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Mole Day projects, anyone?

missypiemissypie Posts: 16,628Registered User Senior Member
edited October 2011 in Parent Cafe
What is your chemistry student making/doing for Mole Day? Daughter and I will be up late doing hers, I fear!
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Replies to: Mole Day projects, anyone?

  • dbwesdbwes Posts: 1,606Registered User Senior Member
    Only thing I remember either doing were little stuffed moles dressed in outfits, with pun names -- daughter did "Mole Vaulter," I remember.
  • RachachaRachacha Posts: 1,266Registered User Member
    My daughter painted Rufus, the naked mole rat from "Kim Possible", on a t-shirt for Mole Day, everyone loved it!
  • missypiemissypie Posts: 16,628Registered User Senior Member
    Tonight we're creating "Mole-zart." The pattern pieces are sewn together but we need to add eyes and stuff it, then do a wig (gotta find something for a mole powered wig!), tri-cornered hat and sheet music. Trying to discourage Daughter from attempting a harpsicord!
  • riverrunnerriverrunner Posts: 2,707Registered User Senior Member
    oh, missypie, your d sounds like mine. I remember asking her "was the assignment to make a box or a piano?" Trying to keep them inside the box is very hard....
  • missypiemissypie Posts: 16,628Registered User Senior Member
    Wow. I bet the cake was wildly popular!

    (Funny that my post responding to your cake post came up first!)
  • mom2andmom2and Posts: 329Registered User Member
    They all do t-shirts and my son made a cake and decorated it (on his own). Happy Mole Day all.
  • condor30condor30 Posts: 1,083Registered User Senior Member
    t-shirts and posters. i think d made a stuffed mole too.
  • missypiemissypie Posts: 16,628Registered User Senior Member
    Just realized that today is actually Mole Day. Our school has block scheduling, so classes are every other day; daughter will celebrate Mole Day tomorrow.
  • Erin's DadErin's Dad Posts: 16,480Registered User Senior Member
    DD2 used a template the teacher provided for a stuffed mole which she crowned with a Mole-hawk haircut, put in a large martini glass to make a Mole-atav cocktail.
  • cpq1xtbucpq1xtbu Posts: 761Registered User Member
    My son and his lab partner made a video. His lab partner wrote a song for the video. My son pretended to be a professor talking about Avogadro and Moles. Then at the end of the video there are a lot of mole pictures and posters from various mole day events. It's really cute.
  • binglebingle Posts: 427Registered User Member
    D (and I) made Sherlock Molmes complete with plaid cape and fold-up hat and a pipe. The mole is *very* soft fleece and about 2' long so I'm guessing after he comes home some older stuffy will lose a spot on her bed:)
  • KelownaKelowna Posts: 2,666Registered User Senior Member
    Mole Day??? I have never heard of it! Would someone please enlighten me :)
  • BunsenBurnerBunsenBurner Posts: 14,369Registered User Senior Member
    Years ago, D's chemistry class (well, at least some brave souls) got together for a little cake party at 6 am on "Mole Day"!

    Sorry, Kelowna, I did not see your question. Here it is:

    Mole Day - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    National Mole Day Foundation, INC.
  • je_ne_sais_quoije_ne_sais_quoi Posts: 714Registered User Member
    Celebrated annually on October 23, Mole Day commemorates Avogadro's Number (6.02 x 10^23), which is a basic measuring unit in chemistry mole.

    My daughter made a stuffed mole dubbed "Anne Moleyn" with starched, white ruffled collar, etc.
  • KelownaKelowna Posts: 2,666Registered User Senior Member
    Appreciate it :)
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