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The Best Time to take the SAT

tubaman93tubaman93 Posts: 314Registered User Member
I know that people are going to reply saying to take it at what I think is the best time, but could you guys suggest which month of next year is the best for taking the SAT?

I'm taking Math Level 2 in October, and I might be taking a language in November.

Also, should I wait for my PSAT results to come back first before taking the SAT?
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Replies to: The Best Time to take the SAT

  • sully264sully264 Posts: 34Registered User Junior Member
    may or june of junior years hands down. After you've been studying for finals/APs if you have them, you will be in tip-top shape for the SATs. If finals are the same week as the SAT, take it in the other month.

    You should DEFFINITLY wait for PSAT results before you take sats, because you really don't want to f*** up the SATs your first time, as they send all your scores
  • ShanFanShanFan Posts: 172Registered User Junior Member
    Send scores where?

    Oh geez, now I'm rethinking taking them in October. :)
  • Tonyt88Tonyt88 Posts: 2,177Registered User Senior Member
    I would say take one in january/february and the other in may/june so that you can learn from your mistakes on the first one, yet it will generally be in recent memory when taking the second one as well as attaining more knowledge throughout your senior year.
  • tubaman93tubaman93 Posts: 314Registered User Member
    My mom just told me not to take the SAT in October or November, as that's when most of the seniors take the SAT and be really competitive for some reason.

    I am definetly going to take it after my PSAT results return. So that means any time on February-June, except May where I have massive AP Testing.
  • sully264sully264 Posts: 34Registered User Junior Member
    most people, at least CC people have massive ap tests, but still find the time in may for the SATs. Its really not that bad
  • ShazillaShazilla Posts: 722Registered User Member
    April or May of your junior year... save June for SAT subject tests
  • Killer VeggiesKiller Veggies Posts: 54Registered User Junior Member
    In my school, a lot of juniors took it in April... is there something special about that month?
  • tubaman93tubaman93 Posts: 314Registered User Member
    For some reason, there is no SAT in April.
  • ShazillaShazilla Posts: 722Registered User Member
    theres no SAT in April next year? i took it in april because that was the first testing period during the spring...
  • tennisgal89tennisgal89 Posts: 228Registered User Junior Member
    Think maybe they make it harder in the Fall so more people will not do as good and retake it in the Spring? That's what I heard they do with the ACT.
  • 126230126230 Posts: 134Registered User Junior Member
    Im gonna be a senior next year and i recommend doing what i did. Take the SATs in OCT/NOV. Yeah you wont have your PSAT scores and in fact you'll be taking the SAT before the PSAT. However this way you can take the SAT right after your summer of studying. In addition, in May you will be working on AP testing and that time is better reserved for SAT IIs (for example i took SAT2 US history the day after the APUSH test). Then come June i got an early case of senioritis ;) so i personally wouldnt recommend taking the SAT then. Taking it early in the year and getting it over with is like taking a huge rock of your back for the rest of the year. That way you dont have to worry about it and instead worry about your grades throughout the year.

    My SAT scores in OCT 05 = 2180
    My PSAT scores in OCT 05 = 212 (5 more pts for semifinalist in Cali :| )

    OH and BTW the curves are predetermined so taking it when Seniors are taking it will not affect your scores.
  • H20PoloerH20Poloer Posts: 409Registered User Member
    agreed; however, the curves are kinda harsh in jan. my writing was down 90 point from my psat
    psat- 78V 76 M 78 W
    sat- 800v 800m 690W (66sub)
    i don't recommend jan, it seems strange to have droped 120 point in writing (only subscore) and puts me in the dilemma of whether to retake or not.
  • cliff_hangercliff_hanger Posts: 383Registered User Member
    H20Poloer, sorry to hear about your 90 point writing score drop.

    How many points is the essay worth out 800? 260 right?

    and will colleges care/be suspicious if someone takes the SATs three times? (2x junior year, 1x senior october)
  • tubaman93tubaman93 Posts: 314Registered User Member
    Three times is generally a good number. There's a thread that discusses that.

    Thanks for those responses! I'm taking SAT Math IIC in October, so maybe November should be a good date? My main reason for not taking it in the fall is because I have Marching Band and that already takes up a lot of time. My sophomore year PSAT scores were terrible, but that was without prep. Now I have a better overview of the SAT.

    Does it really matter that I wait for my PSATs to come back?
  • mathwizmathwiz Posts: 2,355Registered User Senior Member
    My mom just told me not to take the SAT in October or November, as that's when most of the seniors take the SAT and be really competitive for some reason.

    This is a common myth. While it is true that a lot of seniors take SATs in the late fall, it is also true that the curve for the SATs is determined beforehand. So your score is independent of the other people taking the test.
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