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March 2013 SAT Discussion

kimmylouiekimmylouie Posts: 1,451Registered User Senior Member
edited October 2013 in SAT Preparation
It's not that far away!

Let's discuss how we are going to study in the remaining days!

For me, I'm working on my writing (680), math (760), and reading(680). I'm aiming for a 2200+.

Post away guys :)
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Replies to: March 2013 SAT Discussion

  • MedicalBoyMedicalBoy Posts: 826Registered User Member
    Let's gooooooo.

    M - 800
    CR- 650ish
    W- 700ish

    I'm going for 2300+, first attempt.
    Just need those 4 writing and 6 reading questions!
  • KapustaKapusta Posts: 58Registered User Junior Member
    Going for 700+ in everything, and as close to 800 as possible in math as I can. Mostly sentence completion tripping me up, the rest is silly mistakes. Gonna use as much of February Vacation as I can. Aiming for at least a 2200-range score, but I'd like to get closer to the low 2300s if I can.
  • kimmylouiekimmylouie Posts: 1,451Registered User Senior Member
    Well my scores have been steadily increasing even though I had no excessive practice :)

    Feb 12,

    Scores around M (760-800), W (700! Boo yah!), and R (700 as well :)). I'm pretty ecstatic. Hopefully these scores can keep up.

    Tomorrow, more math practice and essay! Does anyone want to partner up? :)
  • MedicalBoyMedicalBoy Posts: 826Registered User Member
    What do mean partner up?
  • MrSquiggumsMrSquiggums Posts: 44Registered User Junior Member
    Ah crap. This is my first time taking it. I'm gonna set my goals a bit lower than what you all have yours.

    Math: 700 (It's my strongest without a doubt)
    Writing: 660
    CR: 650
  • kimmylouiekimmylouie Posts: 1,451Registered User Senior Member
    Like you read an essay I read an essay?
  • Jchenn14Jchenn14 Posts: 64Registered User Junior Member
    Man, you all have some high standards! That's awesome though. I wish I could get above 2100 :( I'm aiming for a 1950. 1360 combined CR + Math? Haha harder than it sounds

    Sent from my HTC One X+ using Tapatalk 2
  • MedicalBoyMedicalBoy Posts: 826Registered User Member
    Reading the results for the January test. Kinda scared that I'll be there in less than 1.5 months...
  • TinnyTTinnyT Posts: 1,675Registered User Senior Member
    I'm taking this. I'm practicing now everyday. I'm hoping for CR 750+, M 750+, W 700+

    I am scared though. After seeing some peoples scores, I've gained some motivation to get that same score or better.
  • kimmylouiekimmylouie Posts: 1,451Registered User Senior Member
    Well today, just working on the writing, CR, and math portion. Since 3 day weekend, I plan on making the most of it.

    And that means.. You know it.... SAT!
  • FromNorCalFromNorCal Posts: 75Registered User Junior Member
    I'm so scared! Should've studied more.
    M : around 800
    CR: low 700s
    W : low-mid 700s

    Vocabulary and Sentence Completions KILL my CR score.
    Hopefully I can fix my terrible grammar within a few weeks for Writing.
  • dekkahsdekkahs Posts: 23Registered User New Member
    On Jan I got 2110
    I am hoping to improve cr to a 700 at the minimum. writing and math I can do 800s.

    My obstacles are having to memorize lots of vocab and practice math and writing while I try the massively overhaul cr. I am taking every opportunity between now and test day. Aka no social life from now to then, minimum procrastinating, and studying vocab during school. I want 2300 so bad

    Sent from my Nexus 7 using CC
  • MedicalBoyMedicalBoy Posts: 826Registered User Member
    ^Just a grammar tip - "so badly"
    You have to use an adverb not an adjective.
  • Sabra0627Sabra0627 Posts: 55Registered User Junior Member
    I am taking this test as well.
    Just took the January 2013 SAT (sunday version) and got
    CR 730
    M 750
    WR 740
    To be honest I excpected way lower math and a little higher CR and WR, so I am really happy because now with superscoring, my hardest subject is out of the way (math) and my CR and WR can both improve. i am pretty sure (will find out tomorrow) that all my CR questions that I missed were hard vocab questions, so I am just studying vocab for the next 3 weeks.
    Do you guys have any tips from getting froma 10 to a 12 on the essay? I wrote a full two pages, but both my examples were from current events/personal experience/generalizations as opposed to specifics. Would including historical examples and literary examples be beneficial in boosting my score? I am pretty sure that I can get an 80 on MC, but the essay is a little tricky. I got a 10 last time.
    Thanks so much in advance for all the help!
  • michellehbymichellehby Posts: 53Registered User Junior Member
    Going to be taking the SAT in March for the first time!

    Is anyone using Dr. Chung's to prep for math? If so, can anyone explain tip #4 to me?
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