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stanford vs ivy league

bloggedblogged Posts: 164Registered User Junior Member
edited January 2012 in Stanford University
how does stanford compare to iv league or very high ranked skools? is it up there?

i got a 2220 in the SAT I..is that ok for stanford?

obviously i know there are MANY other factors involved..but im doin things one step at a time and i relly wanna get the SAT outta the way..

What should i be aimin at for SAT IIs?
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Replies to: stanford vs ivy league

  • run4funrun4fun Posts: 209Registered User Junior Member
    you need a 2230 for stanford and straight 800's on SAT II's...otherwise they wont let you in.
  • zantedeschiazantedeschia Posts: 7,841Registered User Senior Member
    stanford is definitely "up there" with the ivies.
  • ForeverZeroForeverZero Posts: 804Registered User Member
    Stanford's sciences and engineering departments completely dominate the Ivies (it's comparable to MIT). The humanities, although not as strong or well-known as the tech departments, are nothing to scoff at, and they manage to hold their own against the Ivies, which have traditionally been humanities-oriented.
  • staticsoliloquystaticsoliloquy Posts: 1,496Registered User Senior Member
    okay I predict that this is going to turn into a big argument between Baba and everyone else.
  • ForeverZeroForeverZero Posts: 804Registered User Member
    If that happens, I hope this thread closes like the other one he hijacked.
  • datalookdatalook Posts: 645Registered User Member
    Check almost any dustinction measure of faculty, only Harvard can match against Stanford. No other IVY can, NOT EVEN CLOSE.
  • zephyr151zephyr151 Posts: 1,659Registered User Senior Member
    I agree, Datalook.

    Stanford's social sciences are the best in the country outside of Chicago and Harvard.
  • urkiddingurkidding Posts: 31Registered User Junior Member
    You must be joking.
  • urkiddingurkidding Posts: 31Registered User Junior Member
    Chicago is one the best school in the world and the best in the US. Its research is better than Harvard, yale, Priceton, JHU and Penn. In spie of bad location South Chicago it attracts some Noble type faculty. For theoratical research in Finance is as good as Wharton. I would rank Chicago number 1.

    1. Chicago
    12 Duke
    13 Cornell
    14 Stanford
    15 JHU

    Among Tech Schools

    UC Berkeley/UCSD/UCSF/UCLA
    Uni of Minn
    Uni of Wash

    I wonder why people compare Tech schools like Stanford to great schools like Chicago. East or west, Chicago is the best.
  • ForeverZeroForeverZero Posts: 804Registered User Member
    For social sciences, Stanford is tied for 3rd in Economics, tied for 4th in English, tied for 4th in History, tied for 6th in Sociology, ranked 2nd for Political Science, and ranked 1st for Psychology. Chicago's only really top social science field is Economics.

    Your science ranking is completely screwed up. In bio, Stanford's ranked 1, Chicago's tied for 20th. Stanford's med school is ranked 8th, Chicago's 19th. In engineering, Stanford's ranked 2nd right after MIT.

    Chicago's a great school, definitely very prestigious in academic circles. But to claim that it's better than Harvard and Stanford and to rank its sciences as such is preposterous.
  • Sam LeeSam Lee Posts: 9,449Registered User Senior Member
    2 posts so far and they are all found here bashing (with false info) Stanford!
  • ForeverZeroForeverZero Posts: 804Registered User Member
    LOL that's what I thought too. But baba never mentioned UChicago before, so I dunno.
  • urkiddingurkidding Posts: 31Registered User Junior Member
    Chicago is famous for its tough academics. Also here in mid west Ivy or Berkeley does not matter. Most kids want to go Chicago or that school in Evanston. Harvard folks come to our schools all the time but Big 10 schools and Chicago has so much to offer that very few kids care about IVY. We
    rank Chicago number 1 then NW, then Big 10( Michigan). Some odd student end going to IVY mostly Harvard or Brown. Just call up any good high guidance he would confirm that Chicago is the school.
  • ForeverZeroForeverZero Posts: 804Registered User Member
    The language is definitely that of baba. Either he got a new username, or there's a copycat. Although it's weird that he never mentioned Chicago before. I mean, he's going to Penn and he was always so pro-Ivy...
  • datalookdatalook Posts: 645Registered User Member
    Stanford vs IVY in academic reputation

    1) members of National Acadmy of Science
    Stanford (125). Harvard (150+), Princeton (70), Yale (60+), all the other IVIES (below 40 each)

    2) members of National Academy of Engineering
    Stanford (80+), all the Ivies less than 30. Believe or NOT, Stanford > sum of (all Ivies)

    3) National medal of science winners
    Stanford (30), Harvard (33), Princeton (15), with almost all the other Ivies having less than 10 each (Yale has won 8, Brown and Dartmouth only have 1)

    4) top 5 majors in science according to US NEWS:
    Stanford (7):
    math/applied math/physics/biology/computer/geology/chemistry

    Harvard (4)

    Princeton (3)
    math/applied math/physics

    All the other IVIES: no top 5 majors.

    5) top 5 majors in Humanities
    Stanford (6 majors): politics/economics/English/psycology/history/socioloy

    Overall, better than any IVIES even in humanities by US NEWS geaduate school ranking. No IVY school has more than 4 top 5 humanity majors.
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