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International SAT Ivy League

AliJamaliAliJamali Posts: 21Registered User New Member
Hi, I'm an international high school senior from Iran and I'll apply for fall 2013.
SAT is not offered in Iran so we are exempt from submitting it but I took it in Azerbaijan and I got 1850 (720 Math, 600 Writing, 530 Reading). I had no sources for studying except college board online practice tests and I can not afford another test.
I also have 112 on IBT TOEFL on the scale of 0-120.
I'm planning to apply to Ivy League colleges beside other colleges but I'm afraid that my SAT is too low!
Considering that I have a perfect background (Academic , life and etc) and an awesome essay, should I use my exemption and don't submit my SAT scores?
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Replies to: International SAT Ivy League

  • LelykeLelyke Posts: 589Registered User Member
    Your SATs are a huge problem. I know people who got into Ivy Leagues with that score range but they were from very disadvantaged backgrounds. You will have to improve. I'll suggest you read Barron's 2400 and PR and practice more College Board. Or if you want you can use the fact that you are from Iran as an advantage to not take the test and just submit your TOEFL but then you'll be chicking out.
  • AliJamaliAliJamali Posts: 21Registered User New Member
    Thanks for advice! I just can't afford going through another visa process and hotel reservations and etc for taking SAT in another country and It took me 1000$ When I had it in Azerbaijan!
    So what do you actually suggest? Should I pretend like I did not take SAT cause they have no problem with not submitting because I'm from Iran. Or should I submit them and tell them about my situation (No sources, having exam in another country and ...) in the personal essay?
  • RooobertRooobert Posts: 18Registered User New Member
    I think you should try to find related information because for some colleges, it is written that even you live in a country where you cannot take SAT, you should try to take SAT in nearby countries. But it depends on the school, so maybe do some research and email the admission officers.
  • LelykeLelyke Posts: 589Registered User Member
    Yeah I would call the admissions officer for he college I'm applying to.
  • AliJamaliAliJamali Posts: 21Registered User New Member
    I have contacted them and they told me that it is OK IF I DON'T SUBMIT SAT but it will be BETTER if I take one in another country, SO IT IS NOT OBLIGATORY.
    I just can't choose between submitting or not submitting my SAT score. I am afraid that my 1850 score will have negative effect on my applying.
    My GPA is +3.8 and I have got good recommendations. I think if I don't submit my SAT score they would think that I have the potential of getting +2200 if I could take it.
    I just can't make a decision!!!
  • neatoburritoneatoburrito Posts: 3,449Registered User Senior Member
    You've been given a pass. Take it.
  • guyinblueguyinblue Posts: 410Registered User Member
    Hi Ali.
    Seeing that the SATs are not offered in your country, I guess it would be okay to skip them? Colleges dont penalise you for something thats not under your control! If you decide to skip sending the SATs, I'd suggest writing in your application why you could not take them (not offered in own country and inaffordable abroad). In case of a confusion, it'd be best to email/call the admin office and explain your situation.

    Hope this helps. All the best :)
  • AliJamaliAliJamali Posts: 21Registered User New Member
    Thank you for reply but my real question is :
    Which one of these would have more chance of getting to Ivy League :
    1- A person who lives in a country where SAT is not offered, so he does not submit them and college has no problem with it.
    2- A person who struggled and finally was able to take SAT in a neighbor country with the total score of 1850 and submits SAT score even though he is exempt.
  • kellybkkkellybkk Posts: 384- Member
    I vote for #1
  • AliJamaliAliJamali Posts: 21Registered User New Member
    If I choose #1 should I create an alternate common app just for Ivy League then delete my SAT scores there so Ivy League colleges can't see them?
  • PCHopePCHope Posts: 484Registered User Member
    You should just submit your TOEFL score which is very good. Do not worry about the lack of SAT.
  • SerenityJadeSerenityJade Posts: 1,226Registered User Senior Member
    From Harvard FAQs: "In our competitive applicant pool, students lacking these test results are usually denied admission." Harvard College Admissions § Applying: International Frequently Asked Questions

    I mean, likely, you would have trouble both ways. Without it, they can just go to the rich kids who could travel to take it. Trouble is, those rich kids probably also scored higher due to daddy's money buying them supplies. Plus, they could easily pay their own ways.

    You'd have to be able to have another way to hook yourself in to have a real chance...

    And now I feel bad because I hate to tell people upsetting things...
  • AliJamaliAliJamali Posts: 21Registered User New Member
    I know it is trouble both ways!
    But do you personally know someone who got into Ivy League with 1850 or less SAT?
    Since I have scored high in math (720) and normal in writing (600) , and I don't study in an international high school, will my TOEFL high score make up my low Critical Reading (530) score?
  • perazzimanperazziman Posts: 2,357Registered User Senior Member
    It is not just about getting in. Frankly, you are going to have a horrible time at an Ivy league school with such low scores, even if you got in. Do your realize that you will be in the bottom 5%?

    I have a son with a 219 on the PSAT (equivalent to 2190 on the SAT), 750 on the SAT Math II, with 5 AP courses (5,5,5,5,4) taking another 6 AP this year and expecting 5s on all of them, about whom we are not sure he would survive the pressures of an Ivy league education. The top students have won national and international competitions and done research with top scientists etc. The amount of reading that is expected from a student each week is shocking. I would seriously advise that you look for schools that offer you a better fit. Flunking from an Ivy is not a qualification and no fun.
  • MihalichMihalich Posts: 30Registered User Junior Member
    AliJamali, my advice is that you submit your sat score. I'm sure that it's really easy to check whether a person took the test. If you clearly explain your situation I think (better to say hope) your toefl score will make up the sat results.
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