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Native American

arichjoearichjoe Posts: 100Registered User Junior Member
edited December 2008 in Stanford University
Does it help to just be quarter of something (Native American)? Also, has anyone ever seen the Native American "Additional Information" request they send to Native applicants?
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Replies to: Native American

  • arichjoearichjoe Posts: 100Registered User Junior Member
    so no one has ever seen the Native American additional information??
  • ataraxisataraxis Posts: 145Registered User Junior Member
    I think even if you're 1/8 of something...esp. URM, ESPECIALLY Native American, it'll help. So put it down. I would.

    Dunno about the addit. info req.
  • arichjoearichjoe Posts: 100Registered User Junior Member
    yeah I already submitted I'm just chancing myself (since no one else would, lol). It's weird how few Natives there are out there. Seems like nobody is.
  • nngmmnngmm Posts: 5,708Registered User Senior Member
    I think there are some official regulations (sometimes depending on the tribe?) on who counts as Native American. But I am pretty sure that 1/4 is enough to count...
  • arachnophobia12arachnophobia12 Posts: 2,722Registered User Senior Member
    Don't they ask for tribal affiliation/enrollment date?
  • kjuvette09kjuvette09 Posts: 28Registered User New Member
    I've got some American Indian in me as well and I think I'm going to put it on my apps. I'm affiliated with the Chippewa (Lac du Flambou) tribe, which are you affiliated with? I've not sent in my apps so I've not got the additional info. sheet, but are you sure there is one? Perhpas it's just the stuff on the commonapp? I don't know. I think that Stanford tries to enrol more NAs though b/c in its viewbook they have nearly 4% NA whereas many other schools have <1%. I found it interesting.
  • ProjectStanfordProjectStanford Posts: 226Registered User Junior Member
    My friend Chip - a native american - got in to Stanford with a 2330 and straight As. But i'm sure he would have been accepted everywhere else, had he applied.
  • siliconvalleymomsiliconvalleymom Posts: 4,034Registered User Senior Member
    Stanford has a great tradition in the spring of bringing together Native American students from many colleges for a weekend-long powwow.
    There are high school students who attend, too, since it's pretty informal. If this aspect of campus life is important to you, consider visiting that weekend.
  • DataBoxDataBox Posts: 1,661Registered User Senior Member
    Wow, you're Native American? In that case, welcome to Stanford! :D jk
  • arichjoearichjoe Posts: 100Registered User Junior Member
    haha dont psyche me out that's cruel, they accept like 35% of the Natives who apply according to a Native magazine, so my odds dont increase THAT much. I'm only a quarter, and not enrolled, which decreases my chances a LOT, my Grandma was Cherokee, born in Watonga, OK on the reservation but chose not to enroll when she came of age. We just had family "pow wows", it was fun, so I always "knew", but it's not like being black where everyone feels it 24/7.
  • arichjoearichjoe Posts: 100Registered User Junior Member
    Also I forgot to mention, someone said they send the additional info request out to all who check the Native box on the app
  • kyledavid80kyledavid80 Posts: 8,093Registered User Senior Member
    Don't put it down unless you a) actually consider yourself Native American (as in, if asked about your ethnicity, you wouldn't hesitate to include NA), and b) you're involved in some way (e.g. experiencing the culture such, speaking the language, involving yourself in activities like powwows, etc. -- just some way to show that you do more than just identify yourself with an ethnicity).

    Stanford doesn't necessarily recruit NA students more, but California has a huge population, and it also has a great many NA people, so Stanford would naturally have more NA students. I'd also say that the sense of diversity that students see at Stanford attracts many of them to attend. (Not to mention Stanford sends likely letters to especially desirable NA students).

    I'm also dubious of that magazine's figure (35%)--not even Stanford releases that...
  • stanford2012!!stanford2012!! Posts: 58Registered User Junior Member
    just put it down.
    native american is the best race u can hope to have when it comes to college admissions.
    and "35%" is not a big boost? are u KIDDING me? Last year Stanford's acceptance rate was 9.5%!
    For int'l students w/ financial aid, it was ~3%! You're telling me you think 35% is too low?

    COnsidering the general quality of native american populations....i'd say 35% is a REALLY high chance...as long as you're don't suck too much.
    now, 35% for asians is a different story...
  • kjuvette09kjuvette09 Posts: 28Registered User New Member
    stanford2012, thanks for putting this into perspective for our friend here. I am over a 1/4 Native American and am going to put it on my CommonApp (do you think this is a good idea?) and I was totally psyched when I heard this 35% figure. That is a complete boost from regular admissions, are you kidding? I'm not going to use my heritage just to increase my chances, but it is pretty awesome, I didn't know that at all. Is this a reputable magazine archiejoe? Thanks (for the good news)!
  • arichjoearichjoe Posts: 100Registered User Junior Member
    I don't remember the name, my Grandma has a few at her house but it was from a survey over a period of the last like 7-8 years of readers of the magazine applying to college. Yeah I agree that if you would hesitate to say it then it probably is not appropriate to include as a characteristic that you are Native American.
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