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Admission Decisions Timeline for Tulane

mypsych97mypsych97 Posts: 75Registered User Junior Member
edited December 2009 in Tulane University
Hi: At the risk of being completely and totally redundant, I'd like to know what the interval on average was between being notified that your Tulane Application was complete until you got an admission decision. My d and I love this school; my oldest d spent four years next door at Loyola-New Orleans.

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Replies to: Admission Decisions Timeline for Tulane

  • gabby1116gabby1116 Posts: 498Registered User Member
    It took about 2 1/2 weeks to get my decision after showing complete. I received the formal letter a little over a week later. Good luck!!
  • FinalCut10FinalCut10 Posts: 86Registered User Junior Member
    Exactly 2 to be notified that my application was complete and exactly 2 weeks later to be notified of an acceptance! Good luck to everyone applying and congrats to those admitted!
  • MontegutMontegut Posts: 6,020Registered User Senior Member
    Did you guys that got accepted do the early action, or whatever it's called? If we have not been notified, and it's been almost a month, should we assume we're not in, or are they just notifying the early action kids first, then will weed out the regular admission kids?
  • gabby1116gabby1116 Posts: 498Registered User Member
    Yes, I applied early action.
  • rodneyrodney Posts: 9,406Registered User Senior Member
    Montegut: you do know that EA was not binding? not sure why you would apply RD when your application was in so early.....
  • lakem22lakem22 Posts: 28Registered User New Member
    I applied EA and received my decision about 2 after - formal decision was around 3 weeks.
  • VitracVitrac Posts: 1,505Registered User Senior Member
    Applied Early Action and heard within 2 weeks. Formal letter has not arrived yet.
  • 3bysmom3bysmom Posts: 314Registered User Member
    It has been 3 weeks since SCEA application complete. I am starting to wonder if there is some connection to the fact that many schools EA deadline is 11/1 and Tulane is making sure that the student that they defer SCEA but may still want won't have the opportunity to apply EA somewhere else? I think I'm becoming paranoid...
  • amr2014amr2014 Posts: 277Registered User Junior Member
    quick question... do they notify you via email and then you get a formal letter? because my application was "complete" Friday October 23rd; so does that mean I could get notification as early as this Friday (2 weeks)/.
  • VitracVitrac Posts: 1,505Registered User Senior Member
    Not e mail. You have to check your status on the tracking system. Click on "My Application." Good Luck. A formal letter will be sent by regular mail a few weeks after.
  • 3bysmom3bysmom Posts: 314Registered User Member
    The status just up dated to "your decision is pending review. We will try to get you a decision in just a few weeks, but you will receive a decision by december 15 at the latest"

    WHAT???!!! Seems like they are changing the rules midstream - big difference between 2 weeks and 2 months!
  • fallenchemistfallenchemist Posts: 22,565Super Moderator Senior Member
    Could be that he is right on the cusp, and they didn't want to defer him to the RD pool at this point. Just a guess of course, but it would explain that kind of posting.

    I know it produces a lot of anxiety. I wish I had some cure for that, but I don't.
  • 3bysmom3bysmom Posts: 314Registered User Member
    My best guess is that they got inundated with applications all at the same time and he just ended up in one huge pile.
    Fallenchemist: as we have discussed he probably is on the 50 yard line but would they even could they) change the message for a few people? It seems more likely that they said "everyone who hasn't received a decision yet will get this message" Is anyone else getting this message? That would answer the question pretty quickly.
  • fallenchemistfallenchemist Posts: 22,565Super Moderator Senior Member
    Your intuition could be right, certainly. And they definitely are getting inundated at this time. My thinking was that there are only 6 or 7 standard answers and so it would be kind of a menu/merge thing. For example, they take you and then the choices are the amount of aid and Honors Program/no Honors Program; you flat out didn't get in; or deferment, of which there could be a couple of options, such as defer to end of EA process (like yours), or defer to RD pool. Your explanation is simpler, certainly, so I like it better, but could be either way.
  • jym626jym626 Posts: 46,652Registered User Senior Member

    I had forgotten that we just passed a major deadline (Nov 1-- boy I AM out of the admissions/applications mindset!), so you are probably right that they are now a bit behind in getting all the applications processed, and may be using a different verbiage on the website notification site. That said, I do seem to recall that some of the deferrals last year had gotten the "pending review" message. As an aside, just wondering- how did you explain the difficult year your s had?
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