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November 2012 International SAT1 Discussion Thread

ecouter11ecouter11 Posts: 1,421Registered User Senior Member
edited November 2012 in SAT Preparation
I didn't see a thread for this so I made one.

I feel like this will make discussing the test easier on Saturday morning ;)

So, how is preparation going? Any others from your school writing it?
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Replies to: November 2012 International SAT1 Discussion Thread

  • CookieMonster202CookieMonster202 Posts: 14Registered User New Member
    Gah, I'm panicky :P

    No one from my school's taking it and that makes me all the more worried! I don't have any moral support! :P
  • ecouter11ecouter11 Posts: 1,421Registered User Senior Member
    Don't worry, I'm sure you will do well!

    Yeah, one student took it from my school last month and did pretty well but it's fairly uncommon.

    My goal is to avoid dumb mistakes and to think clearly. Those issues are what bother me the most D:
  • CookieMonster202CookieMonster202 Posts: 14Registered User New Member
    I knowww! Me as well! I mean, I'm not very good at Math to begin with, and I hope it's not that hard! :S
  • PansyAwadaPansyAwada Posts: 11Registered User New Member
    I'm extremely panicked. I didn't even practice much. I'm just being on this website most of my time waiting for anyone (with different timezone) to do some brainstorming and post at least tomorrow's essay topic lol :')
  • minhnam138minhnam138 Posts: 17Registered User New Member
    ^ me too haha =)). Wish you luck, it's 9:35 pm in Vietnam and I have to go to bed right now to get up early tomorrow for my test :D Good night !
  • PansyAwadaPansyAwada Posts: 11Registered User New Member
    Well that's great it's 5 pm over here if you can post the essay topic tomorrow after the exam just do it please :') and best of luck :)
  • PosterguyPosterguy Posts: 349Registered User Member
    Is the international exam different?

    I am here in Nigeria (Africa). Is our test same with Americans?
  • ecouter11ecouter11 Posts: 1,421Registered User Senior Member
    Good luck guys!

    Also do you remember how many pieces of ID we need?
  • iaindahouseiaindahouse Posts: 4Registered User New Member
    has anyone taken the test already??? I mean now but maybe earlier today? I am going to take it in 2 hours!!! Good Luck to everybody!!!
  • usersatusersat Posts: 1Registered User New Member
    what essay question did you got?? mine was pretty ****ty...
  • nanaredcheeksnanaredcheeks Posts: 3Registered User New Member
    what were the cr passages about
  • godofrockgodofrock Posts: 10Registered User New Member
    What essay question did you all get?
  • deathblade127deathblade127 Posts: 448Registered User Member
    something about being too serious
  • minhnam138minhnam138 Posts: 17Registered User New Member
    Yeah the essay topic is about sth like should we be serious in achieving our goal blah blah. Anyone has the answer to the math grid-in question about intersection points in a graph ?
  • yjh6543yjh6543 Posts: 2Registered User New Member
    This SAT = June 2008 SAT

    June 2008 CR Compilation (SC's Completed)
    With the exception of those that are deliciously controversial (I'm talking to you, enigmatic and puzzlement), let's see if we can compile a list of all the CR answers.

    Sentence Completion

    1. Longevity
    2. Characterize .. mountainous
    3. Ameliorate .. exacerbate
    4. Remuneration
    5. Abstemious
    6. Malicious
    7. Controversial .. hypothesis
    8. Suspended .. suffered
    9. Obstinate
    10 Olfactory
    11 Obstreperous
    12 Iconoclast .. skewered
    13 Nuance
    14 Deceit .. willing
    15 underestimated .. complexity
    16 undaunted by
    17 parity
    18 synthesize .. interweaving
    19 Vitriolic .. savor


    Alternative Medicine:
    1.) Passage 1 describes a phenomenon and Passage provides a specific example
    2.) Passage 1 was more critical, Passage 2 more enthusiastic
    3.) Proponents of the first would support the practioners

    1.) Told why the issue couldn't be resolved
    2.) Conclusions were speculative

    1.) The rock made him feel relatively young
    2.) He uses an analogy to explain a difficult concept

    1.) Steps = movement
    2.) A digression...paradox
    3.) Fully present = engagement
    4.) The studio was unlike her neighborhood
    5.) A list of rules and regulations
    6.) The curtsy showed respect for authority
    7.) Some rules at home didn't make sense
    8.) Difference between individual achievement and an art form

    1.) Gently mocking attitude
    2.) Coyotes returned to underdog status

    Vandalism is Peace:
    1.) Graffiti artists co-opted by professional artists
    2.) Anxious = uneasy
    3.) Notes on the fridge = absurd narrative
    4.) The peasants were self-deprecating humor to criticize a position
    5.) He mentions the Ronin statue to establish a parallel between him and the youth
    6.) The lost art of using the home to convey ideas

    Chinese Father
    1.) Dictionary = author's lack of understanding of Chinese
    2.) Painstaking = Arduous
    3.) Swatch = ignorance
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