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UC Davis or Private School

sen10rstatussen10rstatus Posts: 12Registered User New Member
So, let's start off with I love UC Davis, ever since the first time I visited the campus. It has a great feel and it's where I want to be, whereas, I didn't feel as warm and fuzzy inside at Saint Mary's or USF, my other options.

I've already SIRed to Davis and everything, but now all of a sudden, my parents are considering putting me into a private school over Davis, because of budget cuts and everything. I guess they didn't know the average graduation rate for freshmen definitely is closer to 5 years than 4. Ever since hearing that from our college financial aid adviser, they are strongly considering not letting me go to Davis anymore.

Do you really think things are that bad? It would actually be cheaper for me to go to USF for 4 years than Davis for 5. And cheaper to go to Saint Mary's for 4 years than Davis for 6. But will it even take that long?!

Can anyone please post and help me figure out what I can say to my parents to convince them to let me stay at Davis OR help me see their side more clearly and convince ME why I'd be better off at a private school (where graduation in 4 years is guaranteed and tuition isn't going take a 30% hike as it did from 2009 to 2010 at Davis).

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Replies to: UC Davis or Private School

  • cutieflutie08cutieflutie08 Posts: 362Registered User Member
    i dont know a lot of people who have taken that long to graduate
    itz very easy to graduate in 4 years as there is a lot of extra room in your required courses (unless your an engineer maybe), and if you need more time there is always summer school
    if you take longer than 4 years it's either bc you're double (or even triple) majoring, or you switched your major a bunch of times
  • PhishyPhishy Posts: 380Registered User Member
    It's definitely heavily dependent on your major... engineering has a lot of units, so it'll be harder to graduate within four years unless you take lots of summer sessions. But at the same time, most people can graduate in four years, some with minors, and I know a couple people (Art Studio, English majors) graduating early (three years).
  • ADHDFTLADHDFTL Posts: 144Registered User Junior Member
    UC davis graduation rate is 40-50% and berkeley is 60% or so for 4 years. Check the 4-year graduation rates, they always report 6 year graduation rates. That's not uncommon these days. I doubt the schools you are considering have better rates. Saint Mary's College profile - SAT Scores and Admissions Data for Saint Mary's College
    65% in 6 years, davis is 90% in 6 years.
    They claim 57% in four years too, but you could be one of the 35% that fail to graduate in 6 years while at davis only 10% fail to complete in 6 years.
    USF is even worse:
    Also for that year, the six year graduation rate was 49 percent (Fall, 2000).
  • naixn92naixn92 Posts: 522Registered User Member
    You know why many people graduate in 5/6 years? I recently talked to a professor at UC Davis and the main reason is because everyone switch their majors, in average 3 times during their undergrad studies!
  • IndianjattIndianjatt Posts: 784Registered User Member
    From the conversion I had with a professor, it seems that the main reason is that students start off taking 12 units and continue that habit and it takes them forever to graduate. The main reason they get into the habit is they adapt a habit of being lazy since 12 units is quite light. Other than that, I would assume people take 5 or 6 years because of not getting certain classes or being part time students?
  • EndicottEndicott Posts: 1,435Registered User Senior Member
    UC Davis has so much of a better reputation than those other schools that it is ridiculous to give up the opportunity to go there. If you're highly motivated, you are probably in a great position to graduate on time. Maybe you could take an extra class in the first few semesters (not the first one) so you have credits to spare.
  • maylixmaylix Posts: 365Registered User Member
    Take classes during the summer. Graduating after four years usually occurs when people double major, major/minor, or switch majors late. Budget cuts make classes more difficult to get, but I still wouldn't pass up Davis for that.
  • $KingsElite$$KingsElite$ Posts: 2,323Registered User Senior Member
    I don't go to Davis, but I'm just going to throw this out here for everybody to think about. Say the stats are 70% (I made this number up) of undergrads graduate in 4 years. That doesn't mean you have a 30% chance of graduating in 5. You are pretty much in control of if you graduate in 4 years or not, not the rest of the undergrad class. If you take the full number of classes each quarter and don't fail your classes, I think you'll be fine. I hope your parents let you go to Davis.
  • shellbelltaylorshellbelltaylor Posts: 896Registered User Member
    DO NOT GO TO SMC!!! I went there for a year and a half and am hopefully transferring to Davis in the fall. A lot of people don't graduate in 4 years but it is possible to do if you are really dedicated (that might mean taking summer classes of whatever) But DON'T GO to SMC hahaha it is SUCH a joke of a school and a complete waste of money
  • andrew2011andrew2011 Posts: 176Registered User Junior Member
    Of the three schools you're choosing between, Davis will offer you the best overall college experience, and also has the best academic reputation. I believe graduating in 4 years is entirely feasible - if you pick a major your freshman year, plan everything out, and don't take the minimum number of units every quarter, you should have no problem graduating on time.
  • ShibykinShibykin Posts: 809Registered User Member
    For me, I'm against like all private schools for undergrad, Why pay so much when you get in a UC already :) (unless ur out of state). Besides UCs owns like alot of schools already :).

    UCD is the best choice out of the 3 choices. It's ranked higher i believe -.- in prestige anyways.
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