but I like to get up & go to bed early.
  • electronblueelectronblue Posts: 1,303Registered User Senior Member
    Another 2pm vote here. I can't imagine having it at 6pm or later. I want people to make their exits around then.
  • deega123deega123 Posts: 678Registered User Member
    My inlaws did the cocktails and late dinner Thanksgiving. By the time dinner rolled around everyone was drunk and stuffed from snacks. I like it earlier much it better.
  • Classof2015Classof2015 Posts: 3,522Registered User Senior Member
    My mom used to serve Thanksgiving dinner at 6:00 (which is when we usually ate dinner). I asked her why, and she said because she didn't want to cook all day, serve this big meal, then hear someone say 2 hours later, "so what's for dinner?"

    I usually aim for 3:00.
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