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Dual Enrollment Credit

mjmay7mjmay7 Posts: 444Registered User Member
I'm an OOS freshmen in the fall and I was wondering how should I go about trying to get Calculus 1, 2, 3, differential equations, discrete mathematics, and an anatomy&physiology course to transfer to Cal. I really don't want to lose these 22 credits and I would be BEYOND bored if I had to take all of the calculus over again. Any help would be appreciated.
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Replies to: Dual Enrollment Credit

  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus Posts: 53,162Registered User Senior Member
    Presumably, they want a transcript sent as described here:
    Office of Undergraduate Advising: Transfer Credit

    You may want to ask the administration and the Math department directly with your questions if the credit is from a school other than a California public university or community college.

    You math courses look like they would be equivalent to Math 1A, 1B, 53, 55, and part of 54. Check the lower division course outlines here: http://math.berkeley.edu/courses_lowerdivcourses.html
  • mjmay7mjmay7 Posts: 444Registered User Member
    well i already sent them my transcripts (classes ended in April) so should i call them and ask if they will transfer or should i wait for CalSO?
  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus Posts: 53,162Registered User Senior Member
    You probably want to contact the Math department directly and get the answers from them before choosing your classes. If you have partial coverage of Math 54, you may be able to arrange to complete it under Math 49.
  • mjmay7mjmay7 Posts: 444Registered User Member
    math 49?
  • rider730rider730 Posts: 2,980Registered User Senior Member
    look here Majoring in Mathematics - UC Berkeley Department of Mathematics under "Course Equivalency" for the process of getting our classes determined to be equivalent (or not) to the Cal courses. That process is also the one that would arrange for the Math 49 "course" if they find that you are close to being credited for some course and with a supervised effort, could satisfy the department you had attained the missing skills. The advisor will set this up with you and upon completion, it shows up on your transcript as Math 49 with a grade and some units, but it is not in the schedule nor do you enroll through telebears (AFAIK).

    Look up Math 49 in the general catalog (do a course search for Math 49) and you will see the description of "Supplementary Work in Lower Division Mathematics")
  • mjmay7mjmay7 Posts: 444Registered User Member
    it says that i should have course sample work but i don't think i have some for classes that i took my junior year so am i screwed?
  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus Posts: 53,162Registered User Senior Member
    Can you find anything (like sample assignments and tests) from the web site of the school that you took the courses from?

    Or do you have your own graded final exams from the courses?
  • mjmay7mjmay7 Posts: 444Registered User Member
    no not really. the school doesn't post that much stuff online, but those classes are calc1 and 2 so they are quite universal coverage right?
  • rider730rider730 Posts: 2,980Registered User Senior Member
    mjmay7 - no, while it is universal that schools have a first year of Calc set of classes, it is not at all clear that they cover all the material that Cal requires nor is it clear that their standards of rigor are high enough to be accepted for credit. The bar is not as high as for the actual classes here, in order to accept a reasonable cross-section of Community College courses, but not every CC earns approval. The department researches the curriculum as well as the depth of the material and the standards for passing.

    If they had the full set of past or example exams, they can at least guess about the coverage of all the important topics and guess about the rigor. What they can't see, for example, is whether it takes a 95/100 to pass the class with a C or if a score of 20/100 on the final is enough for a C. They are taking a bit of a gamble but want to be fair to out of state and international students.

    Alternatively, if you can get them the phone numbers and names of the appropriate people from the math department at your past school, then they could possibly speak directly with their peers and ask about the important points.
  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus Posts: 53,162Registered User Senior Member
    You may be able to find some assignments and tests in the course archives of various math courses to check how much of the Berkeley math course content you know.
  • mjmay7mjmay7 Posts: 444Registered User Member
    i've gone over what math 1a 1b and 53 cover and its the same as what the classes that i took so would a syllabus suffice for this do you think? O and a 94% was needed for an A. it was taken at a smaller college so there were no curves
  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus Posts: 53,162Registered User Senior Member
    Find all documentation you can get (syllabus, textbook, sample assignments and tests, your own assignments and tests, etc.) and ask the Math department.
  • rider730rider730 Posts: 2,980Registered User Senior Member
    mjmay7 - your statements that no curves happen, what the cutoff for an A is, and that the listing of topics on a syllabus reflects how much they taught on each, these won't buy you anything with the math department. They will want to see something from the college, such as the exams or have a talk with them.
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