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Gift ideas for a professor?

michellaneousmichellaneous Posts: 126Registered User Junior Member
edited April 2011 in UC Transfers
I transferred last year to UC Davis, and have just had a great experience mainly due to my faculty mentor. I will finish a small-scale research project at the end of this quarter and he has just helped me an incredible amount by guiding me, helping me network, recommending resources, etc. He basically was kind enough to take me as a complete novice and show me the ropes, and I want to give him a gift to express my gratitude.

I thought about writing a card, but I'd really like to do a little more. I actually am pretty decent in art, and I thought about either making a portrait of him (pretty much free since I have the supplies, and they don't take me very long to do), but I thought that could seem rather weird. I want to give something that honestly shows my thanks, but doesn't seem too uppity or out there.

What's a good gift for a professor?
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Replies to: Gift ideas for a professor?

  • xViralxViral Posts: 324Registered User Member
    I dunno lol. A box of chocolates? The portrait is a pretty weird idea though no offense.
  • Grimes99Grimes99 Posts: 1,504Registered User Senior Member
    The idea of giving a professor a self-portrait just made me laugh. :P

    I'd just do a card and a gift card for a dinner or something.
  • shellbelltaylorshellbelltaylor Posts: 896Registered User Member
    a gift card would be nice, i would go with that
  • SMCguySMCguy Posts: 1,352Registered User Senior Member
    I nice card a mug would probably make him smile =) Keep it simple and meaningful.
  • killmyentouragekillmyentourage Posts: 914Registered User Member
    I do Starbucks gift cards every semester for my teachers... Even if they don't drink coffee, there's something there. I'm not sure if this is related but the few times I was borderline A in a class, I've received an A since I started giving professors gift cards and thank you notes lol but I probably just deserved it in the first place :)

    But do not try to bribe your teachers.
  • PlasmolyzePlasmolyze Posts: 49Registered User Junior Member
    keep it simple with a gift card and the portrait thing would be weird
  • cherryvaselinecherryvaseline Posts: 169Registered User Junior Member
    I agree, the portrait thing is sort of creepy. a card is simple, and honest. i thing that'll do but if you wanna do something else get him a nice bag of coffee or something. (arabica is the best)
  • UclahopeeUclahopee Posts: 217Registered User Junior Member
    Handwrite a card to emphasize your appreciation and gratitude.
    Starbucks card - Simple, classy, and practical
  • USMC0311USMC0311 Posts: 373Registered User Member
    Give him a portrait of yourself (only if you're hot).
  • nerdasaurusnerdasaurus Posts: 332Registered User Junior Member
    I'm joining the Starbucks bandwagon - with the amount of coffee some professors drink, it could totally make their day to receive a gift card. I also agree with adding a handwritten note to it. Simplicity are always the best ways to show respect and establish warm rapport.
  • Coolaid317Coolaid317 Posts: 396Registered User Member
    Offer him something special... something he won't be able to say no to. ;)
  • MD MomMD Mom Posts: 6,728Registered User Senior Member
    The portrait is of the professor not the OP. I don't like the idea of my students--who in general have no extra cash--spending money on me. I think drawing (painting?) something is a great idea. If the idea of a portrait seems awkward, you could draw some part of campus or something from the area where your school is. I had a student bring me a very small painting from the region she is from. I love it.
  • eyethinkeyethink Posts: 625Registered User Member
    In all seriousness, I get my professors a gift card to a local bookstore in a small denomination. I'm a poor college student after all. It kills two birds with one stone: I get to thank my professors while helping a small business.
  • amsstoryamsstory Posts: 275Registered User Junior Member
    Its great to know that you worked on research your first year after transferring to UC Davis. That's exactly what I'd like to do if everything goes well with Davis (dropped some classes this semester that didn't show up on the transfer update, so although I was accepted on Wednesday, I worry it will f-up my admissions because I worry. A lot).

    As for what to get your professor, it depends? What does your professor teach? Is there anything quirky about your professor? Have you noticed that they like anything in particular? I had a great instructor at my community college, and at the end of the year I really wanted to show her my gratitude. Her last name was Kow and she loved to joke about it, so I thought it would be neat to get her a mug with a Kow on it. heh.
  • nerdasaurusnerdasaurus Posts: 332Registered User Junior Member
    That's a lovely idea, too. I've never even thought of this!
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