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Transferring out of UCSD?

slightlystupidslightlystupid Posts: 2Registered User New Member
edited November 2012 in Transfer Students
I'm currently a first year at UC San Diego. I've only been here 2 months, which may be too early to admit that I am not enjoying my college experience. I'm really lost on what to do. I'm a computer science major and thinking of transferring out of UCSD. I'm not entirely sure of where I should transfer to/where I could even get in. Either I transfer out, go to CC and transfer later, or stick it out and stay.

Basically its true, social life at UCSD sucks. I have tried it out and made an effort to make the best out of my life here, but its really hard. We have a 6 college system, spread pretty far out from one another, which makes meeting people hard. For example, one of my good friends from high school also goes to UCSD, but I have probably seen her 5 times since I've been here because the 20 min walk sucks and I rarely run into her at this giant campus. You don't meet people in your classes that have 200-300 people each. Most first years here hang out with their suitemates. I live in the RA suite, therefore I only have 3 suitemates. One I don't really connect with. One is a theatre major so she is busy with her play. One is in greek and hangs out with her sorority. So yea.

Anyways, school work is hard. I'm not doing very well here and everyone's pretty focused on academics. I'm not a stupid person, or else I would not have gotten into here. I don't mind working hard at all, but I do think that there should be a nice balance aka maybe I should have some opportunities to make friends and have a social life. Like.... we don't even have a football teammmmm....... ..

I've been thinking of transferring, but am I just rushing to make this decision? Where could I even transfer and how could I possibly get in with a bad first quarter GPA? Help pleaseeeeeee
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Replies to: Transferring out of UCSD?

  • coralxcoralx Posts: 6Registered User New Member
    I really think social life is important! Being a CC student, I can tell you that unless you have friends that go to the community college- it is a lot harder to make friends then at a University. A lot of people are involved in work and lives outside of the college. I think you should stay throughout the semester, or actually first year if it isn't breaking the bank and then make a decision.
  • aunt beaaunt bea Posts: 5,977Registered User Senior Member
    Okay, first of all, UCSD is not known as a very social campus but you can try to make the best of it. Join some clubs and hang out at Price Center. My dd has a friend at UCSD (freshman) who hates the campus as well, because it is so anti-social, but I don't think transferring out will help your situation.

    Take UCSD for what it is, only academics, and find some outside activities to keep your sanity. Contact your high school friend who is probably going through the same thing, and make a set time to meet at Price Center. Commiserate together and see if you can help each other out. Additionally, there should be tutoring centers. Go EVERY DAY!! Increase your GPA. Then, if you're still not feeling it, transfer to Davis where it's more social and outgoing without the cut throat mentality.
  • aunt beaaunt bea Posts: 5,977Registered User Senior Member
    FORGOT!: Do not ever call yourself "stupid"!
  • SFcollege21SFcollege21 Posts: 11Registered User New Member
    Have you joined any clubs? That could be something to help you meet people.
  • SebastianzhangSebastianzhang Posts: 2Registered User New Member
    I am in UCI right now. I was in Greek Chapter, but it took me so much time. Also, students there, I think they do not pay attention to their classes. For example, I am Electrical Engineering major. Only half of students continue to go to the lecture after first midterm. My professor still has bunch of midterm papers because he can't find the owner of these paper, even though the midterm was happened a month ago. Also, I do not do good on my computer classes. Because most there they do not study.
    The most important thing is that, can we transfer out at first year???? I heard that there is a policy of UC students who want to transfer. We need to finish like 90 units.
  • ppmhotcocoappmhotcocoa Posts: 23Registered User New Member
    I am thinking of transferring to UCSD, and I've heard about these problems from so many people, is it really that bad :/

    Sorry for straying from the question...wish I knew more about the system!
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