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Sending A Thank You Letter

iamme16iamme16 Posts: 26Registered User New Member
I recently did my Interview at the school I seriously want to apply to! Should I send a thank you letter to the interviewer for taking her time out to interview me or something???
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Replies to: Sending A Thank You Letter

  • neatoburritoneatoburrito Posts: 3,449Registered User Senior Member
    Of course. It's the polite thing to do.
  • frosty6frosty6 Posts: 187Registered User Junior Member
    YES! I am a tour guide at a NE prep school and every time I get a thank you note in the mail it goes in the tour-ee's application. So make sure to use neat handwriting, correct spelling, etc.. also, send it to your tour guide and not the admissions office (if you remember who he/she was). And as a last note - tour guides receive very few thank you cards so it can really make a difference with a on-the-fence application. Your parents can send one as well.
  • urbanflopurbanflop Posts: 1,682Registered User Senior Member
    I sent mine by email to the tour guide and the interview.
  • lindhalindha Posts: 605Registered User Member
    it is better my mail or email?
  • FayMomFayMom Posts: 230Registered User Junior Member

    What kind of input a tour guide can give in the process of admission? Would the admission office ask his/her impression on the applicant after the tour, or fill out evaluation as part of the file?
  • blahnessblahness Posts: 19Registered User New Member
    always send thank you notes to both your interviewer and tour guide.
  • DEtromboneDEtrombone Posts: 314Registered User Member
    i emailed mine for Exeter, is that ok? I got a nice reply back from the director of admissions
  • PrincipalVPrincipalV Posts: 950Registered User Member
    Email should be fine, especially if you are international. After the process is over, though, snailmail is probably nicer (if you are in the same country). I got a snailmail response from my interviewer from milton after admission, but an email after the interview.

    Be thoughtful in would you write, however. Make sure you write deliberately and mean what you say, the whole thank you note idea has become a fiasco with the debut of "How to write thank you note" sites galore.
  • sewingmachinegrlsewingmachinegrl Posts: 26Registered User New Member
    I sent a thank you email to my interviewer, however she did not respond.
    Does that mean something bad?
  • PrincipalVPrincipalV Posts: 950Registered User Member
    No, it doesn't mean it's bad. Firstly, chances are he/she is very busy and has not, yet, had the time to respond to you. Secondly, a Thank You letter is a polite thing to do, not a measure of your chances to a school. And finally, she may not have access to internet. Many times (if your interview was off campus through a phone or VoIP module) the interviewer lives in a country which heavily curtails internet usage.
  • frosty6frosty6 Posts: 187Registered User Junior Member
    sewingmachinegrl - I have never responded. If you ask questions, the admissions office should respond, but then again they do not always!

    Faymom - at my school there is an online form we fill out that goes in the application. How interested was the applicant/parent, questions, interests, do they fit in, etc. basically, anything we say goes in the application.
  • LvillegradLvillegrad Posts: 211Registered User Junior Member
    At every school my son applied to, both he and we (my wife and I) sent separate handwritten thank you notes to the interviewer. My son sent email thank you notes to the tour guides who generally provided that information on a card at the end of the interview. For a teenager-to-teenager communication, that method seemed more appropriate.
  • HarvardRox1199HarvardRox1199 Posts: 173Registered User Junior Member
    Should I send a thank you note to my student tour guide at Andover?
  • PiccalachaPiccalacha Posts: 54Registered User Junior Member
    I can tell you, as a tour guide, that I've never been asked to fill out an evaluation or anything after the tour. Admissions has never asked me what a family was like or what questions were asked. However, things may be different at other schools! And I'm sure your student tour guide would LOVE a thank you note. I've toured quite a few families this past year, and I only received two thank you emails. By no means are thank you emails expected, but trust me, it doesn't go unnoticed! And for tour guides, email is absolutely fine. No need to be super formal with your email either.
  • ThacherParentThacherParent Posts: 740Registered User Member
    My son was a tour guide for a couple of years at Thacher and the Admission's Office always solicited his feedback. A thank you note to your AO is an absolute necessity IMO. Also, you cannot go wrong with a thank you email to the guide. Every little thing builds an impression of you. Big impressions often turn on the smallest details.

    I had a summer job in high school delivering and assembling that era's version of high-end electronics for a large store. I can always remember the store's owner being interested in how I, the lowest guy on the totem pole, had been treated by the customer. He used to say "it's a good way to tell the kind of people I'm doing business with."
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