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PSU ranking for 2012 - 2013

Columbia09Columbia09 Registered User Posts: 1,012 Senior Member
edited August 2012 in Penn State
Anyone believe Penn State's ranking will drop this year because of the scandal? If it does, do you think that its fair? Also when do the U.S news rankings come out any way?
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Replies to: PSU ranking for 2012 - 2013

  • desiludesilu Registered User Posts: 285 Junior Member
    The US News rankings are determined using a disclosed method. It could affect alumni gifts which would have a small effect. The effect may be imperceptible.
  • Etuck24Etuck24 Registered User Posts: 1,386 Senior Member
    The scandal has NOTHING to do with the SCHOOL itself. If it drops, it's going to have to be because other schools went up, otherwise it's a joke.
  • whydoicarewhydoicare Registered User Posts: 382 Member
    22.5% of the USNWR score comes from a survey of administrators at peer institutions and 5% comes from the level of alumni giving. Obviously, both of these can be affected by the scandal but who knows by how much? The peer administrators will have a good idea of how distracting this might be within the university.

    There are several other categories that probably could not be affected, like selectivity, retention rate, faculty resources, etc. But 27.5% of the ranking is based to some degree on perception. The outcome of Sandusky's trial could play a big role, but probably not in time for this year's survey.

    Let's hope the ranking is not affected much, if at all. Not good for the people of Pennsylvania or students at Penn State. But if it does go down, that outcome would be fair by definition.
  • whydoicarewhydoicare Registered User Posts: 382 Member
    This becomes a very legitimate question for prospective students, with the release of Freeh's report implicating school culture and administration to the highest levels. I, for one, am not gloating. This is bad news for current and prospective students of PSU. But it's no longer about football or a few bad apples, because the top administration was involved and because Freeh identifies institutional defects.

    Even if the ranking doesn't move this year, one has to be concerned about the effect over the next few years and beyond. There could be NCAA sanctions, and additional fallout from two decades of ignoring the Clery Act.

    SMU received the NCAA "death penalty" in 1987, and whether or not that happens to Penn State, the situations are similar in some respects. SMU's football program never recovered from that, but I can't seem to find any information about how the school's general reputation might (or might not) have suffered. Right now they are ranked 62, but since they were never in the top 50, the USNWR archive sites don't list SMU. If somebody has access to USNWR rankings from the mid to late 1980s, and SMU is included, that might shed some light on what might happen to Penn State's ranking. It's not a perfect analogy because while SMU administration was heavily involved, the violations were all about athletics. At Penn State, some people could go to jail.
  • PubicSchoolGradPubicSchoolGrad Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    The ranking is based on a mostly objective methodology. As a result, the ranking shouldn't change dramatically after just one year. If the methodology cosidered the morals of University leaders, PSU would be the worst ranked school in the western world. What happened is reprehensible and it is offensive how members of the PSU cult continue to try to defend it.
  • ljrfrmljrfrm Registered User Posts: 259 Junior Member
    I suppose I can be considered by you as someone who is in the "Penn State Cult". Funny, considering that up until two years ago, I had never stepped foot on that campus, watched a Penn State football game or even knew what the heck a Nittany Lion was. My son, after years of hard work, made the decision to attend Penn State. As a mother, I did my due diligence and investigated what I could about the university, visited it and supported my son on his college decision. I was very impressed, and continue to be, with the education and support my son is offered. There are many good people there - many who are guiding my son, teaching my son and looking out for my son while he works hard to shape his future. My son, all the other sons and daughters attending Penn State and so many professors, and other staff haven't done anything wrong. I am supporting all those people - if that makes me belong to the "Penn State Cult" than I guess I am.

    I have never and will never "defend" what happened. I think what most of us are defending is an institution that is more than just the scandal. I would never defend any actions of those that may have caused harm to someone else. In fact, I have spent my career working to protect, assist and support children who have been abused. But, to ignore all the good that is there as well is unfair and wrong. Yes, there needs to be changes - not just at Penn State but at so many universities where this could have happened. Yes, there are those people that need to be punished. But - those that feel the need to condemn an entire university are just plain wrong.

