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Chances at UCD and UCSD?

OhNoItsHeatherOhNoItsHeather Posts: 399Registered User Member
Okay, so I'm Heather and a senior living in Germany. No, I'm not considered international, my dad's just in the Air Force and we're stationed over here for now. I go to an American school on the base and I'm a California resident, so no worries about the whole international deal, I'm in-state haha. ;)

Weighted GPA: 3.75
Unweighted GPA: 3.61
Rank: 39/243 at a fairly competitive school (unofficial, as of June)

Prospective Major: Biomedical Engineering [2nd choices: Biophysics (UCSD), Electrical Eng. (UCD)]

Math- 740
CR- 600
Writing- 560 (I've been studying a bunch, especially on the CR and MC Writing sections, so I'm expecting a big jump on the writing section and some sort of increase on the reading section when I retake the test in December)
Math L2- Just took this month, awaiting results
Chemistry- same
Lit- same
Composite: 30
English: 27
Math: 29
Reading: 34
Science: 28 (Forgot my calculator the first time around. Retaking this weekend)

APs: Weren't offered at the high school I went to in California the first two years, but last year I took:
AP Lang & Comp: 4
AP US: 3

Senior Schedule:
AP Physics C
Government (1 sem)/ Psychology (1 sem)
AP Calc AB
AP Statistics
German 2
AP Lit
Career Practicum (work-experience type thing)-- Ahh I love this so much! I'm working in a microbiology lab in the clinic on base about an hour and a half every other day (we have block scheduling)

Other Stuff:
• Drama/Plays/Musicals- Freshman, Junior, and Senior year. Both tech stuff and acting. (Drama program was dropped due to budget cuts my sophomore year in California)
• Sophomore class secretary-treasurer
• Associated Student Body rep sophomore year
• Highly active in Junior Class club activities-- Homecoming, Kriskindlmarkt, Prom Chairperson
• Again, highly active in Senior Class Club-- Graduation, Homecoming Activities (Dance Chairperson, Float Chairperson, Carnival), Senior Committee, etc.
• Have also taken 3 years of Spanish
• Member of Spanish club up until this year
• German club member this year and last year
• NHS Junior and Senior year
• Various service projects done in NHS-- Deployment Buddies (a big buddy-type program we started doing with the elementary kids who have parents deployed in Iraq), reading buddies with elementary kids, tutoring, hospital visits, volunteering at post office during holiday season, etc. Typical NHS things, I guess
• Guys' Varsity soccer manager, 11th grade and continuing this spring

And of course, I can't forget
• Who's Who!!! ;) Ahh I'm just kidding. I've heard that it looks bad if you even dare to put that on your application...so I'll definitely leave that one off unless I hear otherwise.

So...chances, anybody?
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Replies to: Chances at UCD and UCSD?

  • caliplaya03caliplaya03 Posts: 562Registered User Member
    I think you'll get into UCD with no problem...UCSD might be a SLIGHT!! reach...because of your GPA....but your ACT scores are great!! Your EC's are strong as well....i would admit you if i was on the adcom
  • hopeful219hopeful219 Posts: 524Registered User Member
    UC schools have really limited major position for biomedical engineering as well as electric. Becuas BIO E is fairly new. You would need at least 700 on SAT IIC as well as science
  • dh999dh999 Posts: 336Registered User Member
    Davis is a lock up. UCSD has become very hard to get in as of late. (The last three to six years especially.) Like the post mentioned before your weak spot is that GPA. But I am under the assumption that you have a great personality, so I think it will make up for it. Good luck!!!!
  • PXalpinePXalpine Posts: 288Registered User Junior Member
    Is it required to take Math 2c if you are majoring in Engineering at any of the UCs?
  • OhNoItsHeatherOhNoItsHeather Posts: 399Registered User Member
    So I got my SAT IIs back and got a 710 on Math 2 and a 610 on the Lit test, but I got a 580 on the Chem test. Will that 580 severely hurt me? I mean, it's actually way better than I expected I'd get after I took the test, but it's definitely not too hot of a score :-/
  • arnold16890arnold16890 Posts: 9Registered User New Member
    ^^ ehh...the 580 will hurt a bit...
  • hurdlesrockhurdlesrock Posts: 426Registered User Member
    UCD:Safe Match
  • surfed_pipelinesurfed_pipeline Posts: 518. Member
    i am liking the spiffy word format in your stats. work on ur essays. science act does not use calculator.
  • OhNoItsHeatherOhNoItsHeather Posts: 399Registered User Member
    Ha thanks. It's just so much easier to see all the different components of my stats that way.

    And oh no, I know the science ACT doesn't need a calculator. I was actually talking about the math section. I just wanted to put that little note at the end and science was the last section.
    And I should be getting those ACT results back any day now.
  • pacific_fleetpacific_fleet Posts: 242Registered User Junior Member
    so if she were out of state, would she likely get rejected?
  • surfed_pipelinesurfed_pipeline Posts: 518. Member
    yes champ.
  • beastmasterbeastmaster Posts: 571Registered User Member
    UCSD: slight reach
    UCD: match
  • TonyLTH12TonyLTH12 Posts: 783Registered User Member
    well, only two SAT IIs are used now... so the chem will prob. sneak by.
    Just make sure you give thought and select an alternate major you like just in case you don't get into BME.
    Other than that, your stats looks pretty good.
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