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Early Action vs Regular

PMCM18PMCM18 Posts: 469Registered User Member
edited June 2011 in Princeton University
I have quite a dilemma. Up until recently, my plan was to apply early action non-restrictive to University of Chicago and Georgetown SFS, then apply regular to Princeton. All three schools are my top, with Princeton having a minimal edge over the other two. Now I'm worried, though, that my stats won't be strong enough for applying to Princeton regular decision. If I apply Early Action Restrictive to Princeton, will that increase my chances because it shows a greater interest? Or, would amazing first semester grades make me more appealing as a candidate in January? Here are some of my stats:

Standardized Tests:
SAT I: 650 M, 800 CR, 800 W (2250)
ACT: Will take in October
SAT ii: 620 Physics (won't submit), 630 Chemistry (won't submit), 750 World History, 800 Spanish. I'm waiting for the results of the June Bio test and plan to take both Math sat ii's in October.

Grades and AP's:
GPA: Around 4.2/4.3 weighted, 3.9 unweighted
Rank: School doesn't rank, but I would say top 5%
AP's: My school is very strict when it comes to taking AP's. The only regular courses that we can substitute with AP are US History, Calculus, Spanish Literature and English Literature (the last two can only be taken senior year). Students are allowed to take a maximum of two in 10th, 3 in 11th and, if you're a straight A student, 4 in 12th.
10th - AP Psychology (5). My other elective block was taken by French level III.
11th - AP Human Geography (5 on mocks), AP US History (5 on mocks), AP French (4 and 3 on mocks)
12th - AP Calculus AB, AP English Literature, AP Spanish Literature, AP European History, AP Economics (self studied, might have to take the test in another school. This is my way of getting around school policy).

Youth in Action (community service club): VP 10th, Pres 11th and 12th
United Way: Treasurer of Student Board in PR
Model UN: member since 8th, have gone to NAIMUN since 9th
Film Club: VP 11th
Environmental Awareness Club
Project H2O - Club that seeks to educated about the scarcity of water in communities in PR and around the world
Model Organization of American States

Personal Statement: Already written, about how certain experiences showcase my passion for politics and plans for the future.
Counselor Rec: Should be good, she's new and I've been very nice to her.
Teacher Rec's: My Bio teacher, whom I traveled with to the Galapagos and had straight A+ in his class, has already agreed to write me a letter. I'm deciding between asking my AP French, AP Human Geo or future AP Euro teacher for my second letter.
Third Letter: I plan to ask either the moderator of the community service club I'm President of or the woman in charge of volunteers in a community outreach organization that I've worked with closely.

2009: CAA in Lafayette College, course was on landmark cases of the US Supreme Court.
2010: EPI trip to the Galapagos, followed by International Business and Literature and Psychology in the Oxford Tradition program.
2011: CTY Civic Leadership Institute in Baltimore.

Yes, I'm Hispanic. Coming from a high income family I don't think that will help me greatly (and I don't think it should), but it might give me a very small boost. If I apply regular decision I will be able to submit grades for my entire first semester. So should I wait until January or take a chance and apply early?
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Replies to: Early Action vs Regular

  • PMCM18PMCM18 Posts: 469Registered User Member
    P.S. I forgot to mention that I live in Puerto Rico. Also, my school forced us to take the AP Spanish Language test this year and I'm 100% sure I got a 5.
  • WhiteBoyNJ123WhiteBoyNJ123 Posts: 99Registered User Junior Member
    If you want my honest opinion, I would apply early to your other top choices. You have a better chance of getting into them in the early round than you do Princeton. Also, I think early action is a little advantangeous for UChicago, whereas it is pretty much negligible for the Ivies.
  • PMCM18PMCM18 Posts: 469Registered User Member
    Thanks. I know that for Yale Early Action makes no difference, so I'm not surprised that Princeton is the same. Hopefully by January I'll have a lot more to offer.
  • sbjdorlosbjdorlo Posts: 4,472Registered User Senior Member
    Well I'm impressed that you've already written your personal statement! I should be so lucky that my son won't procrastinate until the end. =:-0 That shows me that you really are planning ahead and are very organized. Probably the only thing that is missing from your ECs would be some national level stuff (it seems that Ivies like that sort of thing). I would say probably apply early to U of C since money doesn't seem to be an issue and it could be to your advantage to do so.
  • stridegumisbeststridegumisbest Posts: 208Registered User Junior Member
    yeah i would recommend applying to your other schools early, and leave princeton for regular. SCEA, as shown through yale and stanford, doesn't really give the applicants that much of an edge; even though a higher percentage will be accepted, the applicant pool will be much stronger. it will probably be the same at princeton and harvard SCEA.
  • PMCM18PMCM18 Posts: 469Registered User Member
    ^ Really? Why is that? I always assumed that most superhuman students (5's on 10+ AP's, Pres of 5+ clubs, 300 community service hours, 2500 SAT, etc.) applied to the top schools at once.
  • PMCM18PMCM18 Posts: 469Registered User Member
    Oh I think I see. They apply to their top choice early and don't apply to anymore schools in January because they got in. *face palm at self*
  • sbjdorlosbjdorlo Posts: 4,472Registered User Senior Member
    Well if Princeton is your top choice and you want to know early whether or not you're accepted, you should probably apply there. You're a strong candidate, particularly coming from Puerto Rico. And actually, given that you're wealthy and from Puerto Rico, that might be in your favor. :-)
  • PMCM18PMCM18 Posts: 469Registered User Member
    ^ Thanks, but I've decided for sure that I'm going to apply to Chicago and Georgetown early. Part of the reason is because I've seen firsthand that applying to Chicago early is an advantage. Also, I could use the first week of January (classes don't reconvene until after January 6 thanks to the Three Kings Holiday :D) to visit Chicago and/or Georgetown if I get in.
  • JAupiaisJAupiais Posts: 90Registered User Junior Member
    Good decision. :)
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