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Gift ideas for the college bound boy

ssmom62ssmom62 Posts: 100Registered User Junior Member
edited November 2009 in Parent Cafe
This may be a strange question, but... any gifts ideas for a boy heading off to college.
I find my son very hard to buy gifts for, so I was wondering if there are any college necessities that I can to add to his gift list. What are some little things (or big) that you need for dorm life? Thanks!
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Replies to: Gift ideas for the college bound boy

  • thumper1thumper1 Posts: 50,676Registered User Senior Member
    We got our kid a backpack that also holds a computer.
  • KajonKajon Posts: 4,112Registered User Senior Member
    I was thinking about one of those locks for a laptop that somehow secures it to a fixed object in your dorm room. Maybe an alarm clock/ speaker combo for an ipod/iphone.
  • MomofWildChildMomofWildChild Posts: 19,722Registered User Senior Member
    A fake ID.
  • Erin's DadErin's Dad Posts: 29,056Super Moderator Senior Member
    ^ Gee, wonder how Child became Wild?? :) We bought the laptop and backpack for each DD the Christmas before they graduated. We also got blankets, towels, I-Pod Alarm Clock, etc for the dorm room.
  • archiemomarchiemom Posts: 1,614Registered User Senior Member
    Not a room safe, even if it holds a laptop. My sister bought one for my son's graduation. Now how did she expect us to get it cross-country to his school???
  • emgamacemgamac Posts: 309Registered User Member
    Here are my freshman D's suggestions for your son (she is sitting on the couch with me and I asked her advice):

    -Boys like loud music in her dorm. Something better than ipod speakers. Something with subwoofers. (this assumes he is into music)
    -Does he play console games? If so, an Xbox and a tv.
    -stuff to make his room feel like home. College will be his new home.(This is probably her best suggestion and highly individual to your son) Look at what is in his room now, when he isn't home-not in a snooping way.
    -unlimited texting plan on his cell phone...kids in college don't call people, they text.
    -decent shower shoes and a towel that won't fall down as he walks back to his room.
  • MD MomMD Mom Posts: 6,728Registered User Senior Member
    The ultimate MOM stocking stuffer: a thermometer.

    When a child is sick at college, his temperature will give a good indication of whether he should see a doctor.
  • BaelorBaelor Posts: 3,640Registered User Senior Member
    As much as I don't appreciate the stereotypes in emgamac's post that are overwhelmingly false in my opinion, those are some decent suggestions regardless.

    Also to consider:

    1) Posters/prints that he likes (I'm planning to get some framed artwork in my room over winter break)
    2) Gift cards to restaurants/coffee shops in the area
    3) A nice desk chair (although I like the standard one provided)
    4) A Kindle so he can read without having to take up space with physical books

    That's pretty much all I can think of that hasn't been mentioned already. Perhaps a bike if he is on a large campus.
  • ssmom62ssmom62 Posts: 100Registered User Junior Member
    Thank you for all the replies! I'm not into the crowds of Black Friday, but I'm prepared for Cyber Monday!!! Thanks!
  • mom2sonsmom2sons Posts: 441Registered User Member
    Depending on how far your son is traveling to get to college, gift cards might be the best. My son did most of his stocking up near college, rather than ship everything. (We used the order ahead and hold services that some chain store offer.) He bought a microwave, a small t.v., bedding, and some basic dishes. I bought him the first aid kit and basic OTC meds. Every now and then I send him a gift card to a pizza chain.

    I second the message or data plan for the cell phone - most kids will love to have this.

    S1's favorite stocking stuffer is rolls of quarters. His school still has coin-operated laundry (no all do.)
  • mom2sonsmom2sons Posts: 441Registered User Member
    Oh, and if he already has a laptop, a docking station is nice.
  • BunsenBurnerBunsenBurner Posts: 25,405Registered User Senior Member
    Noise-cancelling earphones. Trust me, they will be very handy.
  • TwistedxKissTwistedxKiss Posts: 2,535Registered User Senior Member
    On the gift card note, my roommates family put together a booklet of giftcards to various restaurants and shops in the town where she would be going to college, and we think it's pretty much the coolest thing ever. I bet a boy would think that's cool too if the gift cards were picked appropriately. (and would make a good graduation gift, for parents thinking ahead.)
  • sk8rmomsk8rmom Posts: 5,746Registered User Senior Member
    If it won't be an issue to transport, one of my D's favorite things in her room is a 4" foam mattress topper - a good night's rest is priceless for a student and dorm mattresses are often covered in vinyl or are just downright uncomfortable. Her roomie, friends, and my 16 yr old son want one now too. I found it on Amazon for a decent price.

    I also think the Pulse Smartpen is a cool thing, though certainly not necessary. Most helpful for meetings and lectures that are not recorded.
  • KinderteacherKinderteacher Posts: 64Registered User Junior Member
    My son laughed when I bought him a flashlight/tool combo. Came with screwdrivers, etc. all attached. Got it at Bed, Bath and Beyond. So, he laughed until he needed it at set-up to do something with his television. Alternate possibility is a Swiss Army Knife.
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