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ucbalumnus Senior Member

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  • Stars1
    Hello ucbalumnus,

    I just had a quick question I was hoping I could ask you. I was accepted to WNEU with a very nice aid + scholarship. I'm not sure how their CS curriculum holds up and was hoping you could take a quick look for me and give me your opinion?

    Thank you ahead of time if you can.

    January 24
  • Futureholds
    Hate to bug you but thought you may help. I live locally and have met a ton of kids at Cal who are in engineering and transferred in Junior year. My kid is trying to get into computer science but he probably will not get in. 3.8 2200 although he did TA a java class at Cal ATDP. Do you know how many kids they take as junior transfers into CS from community college? He already got in to Purdue, Riverside and OSU and is waiting to hear from olin, udub,cal poly, santa clara and other uc's.
    any insite appreciated
    January 24
  • acal1995
    I actually go to0 Cal
    October 2013
  • potres
    August 2013
  • Humuhumu
    Hi. You answered my email earlier that the AP Spanish that my son took sophomore year is considered a level 4. Does this mean he has taken an equivalent of 4 years of Spanish, though his high school transcript will show Spanish taken only 2 years in high school, freshmen and sophomore years? (Our high school does not include middle school transcripts which would show Spanish 1 and 2 completed.) Is the 4 levels of completion what matters for college? I have to ask again because it is rather confusing.
    August 2013
  • aegisknight

    I have been looking everywhere for a particular set of survey data from 1983, which you mentioned here:

    I know this is a shot in the dark, but do you have any more information about that survey? If you know who conducted it, where it was published, absolutely anything, it would be extremely useful. I am trying to do some comparative statistics involving salary by major over time, and I need data from at or before 1983 for my comparisons to be valid. So far, your post here has been the only reference I have been able to find of anything like that.
    July 2013
  • tlstika
    Hi ucbalumnus. I apologize I can't send you back through private message because CC says I don't have enough posts, but thank you very much for the advice about FPF. I'll probably just take Math 1b even though I have a 5 on Calc BC. Thanks again for the thorough response and suggestions.
    July 2013
  • tlstika
    Hi, Sorry to bother you. I am going to be attending UC Berkeley this Fall. I'm a spring admit, but I'm doing FPF.
    I want to major in Econ, pre-Haas, or Computer Science, and I'm a little lost.
    I know I want to take an R&C course, but besides that, I'm not sure what breadth courses I can take that will apply to all 3 of my potential majors.
    I am considering taking Math 1b, but I got a 5 on Calc BC my junior year of hs, so I'm not sure if its worth it.

    June 2013
  • donkey001
    I was accepted for Fall 13 into the College of Letters and Science at UC Berkeley, but I was unable to declare a Psychology major yet.My GPA in community college is 3.96 and I am going to complete all the prerequisite courses this summer. Is the admission to the major guaranteed?

    I was also admitted to UCLA and I could declare a Psychology major. I am not really interested in other subjects, dont you guys think I should take the risk of choosing UC Berkeley?

    Also, does the GPA in the first semester at UC Berkeley matter? Apart from the GPA, what other factors will affect my chance of getting accepted to the Psychology Department?

    My email address is bennyhch@bellevuecollege.edu . I would be very grateful if you guys could reply me by tomorrow night.
    May 2013
  • panicattackk
    Hey! I was wondering if you would be able to give me some insight on the freshman dorms at UCB. Are there some dorms that are more crazy than others? I am studying Business, which dorm would you suggest?
    April 2013
  • namanpratyush
    Hi, I have got an offer from CSU, Fresno for CS Program for fall 2013? Will you please suggest me about CSU, Fresno. How good is the CS Program for MS? I am waiting for CSU, Long beach, SJSU results also. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
    March 2013
  • tyjingyi
    Hey sir,

    been looking at posts and found out that you are actually quite active here.

    if you would be generous enough to advise me on my concerns, I will be eternally grateful to you.

    My thread: http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/uc-transfers/1477112-please-help-answers-needed-about-cc-system.html

    thank you!
    March 2013
  • babygood
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    March 2013
  • katakun
    Hello, Are there any college requirements for Haas? I mean if I do double major in engineering college and L&S, i have to fulfill college requirements for both L&S (such as 7 breadth) and engineering college. If i do double major in L&S(computer science) and in Haas(BA), are there any college requirements for Haas that i have to fulfill ?
    January 2013
    Thank you for your cogent responses.
    December 2012
  • Trulyyours
    Hello, will you please help me with my essay?:)
    I really need help!
    October 2012
  • ShabaMama
    Hello ucbalumnus:

    Thank you for your reply regarding the number of safety schools. It was really helpful.
    October 2012
  • foreverdad
    Hello ucbalumnus:
    I have been reading keenly your non-biased replies. Thank you. I have question for our son:

    He will be a senior in a Kansas high school. Stat are 4 out of 4uw and 4.5 wGPA. Rank 1 and WRank 3. Completed 5 APs and taking another 5 APs in snr yr- APs in Physics, Engl, Stat, USGov and CalcAB, and science project. (Missing Calc BC). Rest are honors. Strong in science and math, chem AP Score 5. Other AP scores 5s and 4s.

