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I'm sick of gay agenda being pushed by Hollywood

miltonmommiltonmom Registered User Posts: 66 Junior Member
edited November 2008 in Parent Cafe
I watched in horror last week as Grey's Anatomy (a popular show for teens as well) displayed an amazing lack of propriety. What is it going to take America for us to wake up and see that this type of programming is NOT OK! It does not represent main stream America (and if it does God help us!). First they want us to condone what is a sin in God's eyes (not the only one) and then to display it in all its vulgarity. I think we should stand up for what we approve of and let the networks know that this type of programming is NOT OK! Anyone else agree?
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Replies to: I'm sick of gay agenda being pushed by Hollywood

  • luckycharmedluckycharmed Registered User Posts: 247 Junior Member
    No, I don't agree. Is this facetious?

    I think it's somewhat patronizing that for Hollywood to show a variety of different lifestyles (and I saw that episode of Grey's, where Callie is struggling with the idea of bisexuality, which is a very real issue) that it is somehow pushing an agenda.

    Perhaps it is. Perhaps the agenda it is pushing is that there are all types of people in the world, and all deserve acceptance, because all are fundamentally human. The way a (fictional or real) person lives their life is no business of mine.

    I'm curious - you watch Grey's Anatomy and you have no problem with the copious premarital sex, the drinking, the extramarital affairs, or the profanity, but all of a sudden you see a gay relationship and you're outraged?
  • NorthstarmomNorthstarmom Registered User Posts: 24,853 Senior Member
    No, I don't agree.

    People who don't like what's on TV or in the movies should support their own values by not watching those shows and films.

    I have no problem with TV and films depicting the lives of people who are not heterosexual.

    I have far more problem with the gratuitous and explicit sex (of all kinds), the explicit violence, and the profanity that many TV shows and films have. I find such things to be embarrassing to watch, and in most cases the stories would be complete without such scenes and language. That's exactly why I seldom watch TV or go to the movies.
  • 'rentof2'rentof2 Registered User Posts: 4,327 Senior Member
    Well, if I don't like something on TV I don't watch it. If enough people agree with me and they don't watch it either, then maybe that show doesn't last too long. I watched Grey's Anatomy once, but yet another show about self-involved, attractive young professionals just didn't catch my interest. I guess I was in the minority since it's been going strong for quite a while now. That's fine. Everyone has their own OFF button, or they can change the channel. It's not up to me to tell people what they should or shouldn't watch.

    What is the "gay agenda" anyway? To have jobs, wear nice clothes, fall in love, have sex, buy a house, go out to dinner, watch TV, pay taxes, retire, die surrounded by friends and family? Golly, that sounds just like the heterosexual agenda!
  • musicamusicamusicamusica Registered User Posts: 6,468 Senior Member
    Personally, Im sick of right wing christians pushing their "straight agenda". I have two gay siblings both of them made gay by GOD.
  • Counting12001Counting12001 Registered User Posts: 190 Junior Member
    No I don't agree. What consenting adults do behind closed doors is upto them. No one else has a right to judge or dictate what others should see or not. If you don't like it don't watch.
  • HarrietMWelschHarrietMWelsch Registered User Posts: 2,143 Senior Member
    I don't agree at all, and I, too, hope this is facetious.

    I second luckycharmed. If you have such issues with sin (in your terms), what on earth are you doing watching Grey's (or any television at all, including sports, where blasphemy abounds)? Isn't all sex outside of marriage adultery, by your lights? Television's loaded with it. Why do you think gay sex is any worse? Is it worse than teenage sex? Do you think there are grades of sin? Do you have some kind of score sheet you'd like to post?

    Seriously, do you not understand that networks/programmers are not interested in pushing any agenda except their own, which is to make money?
  • silvervestersmomsilvervestersmom Registered User Posts: 710 Junior Member

    I'm with Northstarmom on this one. Why are you watching? Programming is driven by advertising revenue which is driven by numbers of viewers. You are reinforcing their business calculations by being in the audience.
  • PA MomPA Mom Registered User Posts: 975 Member
    miltonmom- I also saw that episode and was a bit uncomfortable as well, however not due to the fact that it was a gay couple. I thought the whole storyline was a bit over the top even if it was a straight couple. I would rather see more medical stuff and love stories and less explicit discussions of sex. My opinion. I still like Grey's though and will continue watching it unless these scenes become the norm. I also don't like most of the movies today because I feel they are too raunchy, so I guess I am officially getting old. LOL
  • shades_childrenshades_children Registered User Posts: 2,206 Senior Member
    To echo the other posters, you're outraged about the Hollywood Homosexual Agenda, but you're not outraged by the Hollywood Substance Abuse Agenda, or the Hollywood Violence Agenda? You have your priorities in the wrong place.
  • DougBetsyDougBetsy Registered User Posts: 5,830 Senior Member
    To echo the other posters, you're outraged about the Hollywood Homosexual Agenda, but you're not outraged by the Hollywood Substance Abuse Agenda, or the Hollywood Violence Agenda? You have your priorities in the wrong place.

    My thoughts exactly!
  • BodaciousGBodaciousG Registered User Posts: 332 Member
    I enjoyed last night's episode very much. If you don't like, please don't watch it. It's not up to you to decide what people should be watching. I agree that at times, the media is a bit patronizing with pushing their diversity agenda on us, but we have a choice whether to listen or not.
  • miltonmommiltonmom Registered User Posts: 66 Junior Member
    I am as outraged about the substance abuse and violence. I was only referring to that one issue - there are many! and to the above posters - I have asked God's forgiveness for watching and will not in the future. I guess this country is further gone than I thought. I do not believe that this sin (homosexuality) is above all others - all sin is abhorent in God's sight - it is possible to discuss them one at a time.
  • pugmadkatepugmadkate Registered User Posts: 5,888 Senior Member
    My kind, compassionate, bright, sweet, loving son is gay. He is not a mistake nor mistaken about love and he is not forsaken by G-d.

    I cannot describe to you how painful it is to read words like yours. This child is my heart. There is nothing vulgar about his desire to love someone. Nothing.
  • JustaMomJustaMom Registered User Posts: 2,362 Senior Member
    No, I also disagree.

    I think about Oprah, and how several times I have heard her say that Diahann Carroll in the 1960's show "Julia" used to make her cry and smile, because there were no women/girls of color on TV or magazines, and to see someone who looked "like her", made her feel "better" about who she was (a black child).

    Imagine a young (or any age for that matter) person struggling with their own sexuality seeing someone "like them". I imagine it would be a similar sensation.

    Like all of us here, on this bulletin board. The one commonality is that we have is kids that are currently in college, or are searching for colleges that fit them. We come here for that "like me" sense.

    I do not watch or support shows with gratuitous violence or negative stereotypes.

    And for the record, I've never seen an episode of Grey's Anatomy.
  • HarrietMWelschHarrietMWelsch Registered User Posts: 2,143 Senior Member
    pugmadkate, your S is very, very lucky to have such a wise and loving mother. Here's to you - your support is beautiful. And here's to a long and happy life for him, full of the love he deserves.
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