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On average, how many schools does a student apply at?

TennVolTennVol Posts: 8Registered User New Member
edited April 2011 in Prep School Cafe
I am having a hard time making up my mind on several schools that I would like to apply. I know I have to consider the time it will take to apply,visit, and interview at all the schools that I do apply at. So...how many schools do you apply for at the same time? Only your top two or three? Or can you apply for as many as five or six? Or more?

I would be interested in knowing how many each of you applied for(don't need to give names of schools, just number). Then how many of those you were accepted at(once again, no names of schools, just numbers)

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Replies to: On average, how many schools does a student apply at?

  • thccbsthccbs Posts: 5Registered User New Member
    18 - but a lot were reaches and most were small so the odds are greater.
  • yankeefan1234yankeefan1234 Posts: 378Registered User Member
    I applied to 6
  • ThacherParentThacherParent Posts: 740Registered User Member
    We applied to 5.
  • dulcecab13dulcecab13 Posts: 127- Junior Member
    With the increase in both competitiveness and size of the applicant pools this year it would be smarter to apply to more especially if your top choices are very top tier.

    I applied to 24 or so because Questbridge paid for all the top tier colleges' application fees and I got fee waivers for my UC schools.
    So I ended up only using common app and my QB app. The real work was the supplements but if I didn't have the school at the top of my list I just recycled essays.
    Feel free to ask me questions :)
  • SevenDadSevenDad Posts: 3,289Registered User Senior Member
    3. I think 3 to 6 is a good place to start.
  • flowers123flowers123 Posts: 113Registered User Junior Member
    We applied to 4 BS & 1 DS (bkz not sure about boarding)
  • 2010 hopeful2010 hopeful Posts: 2,041Registered User Senior Member
    I applied to 9. If you are applying for financial aid you may want to apply to somewhere from 5 to 10 and look into schools that will place you at the top of the applicant pool. Also don't only apply to schools with a < 20% acceptance rate, they are a crapshoot for pretty much everyone.
  • lucylinuslucylinus Posts: 22Registered User New Member
    We visited 8 schools and applied to 3.

    My daughter was accepted at all 3 schools.
  • PiccalachaPiccalacha Posts: 54Registered User Junior Member
    I applied to 11 BS.
  • overandover98overandover98 Posts: 236Registered User Junior Member
    I would apply to 10:

    2 Reaches

    4-5 Average

    2-3 Safeties

    1-2 Day Options

    I really don't like describing schools as "reaches", "average", and "safeties", but I did it anyways. You may end up getting into a "reach" school and a "safety" school, but choose the "safety" instead. Don't apply to too many schools, nor too little (unless boarding school is a casual option/one school mindset).
  • futureboarderfutureboarder Posts: 162Registered User Junior Member
    For the people who applied to 10 or more schools, didn't it end up being very expensive? I'm not sure my parents are willing to spend so much money when I'm only going to end up going to one school.
  • TheBig5TheBig5 Posts: 99Registered User Junior Member
    I think FA is right in the middle of the equation. It's more and more of a gamble now, so if you absolutely need it to consider BS, that drives more applications. You should look at the master list...you'll see it varies from people applying to only 1 school, to maybe 3 top tier schools (or maybe 3 regional/specialty schools depending on the student), to a range of 5-8, to a BROAD range of 10+...and the results are very different, too.

    In our case, FP family, applied to 5 schools, acceptances at 4.
  • evamarieevamarie Posts: 12Registered User New Member
    I applied to three, which was pretty risky. Two were Hades, and the third one is more of a second teir, but imo just as good. By some miracle I was accepted at one Hades and the lower teir school, and waitlisted at the other Hades. I would really recommend applying to a lot of schools, especially ones that are less known. They are the coolest
  • kraordrawohkraordrawoh Posts: 593Registered User Member
    1. Research and visit as many schools as you'd like. You don't have to apply to schools just because you visit or even interview. I'd suggest making the apply/don't apply decision after your interviews. If you do that you can probably trim off a few schools that will feel marginal to you by then. (You'll need to schedule interviews prior to December for this strategy to make sense and allow you sufficient time to finish essays).
    2. Don't apply to fewer than 3-5. You can't count on safeties necessarily being safeties. Schools are seeing rising numbers of applications and will be closely focused on the percentage of offers that are ultimately accepted (yield).
    3. Be prepared with an answer to the question, "where else are you applying?" This will most likely be asked to your child during the interview. The answer will color the admissions officer's report. This is treacherous territory in my opinion.
  • helang425helang425 Posts: 63Registered User Junior Member
    Last year I applied to 4
    this year I applied to 6
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