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Sexting can get kids into trouble!

jaharrison1620jaharrison1620 Posts: 219Registered User Junior Member
edited March 2010 in Prep School Parents
This just hit the news yesterday. The Lovett School is a private day school in Atlanta. These were 8th graders. And though I certainly don't condone this behavior, the kids who passed it along may face charges as well of misdemeanor child pornography.

'Sexting' Rocks School; Student Withdraws - News Story - WSB Atlanta

I'm already talking about it with my 5th grader. I can easily imagine kids receiving something like this and not thinking twice about passing it on, having no idea how serious the consequences. I plan to mention it to my d at BS as well the next time I speak with her.

The same caution goes for anything in email form that can be misconstrued as threatening/bullying. The written word alone can be easily misinterpreted or misconstrued. I know of an email incident where references to a school project on government regime change got misconstrued as terroristic threats. And though there was no ill intent, several of these otherwise very upstanding kids were named in a police report.
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Replies to: Sexting can get kids into trouble!

  • MSHopefulMSHopeful Posts: 104Registered User Junior Member
    Thanks for that story. I think I need to start discussing these things with my 5th grader since her and all her friends have cel phones and she will be starting middle school this Fall. I would hate to see such young kids have misdemeanor child pornography charges brought against them. They need to understand that this is serious.
  • Linda SLinda S Posts: 1,570Registered User Senior Member
    Same goes for posting youtube videos and schools get involved in those because kids put the school's name with them.
  • BlueRaven1BlueRaven1 Posts: 2,109Registered User Senior Member
    Apparently, last year at my PS there was a big sexting scandal among my 7th grade class as well as 8th and 9th graders.
  • LOLZbabeLOLZbabe Posts: 351Registered User Member
    I know a few kids who have gotten kicked out of school for sexting. Only one of them got charged formally and his hearing is in a month. He's 14. It would be terrible to have your life ruined because of a mistake you made when you were younger. The big thing @ the schools around me is doing inappropriate things on chatroulette and tinychat. Wayyyyy a bad idea.
  • swissbritswissbrit Posts: 1,026Registered User Member
    I don't really see the big deal about sexting , I mean if a chick wants to send you a photo of her, that may include nudity I mean I don't see the problem, sending it too friends well that's wrong. I also don't see how the person who recieves the photo is in posession of "child pornography" when both girl and boy are children. I mean I don't know why you guys are making such a big deal about it, it happens now and it will always happen.
  • jaharrison1620jaharrison1620 Posts: 219Registered User Junior Member
    I mentioned it because these kids may be faced with legal charges. If it were just parental preference, I would not have brought it up. What seems okay or totally innocent to some, may actually be ILLEGAL. In this case, laws that were written to protect children from adult predators may actually apply to anyone that forwards a child pornographic image without regard to age of perpetrator. So although common sense would say that the offense is not that big a deal, it becomes a big deal because of the law.

    And if you get into to BS, it may well be against the school rules. So make sure to read the Student Handbook from cover to cover.
  • urbanflopurbanflop Posts: 1,682Registered User Senior Member
    Swissbrit you don't see the big deal? Do you the def. of a pervert? Just wondering. IMHO, I think that this is a very big deal. Well actually this is [size=+3]Big[/size]Deal.
  • swissbritswissbrit Posts: 1,026Registered User Member
    Personally I don't see why someone would do such things but it happens when kids are in their teenage years and It is a BIG Deal if the person who sends the photo happens to be a child and they send it to an adult but when the person sends the photo as a teen to a teen, that happens everyday and nobody should be charged.
  • BlueRaven1BlueRaven1 Posts: 2,109Registered User Senior Member
    Swissbrits attitude seems to be the prevailing one at our school among the boys.

    I'' m not condoning sexting AT ALL I'm just sayin'
  • swissbritswissbrit Posts: 1,026Registered User Member
    I mean sexting is wrong when its adult to child or child to adult and if it is child to child well I mean Its not right but its not wrong because for some teens its a step in a relationship. It is sad that it can get you in trouble but I understand why they have those laws... @ BlueRaven - my attitude is common amongst most boys my age all over the world not just our school lol
  • BlueRaven1BlueRaven1 Posts: 2,109Registered User Senior Member
    lol yeah I guess so. Our school is the first coed school ive been to so therefore my refrence point
  • swissbritswissbrit Posts: 1,026Registered User Member
    Ohh yeah I mean boys will be boys lol
  • neatoburritoneatoburrito Posts: 3,150Registered User Senior Member
    What should a teen do to protect themselves legally if they receive an explicit text?

    Any lawyers out there with advice?
  • swissbritswissbrit Posts: 1,026Registered User Member
    Ohh well just delete it, immediateley or I guess you could counter sue if it was sent to you when you asked not to .
  • neatoburritoneatoburrito Posts: 3,150Registered User Senior Member
    Silly me. Let me be more specific: How would you protect yourself AND do the right thing.
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