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stanford = ivy league

ilovecaliforniailovecalifornia Posts: 1,493. Senior Member
edited April 2006 in Stanford University
....thats what my friend keeps telling me. she says shes positive that stanford is an ivy (the only ivy on the west coast) and i keep telling her its not..

from what i understand through internet research, there a 8 ivy league schools, all of which are nowhere near california. can somebody whos positive, tell me the answer...yes or no?
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Replies to: stanford = ivy league

  • AccionarAccionar Posts: 242Registered User Junior Member
    No. Ivies are: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Dartmouth, Cornell, Columbia, and the University of Pennsylvania.
  • BrandynQBrandynQ Posts: 126Registered User Junior Member

    The Ivies are Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, and Yale.
  • BrandynQBrandynQ Posts: 126Registered User Junior Member
    Uh oh, somebody beat me lol. Oh well, you get the idea.
  • m_aliasm_alias Posts: 16User Awaiting Email Confirmation New Member
    Ivy League is just a sports association. They can't compete if they're that far away from each other.
  • Sly SiSly Si Posts: 938Registered User Member
    In terms of school quality, however, Stanford is at the very least indistinguishable from the Ivy League schools. Just because we don't have the "IVY" label slapped on us doesn't mean we're just as good as them. In fact, a significant number of students here think those schools can keep their label, and we'll go on having more fun than them and learning just as much anyway.
  • NeedAdviceNeedAdvice Posts: 883Registered User Member
    Stanford is better than most Ivies, even if it's not an Ivy.

    I'd say the only Ivies that are potentially better than it are Harvard, Yale, and maybe Princeton. Although I'd say Stanford is better than Princeton.

    (I'm not a Stanford student either.)
  • CautiousPessimismCautiousPessimism Posts: 709Registered User Member
    Psh...Princeton > Stanford. :p

    Just kidding, though, really (coming from a Princeton 2010er whose second choice was Stanford). I mean, the difference between HYPMS is so tiny that the schools are virtually indistinguishable with regards to academic merit. Far more important are the overall environment of the school as well as the specific area of study you're interested in.

    But I, too, agree that there exists a distinguishable difference between HYPMS and the remaining 5 Ivies. Don't get me wrong; they're great schools...but they're just not the same.
  • Shark_biteShark_bite Posts: 1,561Registered User Senior Member
    HYPMS is the top tier. It is above the Ivies (well the lower Ivies anyways, HYP is in the ivy league) So while Stanford is not in the ivy league it is equal to Harvard, Princeton and Yale and better than the other 5 ivies.
  • ByerlyByerly Posts: 7,019- Senior Member
    As an academic institution, Stanford is superb - second only to Harvard in many ways.

    But it falls short of the high standards to which the Ivies adhere - which set them apart - in that it does not award financial aid only on the basis of need.

    Among other things, Stanford pays out more in so-called "athletic scholarships" (an oxymoron, IMHO) than any other school in the United States of America.

    Its overall yield rate requires an asterisk* in that more than 5% of the student body are salaried athletes - many of whom it lured away from other schools by offering them money to attend in exchange for their athletic "services."
  • 3togo3togo Posts: 5,232Registered User Senior Member
    edited April 2006
    ask your friend to check the IVY league and Pac-12 standings ... no Stanford in the IVY league ... but it is certainly one of the best schools in the country!

  • LadyLLadyL Posts: 51Registered User Junior Member
    Hmm... I always thought Duke was also an Ivy...
  • juzam_djinnjuzam_djinn Posts: 656Registered User Member
    byerly is correct, stanford does not meet the ivy league's standards of having subpar athletic programs
  • katdc87katdc87 Posts: 109Registered User Junior Member
    Hmm... I always thought Duke was also an Ivy...

    ewwwww no
  • ByerlyByerly Posts: 7,019- Senior Member
    The key factor - often overlooked - when common admits choose one elite over another, is the setting:

  • zephyr151zephyr151 Posts: 1,659Registered User Senior Member
    But it has to be perceived reputation as the primary determinant.
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