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What's Boise, Idaho Like?

mantori.suzukimantori.suzuki Posts: 3,347Registered User Senior Member
edited June 2010 in Parent Cafe
For no good reason whatsoever, my wife and I have been wondering whether we might try living in Boise for a while. My limited impressions, never having been there nor known anyone who has, are that it's like Salt Lake City, only less religious. Is that accurate? If not, then how not?
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Replies to: What's Boise, Idaho Like?

  • barronsbarrons Posts: 24,227Registered User Senior Member
    Yes, Kinda like SLC. Old part of town is kinda funky and nice. Then lots of newer sprawl. Mountains in the background--hot summers cold winters. I could live there
  • FauxNomFauxNom Posts: 1,220Registered User Senior Member
    The Mormon church is a looming presence over all that goes on in Salt Lake. The non-Mormons who live there seem to be ski enthusiasts and a few other rebels, and they manage to enjoy the city in spite of the religious presence. Boise is the place in Idaho that people migrate to in order to escape a dominant religion, as far as I can tell. It's more politically balanced, probably a bit less urban in feel, and a lot more like other mid-sized cities throughout the country. I have many friends who have lived there for decades, and they seem to love it.
  • dragonmomdragonmom Posts: 5,103Registered User Senior Member
    I love Boise, and have for decades....It is beautiful and clean and energetic. I would love to build a log cabin looking over the hills and stay there for ever....
    But, be aware that there used to be a white=nationalist, neo-nazi thing that had been going on in Idaho for the last two decades or more. Not that most people there accept it, but it's been there. May be totally gone, but I would like to hear from locals that this is no longer a consideration....
  • LAXer25LAXer25 Posts: 439Registered User Member
    ^don't worry, neo nazis have no presence in boise:)

    I live kinda sorta near boise. There was a couple of racist flyers going around for some time, but that was at the college in boise and most definately does NOT reflect the mindset of people.
    There are a ton of Mormons in Idaho, they even have streets named after people in the book of mormon, but thats not in Boise.

    I think that Boise has a lot more diversity religion-wise, so you'll be perfectly fine.
    Meridian and Eagle would also be worth looking into.
  • mantori.suzukimantori.suzuki Posts: 3,347Registered User Senior Member
    Thanks for your comments so far. Please tell me more!
    Boise is the place in Idaho that people migrate to in order to escape a dominant religion, as far as I can tell.

    Are you saying that there is a dominant religion in Idaho outside of Boise?
  • bulletandpimabulletandpima Posts: 9,826Registered User Senior Member
    We lived outside of Boise many yrs ago.

    It is a high plains desert. You will have snow in the winter and 100 degree days in the summer. However, since it is a desert you will have no humidity. Don't fool yourself when it is 100 you can literally feel the heat coming up from the pavement as you walk.

    Boise reminds me of 2 other cities we lived in. Raleigh/Cary, NC and Kansas City MO. It is what I would call a "new city". It has the old districts, but has had a lot of growth in the past 2 decades, i.e. Cary, NC.

    If you are an outdoors kind of person and want 4 seasons, than you will love it there. The Snake River is close and beautiful.

    If you are coming from a metropolitan area and want to slow down life, it is the place to go. You will still have that "city" feel, but it actually feels more like suburbia in the city.

    The one thing to realize is that once you leave Boise, it starts to become barren as far as life is concerned if you are comparing it to either side of the coasts...again high plains desert.
  • mregomrego Posts: 1,038Registered User Senior Member
    How does it compare to Klamath Falls or Spokane?
  • ilovedcollegeilovedcollege Posts: 429Registered User Junior Member
    Klamath Falls....my moms uncles lived there. I recall going up for their 50th wedding anniversary, and having him critically comment on our Subaru--recalling that those "damn J***" sent him into WWII and took him away from his wife. Good thing we did not drive the BMW up there. Let's just say he was a colorful individual who was not at all happy about a war he fought in 40 years before.
    I am sure he is not representative of the population of KF.

    But Klamath Falls is very pretty---and hot in the summer. Nice place.
  • barronsbarrons Posts: 24,227Registered User Senior Member
    Way better. Way.
  • MomofWildChildMomofWildChild Posts: 20,155Registered User Senior Member
    Boise sounds awesome to me!
  • FauxNomFauxNom Posts: 1,220Registered User Senior Member
    Mantori - In the rest of southern and central Idaho - except for the Sun Valley area - there's a strong Mormon presence. I think in Idaho - as opposed to Utah - the smaller the town, the more the church's influence is felt in politics, community life, etc. In Boise, there are still plenty of politically conservative types, but far less proseletizing than you get in smaller towns.

    The area around Boise is stark, but gorgeous: big sky, bright sun and high plains, with stunning rivers and canyons thrown in for good measure.

    Spokane is very different, IMO. It's more woodsy, and feels like an older, more established small city than Boise. A bit more temperate climate, though it can get sizzling hot in the summer.
  • MomofWildChildMomofWildChild Posts: 20,155Registered User Senior Member
    My company has an office in Hayden Lake, ID (Couer d'Alene basically) but I haven't been. We can't pry people out of there. I was in Couer d'Alene in summer (operative word being SUMMER) of 1998 when WildChild was at Junior Nationals track in Spokane and loved it.
  • ucsd_ucla_daducsd_ucla_dad Posts: 8,573Registered User Senior Member
    my wife and I have been wondering whether we might try living in Boise for a while
    Since you've never been there and this looks like an optional move, did you just throw a dart at a map or something to come up with Boise? It seems kind of odd and random (but perfectly fine).
  • mantori.suzukimantori.suzuki Posts: 3,347Registered User Senior Member
    I was wondering if anyone would ask that question.

    My wife and I periodically get bored with wherever we are and start thinking about other places we might enjoy exploring for a few years. I'm fortunate to work in an industry (plastics) that's nationwide, so I've been able to find a good job wherever we've ended up. Now that our son is out of high school, and our daughter isn't in high school yet, we don't really have any ties to our current location. So we're just dreaming a bit. We've done big Midwestern city, small Midwestern city, tiny Midwestern town, and small Southern city. We're thinking that maybe small Western city could be a nice change of scenery. But no hurry, just dreamin'.
  • cottonwood513cottonwood513 Posts: 1,828Registered User Senior Member
    Is Idaho Falls simialr to Boise?
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