    SAT I 2320 (C760 M780 W780) SATII Chem 800 USHist 790 and Math2 in Oct expects 800

    Limited EC-4 years Band, two time state winner in FBLA 8th place in a national event, 2nd place in a science olympiad national event. 600 hrs comm services. Currently volunteer three weeks in a 3rd world country, teaching science in an orphan school.

    Keen in a Chemical Eng. program. Being an OOS, how is his chance at UCB College of Chem? Does he have to apply separately to College of Chem? Would appreciate a reply. Thank you
    July 2012
    I found a vanpool that commutes to and from my internship times from where I live and Caltech. One is through Metro, the other is through OCTA. What are your thoughts?
    June 2012
  • gothting
    In the same boat as vencira.
    Is cs61a + cs70 manageable in the summer?
    Or should I take cs61a/cs70 + engin 125?
    May 2012
  • loldanielol
    Hi ucbalumnus, just wanted to say thanks for all of your very informative and helpful responses on the Berkeley forum. You're awesome!
    May 2012
  • vencira
    I am a newly admitted EECS transfer student.
    And I am planning to take the summer session.

    My question is: is that possible to take BOTH CS61A AND CS70 in the summer?

    A little computer background of mine is that I get As in both introductory computer programming and data structure although they are far easier than UCB's. In addition, I am somehow exposed to math proofs.

    Another question: if I do not take CS70 in summer, could you please check whether my fall schedule is feasible? CS61C, CS70, EE20N, EE40. (I know your statement is that 1 lab course equals to math courses) I need to get rid of the prereqs as soon as possible.

    May 2012
  • linisan
    How does one get the UC berkeley's regents scholarship works? Does one get an invitation stating you are in top 1.5% like UCLA or whoever is interested apply and they call you for the interview and award you?
    February 2012
  • rosewood
    I am in the process of applying for UC Berkeley tonight and I really appreciate your prompt response. My SAT score is 2180 ( 660-R; 800-M; 720-W).My GPA is 4.08 uncapped weighted.
    What are my chances of getting into EECS at Berkeley ? I am very much interested in Electrical Engineering ( at Berkeley). What is your opinion about applying for Computer Science ( L&A) ? What are my chances there ? Do you think I could apply for CS ( L&A) and then try to change to EECS ? How easy is this change ? Also, with a BA in CS, how are my chances of doing MS (in CS - L&A or EECS) ?
    November 2011
  • Meitou
    You replied on one of my threads about my chances of getting into UCSD or UCD. I retook my SATS and i scored a 1900. I was wondering if I could get into UCDAVIS or UCSD if I have a 4.0 UC GPA and being the first generation in my family to go to college. In addition to some ECs like kung fu and badminton team, link crew in my school ( kind of a guidance for the freshmens)and winning a 4th place medal for a international badminton tournament. 100+ hours of community service, 22 hours working at a library, 20 from link crew. Also, I come from a family that makes around 20 thousand annually.
    November 2011
  • Scienceguy1
    October 2011
  • Scienceguy1
    You must have a knack for finding career surveys man because I have the hardest time finding them. I've been looking for the Rutgers one on their website for months now but I can't find anything but the NACE survey. Do you have any links on Rutgers' career surveys by chance?
    October 2011
  • OhioMom2
    I saw your post on the Alabama - Tuscaloosa scholarship for 4.00 and 30 ACT. I hope you can help me! Is that for in state or OOS? I thought to get full tuition you had to have 32 ACT. Can you verify this for me? I can't seem to find this 4.00/30 ACT scholarship on their website. I only find the 3.5/32 ACT full tuition scholarship. Thank you so much for any help! :)
    October 2011
  • csatcal
    hey do you know why over here:
    Transfer Requirements | EECS at UC Berkeley

    it says:
    "one course in data structures AND a course in C++ or Java: UCB CS 61B"

    but then in the assist articulation:
    ASSIST Report: MOORPARK 11-12 UCB Articulation Agreement by Major


    is the prequisite all three courses or just CS61B?
    im a little confused, hoping you can help.
    October 2011
  • Scienceguy1
    Do you know if NYU has one of those surveys (because I can't find it)? I've been rocking back and fourth from physics and microbiology for the past couple months.
    July 2011