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Trader Joe's Top 10

worrywartworrywart Posts: 1,783Registered User Senior Member
edited January 2014 in Parent Cafe
For those of us who don't have a Trader Joe's nearby and only get to one occasionally, what are your top 10 must have items there?
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Replies to: Trader Joe's Top 10

  • hazmathazmat Posts: 8,435User Awaiting Email Confirmation Senior Member
    Pre-cooked lentils are good. French and Indian btw.
  • okgalokgal Posts: 222Registered User Junior Member
    their frozen orange chicken is quite good.
    their frozen chocolate croissants are excellent although you have to let them rise overnight; great treat for a Sunday morning
  • BookladyBooklady Posts: 3,122Registered User Senior Member
    In no particular order:

    1. Tzatziki
    2. Raspberry & chocolate trail mix
    3. Villa Italia flavored sodas (real sugar, no HFCS)
    4. Chocolate Orange sticks
    5. Cilantro yogurt dip
    6. Various flash-frozen fish
    7. Fire-roasted veggies with balsamic sauce (frozen)
    8. Sesame pita chips
    9. Smoked salmon (of course you can get this elsewhere, but TJ's prices are unbeatable)
    10. Alsatian ham, cheese & onion tart (frozen)
  • My Sweet BabbooMy Sweet Babboo Posts: 401Registered User Member
    Those shortbread cookies with the chocolate drop on top
    Prepared tapioca in the refrigerator case
    Frozen Kung Pao chicken
    TJ’s mayonnaise
    TJ’s cocktail sauce – has a great kick and it is very low in sodium
    Blue corn tortilla chips
    TJ’s pirate booty
    Whole wheat English muffins
    Fresh bruschetta
    Smoked salmon
  • flatlanderflatlander Posts: 258Registered User Junior Member
    Simmer sauces - so flexible and fast for dinner. Just add your favorite veggies and protein, heat and serve over rice or pasta.

    Guacamole and a great variety of tortilla chips.

    Frozen garden vegetable lasagna and single-serve pizzas.

    Dried fruit and nuts, peanut butter, maple syrup, vanilla extract, etc. - like Booklady said above, you can get these staples anywhere, but you won't find them cheaper.
  • ErewhonErewhon Posts: 441Registered User Junior Member
  • BookladyBooklady Posts: 3,122Registered User Senior Member
    Alas, in Pennsylvania we have state liquor stores, and TJ is not allowed to sell wine.
  • PA MomPA Mom Posts: 975Registered User Member
    LOVE Trader Joes!!
    1) trail mix, nuts
    2)frozen green beans - they are the best!!! (haricot vert quality)
    3)goat cheese (best prices you can find)
    4) mini pitas
    5) olive tapenade
    6) chocolate covered caramels ( they're huge and awesome)
    7) chocolate covered espresso beans
    8) simmer sauces
    9) bagged salads ( they have one with the dressing, bleu cheese, candied nuts and dried cranberries all included - delicious!)
    10)dried chile mango ( yumm)

    I am so happy we have Trader Joes- my mom stocks up when she visits because she doesn't have one. My daughter is very happy that there is one at her college town - big plus for her!
  • abasketabasket Posts: 13,784Registered User Senior Member
    The little tiny miny peanut butter cups in a plastic container. Killer.

    I'll 2nd the orange chicken. Yum.

    Sourdough bread. Delicous.
  • gosmomgosmom Posts: 1,317Registered User Senior Member
    In random order....
    1- marcona almonds with rosemary
    2- spicy hummus
    3- sun dried tomato pesto
    4-roasted beets
    5-candied ginger chunks
    6-frozen chicken shu mai
    7-blue corn tortilla chips
    8-spicy spinach fresh pizzas
    9-ready to eat cooked wild rice
    10- muffaletta olive spread
    spicy guacamole, multigrain crackers & sticks, bruschetta, fresh salsa......

    Gosdaughter disappointed that closest TJ at college is two hours away. So, many TJ items going in care packages!
  • emeraldkity4emeraldkity4 Posts: 35,861Registered User Senior Member
    I can't find the thai peanuts anymore :(

    Some of my favorites are the chocolate croissants
    the bryrani ( sp?) frozen rice
    Ginger granola
    greek yogurt with honey ( they have it at reg grocery for $.80 more)
    lavender salt scrub
    cedarwood & sage multi purpose cleaner ( it smells so good that I could use it for scent)
    Birra moretti la rossa beer
    olive oil/balsamic vinegar- salsas- masala
    \and Coffee!
    oh I miss trader joes- there was one within walking distance of Reed, ( only a couple blocks & a great farmer markety herbal shop Limbo was next door),there isn't one close by to me now- but supposedly one is going in on the ground level of one of these condos that they are building every week)
  • BookladyBooklady Posts: 3,122Registered User Senior Member
    Oh, the peanut butter cups! I don't buy them too often because I'll eat too many. They're unbelievably good.
  • SwatmomSwatmom Posts: 118Registered User Junior Member
    We drive about 25 miles to visit Trader Joes. The main thing we go for is chocolate dipped -chocolate chip dunkers. We pick up a few other things while there, but it's the cookies we really drive the distance for.
  • RachachaRachacha Posts: 1,266Registered User Senior Member
    I am so far away from any that I cannot get any perishables, but here are my musts...

    1) Oatmeal Cranberry Cookie Dunkers (just polished off my last batch from the Labor Day trip)
    2) Trader Jose's Salsa Verde, making pork enchiladas tomorrow night!
    3) Any "trail mix" - their cranberry one is great
    4) Dry Roasted Edamame
    5) Gravenstein applesauce and juice
    6) Eggplant Garlic spread (YUMMO - just put some in a Moroccan stew I made)
    7) Olive Tapenade
    8) Bruschetta toppings
    9) CHOCOLATE COVERED ESPRESSO BEANS - my husband's staple working all nighters on the Star Wars project in the 80's
    10) The shortbread cookies with fruit or chocolate on the top - was a big hit for the movers over Labor Day...
    Plus my daughter loves the Organic peanut butter puff cereal, a lot healthier that the Capn Crunch brand I had as a kid!

    So many others....maybe I WILL bring a cooler next time!!
  • srwsrw Posts: 1,480Registered User Senior Member
    Why don't we have a Trader Joe's?!
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