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the definition of a lax bro

Hcos12893Hcos12893 Posts: 810Registered User Member
edited April 2010 in Prep School Cafe
for those of you who are not familar with the term. I.E. with you are not from new england, maryland, and new york. they are an important part of the boarding school experience. you will find that if you attend boarding schools in the northeast is that you will either grow to love them or in most cases hate them.

also here are some definitions of it if you do not understand the underlying sub-culture of said "Lax Bro"

Urban Dictionary definition:

Any male individual who plays (or assosiciates those who play) lacrosse. They wear hats (fitted, trucker, college lax hats), bright colors, and have long hair. Their vocabulary consists of, but is not limited to: word, bro, gnarly, stoked, flow, etc.

Sam:Yo look at those shorts, their soo bro!
Kevin: Yeah, they're almost too bro!
Sam: You can't be too bro, bro!

The lax bro uniform, or dress code guidelines are as follows:
1) Headwear: Trucker hats, backwards college hats, goofy winter hats, (ie puff balls and ear flaps)
2) Hair: the longer the better, the wavier the better (wavy lettuce out the backside of helmet or cap)
3) Shirts: Polos, youth league T's, Pinnies, or Skins
4) Shorts: Plaid/Madras, seersucker, long team shorts
5) Footwear: Rainbow, Reefs, Turf shoes with high black socks
6) Accessories: hemp bracelets/necklace, shooting string or sidewall lace bracelets, Ray-ban, Arnetts, or Oakley shades, Lax themed tattoos (ie crossed sticks on calf)
My brother Eric, also known as "MEAT" is a sweet lax bro. He's been drinking lots of Keystone light in his sweet Ursinus hat, blonde hair, sweet lax pinney, Madras, and Rainbows.
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Replies to: the definition of a lax bro

  • A7X Forever=)A7X Forever=) Posts: 824Registered User Member
    I'm betting your not to fond of Lax players?
  • Hcos12893Hcos12893 Posts: 810Registered User Member
    me no i love you just have to take them with a grain of salt. they are hilarious in the right context. my best is a lax bro.
  • keylymekeylyme Posts: 2,825Registered User Senior Member
    Many of the bs "lax bros" we know also play soccer. And there are many friendships. Generally at my son's school most of the lax team shows up for the soccer games.
  • Hcos12893Hcos12893 Posts: 810Registered User Member
    yes a rather large percentage of laxers play soccer and vice versa. thus leading to the connection between "lax bros" and "soccer bros" i am what would be considered a soccer bro
  • keylymekeylyme Posts: 2,825Registered User Senior Member
    I've often heard my son refer to his "lax bro's" friends hair as his ""flow". My son had the "flow" thing going too....then he shaved it off.
  • hola3hola3 Posts: 134Registered User Junior Member
    In the 2000's (as far back as online records go). Deerfield's record against Exeter/Andover (combined) is 18-0. If you're going to talk trash about another school's lacrosse program don't reference the annual "pillow fight" between Exeter and Andover. I don't really care about lax but CC has been awfully dull lately.....let's ramp it up!
  • neatoburritoneatoburrito Posts: 2,992Registered User Senior Member
    My son tried to get the "flow" once. It was more like the "fro."
    Is there a "fro-flow"?
  • fun is funfun is fun Posts: 1,035Registered User Senior Member
    The only "bro" fif saw on the video was the Exeter longstick...
  • hola3hola3 Posts: 134Registered User Junior Member

    Does this mean that Exeter has low Bro ratio?
  • keylymekeylyme Posts: 2,825Registered User Senior Member
    ^^Exeter has mostly "high-Bro's".
  • frosty6frosty6 Posts: 187Registered User Junior Member
    AHAH love it. don't forget the mid-calf tan.
  • Hcos12893Hcos12893 Posts: 810Registered User Member
    or the rainbow sandals tan
  • smskismski Posts: 136Registered User Junior Member
    fun fact about the ultimate lax bro video, he attends my college. i see him quite often actually... he's pretty normal, but still a definite lax bro. he has made quite a bundle off of his youtube video through marketing it and whatnot. smart guy.
  • Hcos12893Hcos12893 Posts: 810Registered User Member
    ultimate lax bro II comes out today

    heres the trailer
    YouTube - "Ultimate Lax Bro II: The Official Visit" Trailer
  • kafkarebornkafkareborn Posts: 751Registered User Member
    Lol, I love these vids. I play basketball with the main character's brother (THE ultimate lax bro), who also has a sense of humor. His brother is also very athletic. He "Brantford" (not his real name) was three years ahead of me at Hotchkiss but I've never seen him here since I came last year. His brother is in the year below me.
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