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Does stanford check freshman grades?

pemiller95pemiller95 Posts: 2Registered User New Member
edited March 2013 in Stanford University
So I know there are 1,001 threads about this already, but they all give mixed messages. So is anyone 100% sure: Does Stanford use freshman grades?
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Replies to: Does stanford check freshman grades?

  • just20706just20706 Posts: 98Registered User Junior Member
    As far as I know, yes. They look at all your grades from Freshman Year through junior Year, and Senior Year mid-year grades as well. But obviously, freshman year grades don't hold as much weight as junior year grades. If your freshmen year grades are a bit low (mix of As and Bs), it's OK, as long you show an upward trend. (i.e. your grades got better from year to year.)
  • jollybollyjollybolly Posts: 13Registered User New Member
    I can confirm (after speaking to an adcom), they don't count. But try not to bomb it.
  • ericghnohericghnoh Posts: 23Registered User New Member
    Wait, so Stanford doesn't look at freshman year grades?
  • upennvetgirl727upennvetgirl727 Posts: 509Registered User Member
    No, a friend of mine, a Princeton sophomore says that they do not consider your freshman GPA.

    Oh yeah and Princeton doesn't count it either. But as fas as I know, Columbia, Harvard, and UPenn do. Not sure about the others.

    They count your sophomore year, junior year, and first semester senior year, and possibly your second semester senior to make sure you didn't slack. = 5 semesters not counting your second semester
  • upennvetgirl727upennvetgirl727 Posts: 509Registered User Member
    @Jollybolly So a 3.6-3.8 wouldn't look bad, right? Because that's my freshman GPA. I haven't seen it exactly yet, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be a 3.8, if anything else, nothing less than a 3.6.
  • ag2011ag2011 Posts: 38Registered User Junior Member
    I'm sure they look at them, and I'm sure if you get more than a few B's or A-'s your chances are going to be hurt. You're going up against the top 0.2% or so of college applicants across the country, so everything matters to some degree. This being said, my SAT scores weren't that good, so I think everything depends on how well you market yourself. Work hard and don't slip up again.
  • upennvetgirl727upennvetgirl727 Posts: 509Registered User Member
    @ag2011 no they don't look at them, I just got that confirmed by an adcom.
  • ag2011ag2011 Posts: 38Registered User Junior Member
    My thought process is that, if you're going up against an identical applicant and the only thing that is different if your freshman grades, that may cause a difference in your fortunes. I would take everything an adcom says with a grain of salt—everything matters in college admissions at this level.
  • FrancaisalamattFrancaisalamatt Posts: 1,839Registered User Senior Member
    Why don't you do some research (NOT on CC) before you ask this question..? I'm sure it's somewhere on their website; if not, contact an admissions officer yourself. If anything, they'll be happy that you're taking the initiative to ask questions and learn more about the school. Plus, that opens up a thread of conversation between you and an adcom.
  • upennvetgirl727upennvetgirl727 Posts: 509Registered User Member
    @Franciasalamatt what's wrong w/ asking the question? Does it offend you?
  • kms1077kms1077 Posts: 9Registered User New Member
    most schools look at your all of your grades leading up to middle of your senior year.
  • collegestandardcollegestandard Posts: 73Registered User Junior Member
    Yep, Stanford doesn't look at your freshman grades.
  • Papa ChickenPapa Chicken Posts: 2,841Registered User Senior Member
    We will focus our evaluation on your choice of coursework and your performance in 10th, 11th and 12th grades, mainly in the core academic subjects of Math, English, Social Studies, Science, and Foreign Language.

    from the "Transcripts" section here: School Reports & Transcripts : Stanford University

    ....so, this says they will focus on 10th and beyond, but it does NOT say they will completely ignore 9th.
  • jsungohjsungoh Posts: 534Registered User Member
    In all technicalities (just to resolve this question), even if Stanford doesn't look at Freshman grades (like UC's), they do. Not directly at the grades during freshman year, but the rank / percentage tier you are in (for example, rank 23, in the top 10% etc). Since your freshman year for most high schools is considered in the ranking/percentage system, it is in all sense "counted". Thus, it is advised that you try not to mess up freshman year.
  • jdroidxwjdroidxw Posts: 294Registered User Junior Member
    So all the APs I did during freshmen year were somewhat worthless if they dont look at cumulative gpa from freshmen?
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