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SAT score of 2000 in 7th grade?

npuri11npuri11 Posts: 7Registered User New Member
I took an SAT the summer after 7th grade, (for practice and to get a feel of it) and earned a 2000 total. Is this a respectable score, what percentile is it, and how will my future scores and college admissions be like?
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Replies to: SAT score of 2000 in 7th grade?

  • SubsidizedSubsidized Posts: 81Registered User Junior Member
    For some odd reason I don't believe you, but I'll give you a straight answer anyways.

    The score is good, especially at a young age. It is about the 92% percentile. I can't tell you a future score, but I'd assume if you study you could pull it up significantly. College admissions question is far too broad.
  • LelykeLelyke Posts: 589Registered User Member
    What is it with you kids like seriously. 7th grade? So in 12th you should be getting a 2600/2400.
  • Dream4LifeDream4Life Posts: 453Registered User Member
    really, what happend to enenjoyment in middle school. YOLO, enjoy it.
  • CTScoutmomCTScoutmom Posts: 1,318Registered User Senior Member
    The SAT is the qualifying test for many Gifted Enrichment programs. It is not at all unusual for a 7th grader to take it - it is intended to be an "above-grade" test, to show the difference between the gifted and the highly gifted kids.

    If you took it through a talent search program, they should provide you with statistics relevant for your age group. If you took it in the summer, they may consider that as taking it as an 8th grader, which requires higher scores for many of their programs. What it will translate to as a HS Junior will depend on a number of factors - whether you studied for it, what classes you will take before then. One would hope your writing style will improve over time, which would result in a higher score on the writing portion; you are likely to learn more math, and be more confortable with it, raising the math score, and you may develop a larger vocabulary, and become more skilled at answering the CT questions.
  • ilikecashewsilikecashews Posts: 23Registered User New Member
    OP, that's great! Consider taking the SAT officially for Gifted Programs.
  • Pennylane2011Pennylane2011 Posts: 2,716Registered User Senior Member
    OP does not have to retake it for gifted programs. He/she can have the scores sent to them. Also be sure to notify SAT if he/she wants to keep it in the file. SAT erases scores taken before high school once the student is high school age. I think you can request them not to do this.
  • SerenityJadeSerenityJade Posts: 1,226Registered User Senior Member
    I feel like there's one major problem with this question....

    The OP says he/she took the test in the summer after 7th grade...

    There is no summer testing for the SAT...
  • perazzimanperazziman Posts: 2,357Registered User Senior Member
    ^There is a June testing
  • Shaggy007Shaggy007 Posts: 851Registered User Member
    That's a great score, but don't take it for granted.
  • SerenityJadeSerenityJade Posts: 1,226Registered User Senior Member
    @perazziman The June testing is not in summer though. It was June 2 this year. That is not summer.
  • J'adoubeJ'adoube Posts: 2,133Registered User Senior Member
    If you are in the Southern Hemisphere then your seasons are inverted, schools run March through November and "Summer" vacation starts in December.
  • SerenityJadeSerenityJade Posts: 1,226Registered User Senior Member
    I doubt the poster is more than a **** seeing as this is his/her only post and (s)he logged out immediately after posting.
  • tomatox1tomatox1 Posts: 841Registered User Member
    you can't take an sat in the summer, the earliest you can take it was this october, and I'm pretty sure the scores haven't come out yet.

    OP is a ****.
  • MrsDrzMrsDrz Posts: 226Registered User Junior Member
    **** or not, I don't know, but what CTScoutmom mentioned is possibly correct. My son was a part of a gifted program that administered the PSAT to students in the 99% in the math and verbal sections of their standardized testing. The program wanted to see how well students would do on the test with inate knowledge; anotherwards, having not studied for it. Kids scoring well had opportunities to join special summer college programs for the gifted. It didn't cost them any of their summer or childhood...just a few hours on a single day.
  • neatoburritoneatoburrito Posts: 3,449Registered User Senior Member
    In the south, kids get out of school in May. The June SAT would then be the summer after 7th grade.
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