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What does it take to get into Harvard Medical School?

CC ArticlesCC Articles Posts: 32,210- Senior Member
edited July 2011 in Pre-Med Topics
Do I need to start studying for the MCAT now? (I’m a high school senior by the way). What kind of internships should I get? Should I visit Harvard medical school?
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Replies to: What does it take to get into Harvard Medical School?

  • arahopeearahopee Posts: 84Registered User Junior Member
    not another one of these....first go to college THEN study for the MCAT. you could visit Harvard if you want, but when you get to college you will realize that getting into ANY medical school is difficult so you're going to have to work your @$$ off. Just maintain your GPA, get involved with EC's (student orgs, volunteer, research), and do well on the MCAT.
  • bluedevilmikebluedevilmike Posts: 11,964Registered User Senior Member
    Sometimes I think that kids read all the things we tell them NOT to do and then, just to see how we'll react, ask us about them... haha.
  • arahopeearahopee Posts: 84Registered User Junior Member
  • BigredmedBigredmed Posts: 3,726Registered User Senior Member
    I'm really tired of this prestige BS on here...

    Anyways, worry first about getting into ANY medical school then about whether you can get Harvard or WashU or Udub, or some dream school.

    I really think people don't understand how much different med school admissions are compared to undergrad.
  • bluedevilmikebluedevilmike Posts: 11,964Registered User Senior Member
    I'm sorry. I should have been less rude. Allow me to mention a few things that I think are pertinent.

    1.) Prestige is not important in medical school unless you intend on a career in academic medicine (being a professor at a medical school) or something like that, as I do. There are exceptions for the few most hypercompetitive residencies, but those are usually fairly obscure (plastics, derm).

    2.) Even if you do have a legitimate reason for wanting to go to a highly selective medical school, picking ONE medical school is a bad idea no matter what. The process has a great deal of randomness in it. I could tell you horror stories to no end. The odds are simply too low.

    3.) You are too young to be discussing such a decision. Pick a good undergraduate school and do as well as you can there. You cannot be 100% sure that you want to enter medicine - and if you claim to be, then you must remember that life can sometimes change very suddenly - and it is more important, especially early, to pursue a high-quality education generally speaking.

    4.) Certainly neither studying for the LSAT nor visiting HMS would be helpful at this point. The LSAT is a test that covers the basic science material that you will need to learn during your first couple years of college - organic chemistry, etc. - and you will not have access to the foundations you need yet. Besides which, it's really a test that you only need to spend four months of studying for. Four years is just grossly inappropriate.

    Visiting HMS would do... what? Who would you even visit with? Their admissions department would not remember you positively - either you'd be a neurotic kid, or they simply wouldn't recognize you four years later. Their general faculty have nothing to do with admissions, as is the case with undergrad as well.
  • martinibluexmartinibluex Posts: 1,220Registered User Senior Member

    you can't be serious. you are a pre-med and you called the MCAT LSAT? twice?
    no way.
  • bluedevilmikebluedevilmike Posts: 11,964Registered User Senior Member
    Sorry. I've got LSATs on the brain - they're coming up in seven weeks.

    Yes, I meant the MCAT.
  • umardarrumardarr Posts: 883Registered User Member
    martini chill out, geez, haha...let's all go haywire cause of a mispronunciation
  • VelaenOscuridadVelaenOscuridad Posts: 177Registered User Junior Member
    Note: Children's Miracle Network Hospitals also have extremely competitive residencies, so a prestigious med school helps there, too.

    (that's my area)
  • ShrafShraf Posts: 2,400Registered User Senior Member
    bluedevilmike....maybe if u stop answering each at length rather than just telling them how silly they are for asking that, they will stop asking it
  • bluedevilmikebluedevilmike Posts: 11,964Registered User Senior Member
    Yeah, I know. But I feel guilty for just blowing kids off. I can't help it - I'm a Southern boy. They train us to be polite.
  • arahopeearahopee Posts: 84Registered User Junior Member
    and I'm from LA...so screw them! lol
  • ShrafShraf Posts: 2,400Registered User Senior Member
    haha, yea, come to NY and we'll show u how to be a reall a-hole.
  • karatekikarateki Posts: 2Registered User New Member
    I just graduated from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. My GPA is like 3.6 (which is not on the higher end for good medical schools). I have a scientific publication with my research professor. I tutored Animal Physiology and Biochemistry under the university system. I am taking the MCAT this January and I'm taking two years off to work at the NIH in Washington, DC.
    What do I need to get on the MCAT for me to be able to be accepted at Harvard Medical School. I am quite aware of how the application procedure works as most of my friends have gone directly into med school from undergrad. I understand that med schools look for more stuff than just MCAT and GPA. But what I have mentioned before is all that I have and that's it!! Is there anything else I can do to help me increase my chances?? I see that this discussion board is full of smart answers...please spare me the non-sense. If anyone has useful advice...I'd really like to know. Thanks!!
  • ysk1ysk1 Posts: 740Registered User Member
    What do I need to get on the MCAT for me to be able to be accepted at Harvard Medical School.
    The range is 25-44. MDapplicants.com - Search Results Btw what's the point of reviving a 2-year-old thread?
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