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What's a 34 ACT math equivalent to on the SAT Math?

SHS_SpartanSHS_Spartan Posts: 943Registered User Member
edited February 2008 in SAT Preparation
I got a 34 on the ACT math (just the math, not the whole thing) and I was wondering whether this was over 680 on the SAT.

Thanks for your help.
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Replies to: What's a 34 ACT math equivalent to on the SAT Math?

  • Joe_L514Joe_L514 Posts: 583Registered User Member
    It takes less than a minute to google that.. it really isn't that difficult to do... you could have found your answer to your question in less time than it took you to create this thread..
  • chocolatealtoidschocolatealtoids Posts: 339Registered User Member
    34=670 sat math
  • RahoulVARahoulVA Posts: 1,364Registered User Senior Member
    Isn't the maximum score on the ACT a 36 though? So a 34/36 to me would seem like a 750. Anyways, what is the maximum score on the ACT?
  • rodneyrodney Posts: 9,406Registered User Senior Member
    If an ACT equiv of a 34 is a 1520 combined M/V, you can interpolate that a 34 math is a 760.....
  • SHS_SpartanSHS_Spartan Posts: 943Registered User Member
    The max is 36.

    Joe_L514: You could have looked on google and given me a link, instead of posting a stupid response.
  • RahoulVARahoulVA Posts: 1,364Registered User Senior Member
    That would have taken him time and he wanted to tell you to look it up so you wouldn't do this in the future, not that I'm saying it's bad, but that's what he wanted I'm assuming. A 34 is definitely great though, just look at a prep book like Gruber's for all math concepts, and especially RocketReview to help you avoid careless mistakes.
  • GrannyGranny Posts: 359Registered User Member
    According to the table at collegeboard.com, a 34 composite is equivalent to a 1520 SAT, meaning about a 760.
  • rb9109rb9109 Posts: 386Registered User Member
    Seriously though, Spartan, some forum questions are so ridiculous and straightforward that it does get annoying. I don't think Joe meant offense to you in particular; just pent up frustration at all the unnecessary threads. For example: "How many SAT subject tests does X college require?" I don't know, but why don't you use your brain and go to their website? This forum is for questions and concerns that can be answered with the experience and knowledge of your peers; this is not "Yahoo answers."
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