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UC Transfer FAQ

sakura812sakura812 Posts: 320Registered User Member
edited October 2013 in UC Transfers
Ok so school doesn't start in another 3 weeks for me and I'm bored. I found this board really helpful during my uc transfer process, so I decided to make this thread to help answer questions frequently asked by people. If any of the veterans of the uc transfer process have anything to add to the list please do so. I probably don't have everything covered, such as transferring for the winter quarter or the transfer process for UCB Haas, which is another separate thing.

1.What do the UC's look for in a transfer student?
Mainly GPA and Prerequisites. Very very important. If you do not complete your prereq's you are at a disadvantage, especially for people who apply to competitive majors such as ucla biz econ. This year the cut off gpa was 3.8. I think someone on this board got rejected with a 3.77 gpa. Ucla and Ucb tend to be more strict on prereq's while the other uc's are a little more forgiving on prereq's. Also, you should complete the required math and english. Extracurricular activities can help, but I personally don't think it matter as much as gpa and prereq's. My advice would be do activities that interest you or activities that will help build your resume for grad school. I think some of you are considering grad school. About personal statements, I will get to that later.

2.TAP/TAG/TAA-Transfer alliance programs
Another topic that I frequently see come up on this board. For those who do not know, Ucla's tap program does not guarantee you admission. It only gives you priority. Also, it only works for the college of letters and science. So if you're an engineer major, it won't work for you. Yes, people have been rejected from ucla even though they have TAP certified for ucla. This is usually because they do not have the prereq's completed. Many people have debated whether TAP helps. It really helps if you are a borderline candidate. For example, someone on this board got into ucla biz econ with a 3.5-3.6 gpa. Even though the cut off gpa was a 3.8 for the major, that person was still accepted because he had priority through the tap program. For more information see this thread http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/showthread.php?t=270610
This another thread started by dhl3 which discusses the important factors of getting into ucla which includes tap. http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/showthread.php?t=225563
For those wondering if Berkeley has a transfer alliance program, I believe they are starting one for a limited number of schools this year. Someone on this board will probably know more in detail. As for the other programs, I think they pretty much guarantee you admission to the school, such as Uci's PAIF or Ucsd TAG.

3.Up to when do the UC's look at your grades?
The fall semester before you transfer. After you apply, they will send you another application during january to fill out your fall grades. The deadline for the application is usually around the end of feburary. So for those who have winter intersession the application will usually be due before the winter grades are out. That's why I don't think they really look at your winter grades unless it's really important, such as a major prereq class.

4.What happens if I don't complete all my major prereq's by fall?
You will not be affected. As long as you complete your prereq's by spring before you transfer you'll be fine. Some uc's will even let you complete some classes during the summer. But this depends on the school's policy.

5.Igetc (only for ccc students)
I don't think it is required for you to transfer with it. I have seen people transfer without igetc. But it is highly recommended because you when you transfer you have your major classes to take and upper division electives to take. The uc's want you to graduate in time. Also, you're saving money too by finishing up your ge classes. The good thing about finishing it is that you don't have to take any more lower division ge classes when you transfer. Like completing your prereq's, you must finish your ge classes by the spring semester in order for the uc's to consider igetc as completed. I'm not sure if you can still take ge classes during the summer and still have the uc's accept igetc. Perhaps someone here knows the answer. For the uc-uc transfer students they have their own system of finishing up the ge classes.

6.I'm transferring from another uc/csu/out of state. Am I doomed?
No. People on this board have successfully transferred from another 4-year university. It is supposedly harder because ccc students get priority over all the other schools, but it is not impossible.

7.Personal statements
People have debated over the importance of it. I don't think it is as important as gpa or prereq's, but you should still not bs it. It will probably benefit borderline candidates the most. Here is a very useful thread on personal statements written by cardinal focused. http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/showthread.php?t=226116

8.Can I transfer in 1 year instead of 2?
Yes, as long as you can complete 60 units and finish the major prereq's. This is most probable if you have lots of ap units to cover your 60 units and the number of classes required by your major is not many. For example, it would be much harder for an engineer major to transfer in 1 year due to the amount of classes an engineer major needs to take.

Useful site in determining what classes you to need to take. Please check it out before you come here and ask questions.

10.Where are the links to the stats of people who have been accepted to the uc's?
Ucla's profile of admitted students for fall 2007:
Fall 2007:
Fall 2006:
Remember the stats of the people on cc tend to be higher than average bc people who go on this board tend to be smart motivated students.
Here is a link the stats of the people who were accepted to the uc's during fall 2005.

11.Will the amount of w's affect my chance in admission?
See this thread

12.After I am admitted, what gpa do I need to maintain?
Ftw, you'll have a provisional contract that will tell you what gpa you need to keep up. Just to be absolutely safe I recommend getting at least a B in all of your classes.

13.Do the uc's look at SAT/ACT and letters of recommendations?
For those who do not know, the answer is no for both.

14. Will my chances be affected if I stay a ccc for a very long time?
Most people take 2-3 years to transfer. If you stay longer, you can still get in as long as you finished your prereq's. I know someone who was at a ccc for 4 years before she transfered into ucb. But, it probably won't look too good if you're applying for grad schools.

15.Does going to a certain ccc matter?
It does not matter which ccc you go to. As long as you complete you're prereq and maintain your gpa you'll be fine. It's not worth driving an extra hour to go a better ccc unless you want they have a honors/transfer alliance program that your cc doesn't offer.

16. Dropping a class or changes to what you reported after filling out the application.
For those who are starting the application process, this might be a far away thought. But things do happen and we end up dropping classes or making changes to what we reported on the application. This happened to me after I updated the classes that I would take for spring. I ended up dropping a class I reported that I would take. If it does happen, please report it to the admission people asap. Honesty is the best policy. All of the uc's will have a specific contact info for all of these issues. Do not wait until the very last minute to report it. Otherwise you'll be stuck in pending mode while you see other people getting their acceptance letters. And of course if you don't report it, they will have the right to rescind your admission. Some of you might wonder what would happen after you report the changes. The adcom will review the changes you made and will tell you if it affects you.

17. Does my gpa start over after I transfer to a uc?
Yes, you're gpa starts with a blank slate after you transfer. You do not get to keep your gpa. The exception is that you are a uc-uc transfer student. Uc-uc transfer students get to keep their gpa.

I hope future uc applicants will find this thread useful. If there are any mistakes on this thread please correct it. Feel free to add to this list of FAQ's.
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