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Hardest and Easiest AP Exam

CameronKCameronK Posts: 108Registered User Junior Member
edited January 2014 in Sciences
Out of all of the AP exams, which one do you think is the hardest? Easiest?
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Replies to: Hardest and Easiest AP Exam

  • dooitdooit Posts: 1,470- Senior Member
    It really varies between person to person, especially the question of which AP is the hardest, but the general consensus is that Psychology is the easiest and Physics C is the hardest.
  • tchaikovskytchaikovsky Posts: 801Registered User Member
    I agree with dooit--this topic is very subjective. I thought Calculus BC was the easiest AP test, while the hardest test for me is APUSH.
  • GospyGospy Posts: 669Registered User Member
    Easiest - Calc
    Hardest - Physics
  • NalconNalcon Posts: 490Registered User Member
    Out of the ones i've taken, APUSH hardest, comp sci easiest
  • atdiemokidatdiemokid Posts: 155Registered User Junior Member
    For me: AP Euro History was the easiest, AP Macroecon was the hardest.

    If I took Calculus, Physics...or anything like it...that would be the hardest for me.

    In other words, its such a subjective question that it can't be answered correctly or incorrectly.
  • ivisivis Posts: 54Registered User Junior Member
    If you're good at art, I suppose AP Studio Art would be easy... All you do is submit a portfolio right? No questions, no essays, no study time but for preparing a portfolio which could be really fun if you're into art. I'm certainly looking forward to it next year. ^^
  • TGC06TGC06 Posts: 72Registered User Junior Member
    Hardest- AP bio. There's a lot of memorization involved.
    Easiest- AP Comp Sci (either). My school requires A as a prereq for AB and they're both incredibly easy.
  • rage_fanrage_fan Posts: 106Registered User Junior Member
    AP Phys C, I just got my Princeton Review books from Amazon, ****.
  • SeraphthroneSeraphthrone Posts: 339Registered User Member
    ok here is wut i think

    hardest: english
    becuz i suck at it, i dont speak english!!

    easiest: studio art
    becuz u even dont take a test, just hand in ur slides and stuff and thats all
  • amlariulamlariul Posts: 145Registered User Junior Member
    Easiest-Bio or Calc BC, and I think Stats will be pretty easy for me this year
    Hardest-so far Comp Sci A, I think I'll be adding Physics C Kinetics and Electricity/Magnetism to the list

    It really depends on your personal strengths and the quality of the teacher. See, I'm pretty strong in Science and Math, but I have a first year AP teacher for Physics right now, so it's kinda tough.
  • tchaikovskytchaikovsky Posts: 801Registered User Member
    How can Computer Science A be harder than AB?
  • amlariulamlariul Posts: 145Registered User Junior Member
    never took AB, considering i didn't pass A. ^^;;
  • SenritsuSenritsu Posts: 31Registered User New Member
    I think that AP Physics B is actually harder than AP Physics C (taken B last year, currently taking C). You have to learn physics from scratch in B, but in C you kind of already know what you're doing. Also, Physics C is easier for me because the Physics C teacher at my school is awesome. So my vote for hardest AP exam would be Physics B.
  • tchaikovskytchaikovsky Posts: 801Registered User Member
    For most, applying calculus is an issue in Physics C (at least that's the problem in my class). If you're good at calculus, it's a breeze.
  • im_blueim_blue Posts: 2,142Registered User Senior Member
    Hardest: AP Physics C (E&M), AP Physics C (Mechanics)
    Easiest: Psychology, Statistics
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