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ELITE: SAT Boot Camp

adorkableadorkable Posts: 245Registered User Junior Member
edited July 2012 in SAT Preparation
Anyone attend?

I attended the winter boot camp & I'm deciding if I should do the summer one. I know I'm going to, but I was wondering: how much did do you think it helped you guys?
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Replies to: ELITE: SAT Boot Camp

  • cory123cory123 Posts: 1,825Registered User Senior Member
    lol, i've never heard of this before.....what happens at this "boot camp"?
  • dank08dank08 Posts: 1,768Registered User Senior Member
    Seriously, what the hell?
  • adorkableadorkable Posts: 245Registered User Junior Member
    haha whoops. typo earlier; how much do you think*

    LMAO. okay. howw do i even begin to explain this. i'll elaborate later but here's a small preview from some previous posts about Elite SAT boot camp:
    floppy wrote:
    i went to elite in fullerton.

    the director made us do pushups for every minute we were late and for every question we got wrong on the hw. that wasnt so good for me haha. but they did sell those korean kimchi noodle bowls in the vending machines. and that was nice. btw im not korean/chinese/japanese either.
    adorkable wrote:
    are you serious? wow. LOL :] we had this teacher karen for SAT writing & ohh my god. if you didn't do the hw she'd make you do wall sits for 3 minutes, then right after the people would collapse on the floor cause their legs hurt so bad. and then she'd make them do pushups, situps, or hold a chair above your head with your arms straight in the air LOL
    There's a lot of Elites in the LA area and I think it's going to spread all over Asian populated areas.

    Gotta love their vocabular boxes and mean quizzes. I don't think I remember a quarter of the 4000 vocab words I learned HAHA.

    Summer boot camp and winter boot camp .. ouch!
    I heard from this Korean guy that he had a Korean SAT class and you get spanked if you miss more than 1 or 2 on a vocab quiz

  • chronicchronic Posts: 526. Member
    elite is pretty much useless

    you don't learn anything and just screw around

    and yes, i know because i've been there
  • FeezFeez Posts: 842Registered User Member
    I hear Elite sucks for SAT prep, but i like their subject test prep...
  • FootballPlayerFootballPlayer Posts: 99Registered User Junior Member
    ***. That sounds like utter trash. If I was forced to go I'd know I wouldn't do any of that ****.
  • auxsoleilauxsoleil Posts: 426Registered User Member
    So this is what the Asian community is up to ;) just kidding
    I personally think self-study is much better.... but if you procrastinate way too much, maybe a boot camp would be necessary :)
  • cory123cory123 Posts: 1,825Registered User Senior Member
    lol sounds like a good way to get in shape

    And agree with the above poster....self-study is the way to go
  • 8parks118parks11 Posts: 400Registered User Member
    the Elite in my area was REALLY good. The bootcamp made u concentrate more. self-study is really hard (concentration) I think to learn SAT you have to be forced since it requires heavy concentration
  • happycollegemomhappycollegemom Posts: 1,170Registered User Senior Member
    anyone heard of Princeton Review...excellent!
  • adorkableadorkable Posts: 245Registered User Junior Member
    yeaah. well, what i liked about elite when i went was that you did practice tests every day (okay it sucked but it helped a lot) & you got your score later on that day. so i guess it helped my test-taking skills or something haha.

    and the teachers are amazinggg.

    but summer boot camp is like. 15 weeks long. aghh
  • Ashraf EassaAshraf Eassa Posts: 1,432Registered User Senior Member
    Self-study is the way to go if you're serious.
  • JimgotkpJimgotkp Posts: 2,854Registered User Senior Member
    just get an asian guy off the streets like my dad. cheap. makes u study. bam u save money!
  • xopattiecakeoxxopattiecakeox Posts: 92Registered User Junior Member
    haha yeah the only thing elite is really good for is making you sit down for a what feels like 5 million hours and for the boot camp..what actually IS 5 million hours and "focus" on the sat. It really is up to you to make the best of the time and the materials they give you. Personally, Elite helped me for sat prep but did nothing for me for bio sat ii - only because my class would rush and share answers during the practice tests so that one guy could take orders and go to the mcdonalds across the street before the actual lecture started. lol. good times. SAT class = cool friends! (believe it or not)
  • cbf88cbf88 Posts: 479Registered User Member
    My thoughts: if you need the constant fear of corporal punishment or you won't study, you need to reconsider college.

    And if I want to have my identity and sense of self be broken down, I can always join the military for that. The military doesn't cost any money.
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