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Is PSAT Really a Good Indicator of SAT Score?

MarkBassMarkBass Posts: 252Registered User Junior Member
edited December 2012 in SAT Preparation
Anyone with experience of SAT score being better?

By how much?

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Replies to: Is PSAT Really a Good Indicator of SAT Score?

  • RyanMKRyanMK Posts: 788Registered User Member
    Generally, yes; however, if you study more for the SATs, it's very possible to improve your score.
  • ichabod94ichabod94 Posts: 42Registered User Junior Member
    For me it was fairly accurate. However I did end up scoring higher the first time I took the SAT. I think that was probably because I am strongest in the writing and my essay helped pull up my score. It went up by around 100 points, but I had also done a bit of studying since then.
  • drac313drac313 Posts: 924Registered User Member
    Since they are quite different tests, it isn't always guaranteed you will do the same on both.
  • DorkyelmoDorkyelmo Posts: 1,770Registered User Senior Member

    psat: 205
    sat: 2020

    It's basically the same. SAT is longer. PSAT is shorter. SAT's scores are more lenient. PSAT's scores are harsher.
  • jo570pajo570pa Posts: 20Registered User New Member
    My psat was much lower than my sats (171 to 2040) but I barely studied at all for the psats and did a decent amount for the actual sats
  • AKShockwaveAKShockwave Posts: 310Registered User Member
    I'd say the PSAT scores are much lower, at least for me. First time I took the PSAT's was sophomore year, when I didn't know anything about the test. I got around a 160. I took the SAT's the same year, still not knowing much about the test. I got around 1800.

    I also just got my scores back for this year. I got a 190. I actually know knew what I was doing this year. Unfortunately this is way lower than I anticipated, I got a few more problems wrong then I had hoped. And the curve was pretty harsh on it. But anyway, I'll be taking the SAT's this march and I'm expecting at least 2100, now that I actually know what to do.

    In short, PSAT scores have been lower than SAT scores for me.
  • SheepGetKilledSheepGetKilled Posts: 1,103Registered User Senior Member
    PSAT: 198

    SAT: 2300

    Not a very good indicator if you ask me. I studied a little bit for the PSAT, and extensively for the SAT (like 2 practice PSATs, and 6 practice SAT [not full length, just reading/writing sections])
  • MarkBassMarkBass Posts: 252Registered User Junior Member
    Thanks guys!
  • ferredoxinferredoxin Posts: 175Registered User Junior Member
    if you study a lot you can bring up your sat score significantly.
    PSAT: low 200's
    SAT: 2330
  • silencefellsilencefell Posts: 227Registered User Junior Member
    I was told that generally your score goes up by 14 PSAT points (like 140 on the SAT), out of improvement. I've heard people say that the PSAT is a lot harder than the SAT, but I wouldn't take that too seriously; study/practice (not necessarily for the SATs but for your english/math classes/outside of school) and you'll improve.
  • cheerioswithmilkcheerioswithmilk Posts: 948Registered User Member
    The trouble with using PSAT scores to predict SAT scores is that most sophomores don't study for the PSAT, so it's hard to guess how much studying will boost one's score. I guess if you took the PSAT and SAT within a few weeks of each other, you would expect a similar score. (I'm waiting for my PSAT scores to arrive so that I can test my hypothesis). Statistically, the two scores should be fairly close, though my guess is that at the extremely high and low ranges, the PSAT wouldn't be as good of a predictor.
  • ac33527ac33527 Posts: 255Registered User Junior Member
    Not for me...
    Sophomore year PSAT: 187
    Junior Year PSAT: 168
    practice SAT at first SAT prep class (without every studying before/taking classes): 1980
  • waitingforivywaitingforivy Posts: 878Registered User Member
    I somehow scored significantly lower on the SAT with studying than on the PSAT, but retook it later on and got higher.
  • Mango15Mango15 Posts: 815Registered User Member
    The PSAT discouraged me greatly. I got a 131 on the PSAT sophomore year, guaranteeing I would not go to any college I wanted to go to.

    Junior year PSAT I got a 1600, which was a lot better and I was very happy with just that.

    However, when I took the SAT I got a 1750 the first time, my score dropped to about a 1700 the second time to finally a 1900 the third time, all without studying for it.

    I know if I studied for it I probably could have pushed to the 2000's but no time for regrets now.

    Basically for me, the PSAT predictions were HORRIBLE. They depressed me and made me feel as if I was an idiot going no where.

    I think it depends which classes you pursue Soph/junior year, because although I did not study, I know Algebra 2 and AP English helped!
  • gthopeful93gthopeful93 Posts: 415Registered User Member
    I got a 193 on my psat, but I got a 2060 on my last practice sat from the bb allowing 3 less minutes per section.
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