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what are the easiest majors to get into at UC's?

janet717janet717 Posts: 22Registered User New Member
edited June 2010 in UC Transfers
mainly UCSB, UCLA and UC Berkeley?
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Replies to: what are the easiest majors to get into at UC's?

  • lakerforever24lakerforever24 Posts: 887- Member
    For UCLA, business econ and communication studies are VERY easy to get into. For Berkeley, business admin is by far the easiest major. Don't even bother applying to UCSB, you have to be straight up the smartest kid ever to get accepted to that prestigious school.
  • rpictonrpicton Posts: 707Registered User Member
    Apply to the major you want to major in... not the easiest one.
  • Random_MonkeyRandom_Monkey Posts: 340Registered User Member
    Women's studies
  • emilsinclair9emilsinclair9 Posts: 2,597Registered User Senior Member
    UCSB you can just TAG and get in with any major. I don't really know much about the school; I didn't apply there.

    UCLA philosophy is pretty easy. Average GPA is 3.49 if memory serves me right. However, you can't backdoor, get in, and then switch to an impacted major like Psych.

    UCB philosophy is also fairly easy. The average GPA admitted is around 3.6. It's hard to be sure because UC statfinder never updates. Good news is you CAN switch to an impacted major at UCB as long as it's not Haas or Engineering or something super impacted. Odds are you'll have a better chance of switching majors after transfer at UCB.

    It's important that you major in what you truly enjoy. Don't make a mistake and put an easy major down on your app just to get in. I would recommend getting the UCSB TAG and applying for what you want, apply for what you want at UCLA, and for UCB you can either apply for what you really want or try the "easy major strategy" and then switch after you transfer.
  • Dam Its JohnnyDam Its Johnny Posts: 756Registered User Member
    Underwater basket weaving
  • girlyshoutgirlyshout Posts: 395Registered User Member
    getting into a school for the sake of getting in...

    Honestly ask yourself: does prestige really matter that much to you?
  • liek0806liek0806 Posts: 3,316Registered User Senior Member
  • predicthisflickpredicthisflick Posts: 422Registered User Member
    LOL @ this thread
  • janet717janet717 Posts: 22Registered User New Member
    well I only asked because I have two friends who got into UCB and UCLA with lower GPA's and they are bragging that their majors were not a factor towards whether they got in or not. but I know that is not true.

    and I am not going to name the majors because I don't want to start any drama. Although they are both mentioned in this thread...

    However I'm still jealous of them!
  • guitarfrk123guitarfrk123 Posts: 486Registered User Member
    its always a good idea to pick your major based on its admit rate rather than if you even like the subject
  • iZychriZychr Posts: 508Registered User Member
    Some people have interests in a not-very selective major though/
  • cccdudecccdude Posts: 44Registered User Junior Member
    janet, what is the point of learning and then earning if you learn what you don't want to and then earn near to nothing?
  • CalBearGuyCalBearGuy Posts: 1,199Registered User Senior Member
    OP i hate the fact that ur one of those. but ill answer anyway....

    For UCSB just TAG u can get into w/e as long as u keep up the required GPA, classes, complete IGETC, finish atleast 60 units, and submit an application

    For UCLA the general concensus is that philosophy is the easiest to get into ,with an avg gpa (as of last year) of 3.49

    For UCB it's generally accepted that if you have 3.5+ ur good for the non-impacted majors (stay away from biz admin, econ, any of the other social sciences, engineering, chemistry, media studies, etc)

    I think according to the UCB brochure, the bios generally had the highest acceptance rates, but if ur too lazy to apply to something u want, cuz it's hard, good luck completing the pre-reqs for bio.
  • iluvphoiluvpho Posts: 225Registered User Junior Member
    ok OP this is my impression of you:

    you are willing to spend roughly 28k tuition a year jsut to have a brand name. did u ever consider the education or career? How would i even explain it in your personal statement "what is ur intended field of study and what experinces contributed blahbalhbalh"

    Anyways from what i hear from alumnus is that the social sciences are impacted because all teh athletes take them. the hardest of course are the general sciences. Of course it all depends on the school. This is what i got from alumnus so it might not be 100% true
  • andrewexdandrewexd Posts: 921Registered User Member
    read post #10 people.
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