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June 1 2013 Essay Discussion

ArchLivingArchLiving Posts: 105Registered User Junior Member
edited June 2013 in SAT Preparation
Try and put your essay concerns in here. My topic was whether or not a society can treat everybody fairly, and I said no. I gave two examples, one with the freeing of the slaves and one with financial aid for college. Four paragraphs total.
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Replies to: June 1 2013 Essay Discussion

  • KaffynessKaffyness Posts: 54Registered User Junior Member
    I used sports and the book "The wealth of nations," which was not the one I meant to use, I meant to use one we talked about in AP world but it's been so long I guessed the title. Still a real book about the same topic though.

    Three paragraphs + flimsy "conclusion"
  • br1717br1717 Posts: 21Registered User New Member
    eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssyyyyyyyyy essay!

    ex 1 communism
    ex 2 healthcare systems in europe how they treat everyone equally in a sense by giving them all free healthcare but it's ruining the economy because it causes really high taxes

    Just hope my grader isn't european :x
  • ringwraith10ringwraith10 Posts: 44Registered User Junior Member
    I have a question:

    - say the SAT essay prompt is: Is it a mistake to value action over thought? (from the may sat prompts)

    Let's say my first sentence is: It is a categorical truth to value action over thought.

    I meant however to say that it is a categorical FALLACY to value action over thought.
    But then the progression of my introduction supports my real thesis, the fact that it is a fallacy to value action over thought.
    My final sentence in the introduction is- We can see from ____ and ____ that we must value thought over action.

    My essay uses great examples to support my real thesis that we must value thought over action with well-developed logic, ideas, progression etc.

    My conclusion reiterates my real thesis, that thought wins over action.

    How much would this detract from my essay score? I'm feeling a bit nervous since I messed up that first sentence.
  • ArchLivingArchLiving Posts: 105Registered User Junior Member
    Wow I thought of Communism too but had no time left.
  • ElizabethCElizabethC Posts: 49Registered User Junior Member
    I was wondering if I did this right (first SAT).
    I wrote about how when given the same footing (ex: education) and liberty we can make whatever we want out of our lives. This makes society "fair" and "created equal" however we can never be "equal" in result.
  • CaeruleumCaeruleum Posts: 50Registered User Junior Member
    -Animal Farm by George Orwell

    -Women in America (1800s, 1900s, and now)

    -Greek myths
  • toughmantoughman Posts: 213Registered User Junior Member
    I guess the essay prompt was different for internationals. Mine was "Should people know the source of information before using it?" It was too bad that I couldn't fit a literature example, which could be lengthy.. :( Dull examples from daily life..
  • superstarlalasuperstarlala Posts: 1,586Registered User Senior Member
    ex 1 French Revolution
    ex 2 Great Gatsby
    ex 3 Court cases
    I said no.
  • appleshow730appleshow730 Posts: 2Registered User New Member
    my topic is about popular culture and historic subjects...
  • edward0328edward0328 Posts: 172Registered User Junior Member
    Hey guys so my essay topic was whether society can ever become equal or someething along that line. I sort of panicked and couldn't write to my best ability or use the best examples. I wrote in favor of the situation using examples such as 1.) Declaration of Independence-"All men are created equal", 2.)Used the various civil rights acts passed throughout American history and 3.) The United States federal government itself represents equality in society through checks and balances, Great Compromise, etc.
    I dont even know if these examples are adequate or even on topic with the given prompt. I wrote about a page and a half before time was called (i swear, proctor cut us off short). I feel like the essay i wrote wont even get an 7 or 8...help me out? What do you guys think..
    Last SAT essay i wrote i got 10 if that means anything :P
  • Skyline5Skyline5 Posts: 14Registered User New Member
    I had the society one too. I talked about Occupy Wall Street and the survival of the fittest principle.
  • SgtGutterSgtGutter Posts: 211Registered User Junior Member
    Did we need famous examples?
  • jason922jason922 Posts: 149Registered User Junior Member
    Mines was about Popular Culture and Traditional Literature ..
  • roraaaaroraaaa Posts: 3Registered User New Member
    the essay prompt was different for internationals. Mine was "Should people know the source of information before using it?" It was too bad to write any literature example my examples were awful :S
  • friedfishchenfriedfishchen Posts: 80Registered User Junior Member
    I had the one about society being fair - and used Anna May Wong and the Vietnam War...i hope those are okay o-o
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