    Whether this will affect ranking in the future is yet to be seen. My guess is there may be some impact in the short-term. I do think though that the impact is due more to the outpouring of "hate" all over the Internet as opposed to real concerns over a decline in academics.
  • slipjigslipjig Registered User Posts: 599 Member
    Well said. As an alum with a junior daughter, I agree.
  • SansSerifSansSerif Registered User Posts: 814 Member
    Ljfrm: i agree, well said. Coming from an alumnus who is going to the Arts Fest tomorrow with a heavy heart.
  • lsb312lsb312 Registered User Posts: 165 Junior Member
    ljrfrm, Although I respect your viewpoint, I can't agree that all of the Penn State students are blameless. The 1000 students who rioted after Paterno's firing brought further shame on their university. While this may be a relatively small percentage of students, the impact was huge.
  • ljrfrmljrfrm Registered User Posts: 259 Junior Member
    While there may have been 1000 people downtown that night, there were NOT 1000 students rioting - many personal accounts show that there were very few rioting. In fact, some arrested were not even students. In addition - I don't hear you commenting on the 10,000 or more students who participated in the candlelight vigil, or those organizing fundraising events for abused and traumatized students, etc. I hear you - there are some bad apples. But those bad apples are few! It does not, and should not, define a whole university of mostly bright, caring and moralistic individuals who had nothing to do with this whole situation. Don't get me wrong, I'm not minimizing what happened - I'm so sad about it all. But those that are doing their best to bring down the entire University are hurting many innocent individuals - including my son!
  • lsb312lsb312 Registered User Posts: 165 Junior Member
    ljrfrm, I have to say many Penn State alum , students and parents seem much more concerned with what they perceive as an attack on their university , than with the atrocities committed on campus and the cover up. I can see why Penn State is called a cult culture. How is your son being hurt ljrfrm? Your post is a bit dramatic. Imagine how the parent's of the victims feel?
  • cptofthehousecptofthehouse Registered User Posts: 26,432 Senior Member
    I heard that admissions apps were up 8% this year. Whether this is a decrease from what it would have been had there been no scandal, no one can say. The rankings depend on a lot of things, but the peer review tends to be focused on the academic quality of the school. Still, who knows how all this will affect the peer review numbers.

    Also, who knows what the stats of this upcoming class and the one after it will be, which will also directly impact admissions. This has definitely given a lot of people a bad feeling about the school and to prospective college students, that can translate in going elsewhere , if the choices are similar without that cloud. It also may not make the list of a number of OOS kids.

    For PA kids, it's Temple, Penn State and Pitt for the big state schools, and for some families that is what is affordable if the kid wants to go away to school. Will a student pick a school like Shippenburg or Clarion over Penn State because of this horrible outrage that occurred? I don;t think so. Though I think Pitt will benefit in applications and may get a very full class this next cycle. But for those kids wanting a big campus atmosphere and the wonderful amenties that the Penn State main campus, along with solid academic opportunities, if you are in state, it's Penn State. Though the cost is up there even for instate, making some of the southern flagships comparable in cost which could be a factor.

    Personally, I think my son crossed it off his list. Maybe, he'll change his mind in a few years when it's time to apply, but the lustre is gone for him.

    I also thing what happens with the football program will directly affect the admissions stats and the rankings. I don't think that the university will have any trouble at all filling its seats. It's who will be sitting in them that might change.
  • Etuck24Etuck24 Registered User Posts: 1,386 Senior Member
    I'll bet you applications for this coming year will be up again from last year.
  • ljrfrmljrfrm Registered User Posts: 259 Junior Member
    ljrfrm, I have to say many Penn State alum , students and parents seem much more concerned with what they perceive as an attack on their university , than with the atrocities committed on campus and the cover up. I can see why Penn State is called a cult culture. How is your son being hurt ljrfrm? Your post is a bit dramatic. Imagine how the parent's of the victims feel?

    It's interesting how you choose to ignore my point. I am clearly saying what happened is NOT ok, and shouldn't be ignored. I am obviously upset and concerned about the "atrocities committed on campus and the cover up". Talk about drama,......"imagine how the parent's of the victims feel". Well you know what, I know how they feel. I have worked investigating sexual abuse, and providing support and services to more victims, parents and family than you can imagine. I know the devastation it causes. I know the repercussions. I get it. And do you know anything about my personal life? I don't think so. So I don't need your "drama" to take me there. I'm not "more concerned with what I perceive as an attack on the university". I'm just able to separate the two - and that's what I try to tell others. There is the act that happened - there is the issue about HOW it happened which needs to rectified and then there is the thousands still there that are trying their best to continue on with their education.
  • lsb312lsb312 Registered User Posts: 165 Junior Member
    Quote:But those that are doing their best to bring down the entire University are hurting many innocent individuals - including my son!

    I reread your comment and it still sounds dramatic. You still did not answer how your son is suffering from the scandal.
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