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Social life at UCI???

frooblesfroobles Posts: 82Registered User Junior Member
Hey! I just got accepted to UCI and I'm so excited! :D From what I've seen, the campus is cool and new and awesome. But how's the social life? How is it compared to other UCs like LA, SD, or SB? Does the "fun factor" depend on your dorm situation (ex: living by yourself vs living with 2 roomates, or living in one of those 9 room apartment things)?

Thanks!!! :)
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Replies to: Social life at UCI???

  • haikumarukuchanhaikumarukuchan Posts: 1,795Registered User Senior Member
    ^It's fun!

    I've visited a couple times, UCI is a sweet location, it'd be fun to go!

    I say there's lots of socializing, especially if you're asian
  • frooblesfroobles Posts: 82Registered User Junior Member
    yay! i'm asian :)

    thanks for the reply
  • MaMooseMaMoose Posts: 263Registered User Junior Member
    I don't know about any 9-room apartment things... all the freshmen entering in Fall 2009 will be housed in Middle Earth or Mesa Court (the residence halls).

    There are plenty of activities, but the campus is still pretty quiet on weekends. It seems to me there's a bit of a Catch-22 going on... many of the campus cafes, etc., are closed on weekends because there aren't enough students around, but why should they stick around if... well, you get the idea.

    I just don't understand building a great new Student Center, then closing all most of the dining places inside it on weekends. I mean, it's nice that they keep the Game Room open, but it would help to have the Pub and Grille open as well.
  • haikumarukuchanhaikumarukuchan Posts: 1,795Registered User Senior Member

    if I go to UCI, we shall like hang out with all the cool asian kids

    asian kids unite!
  • spellingbeadspellingbead Posts: 155Registered User Junior Member
    Sounds like somebody has yellow fever.

    btw Wendy's (in the Student Center) and Starbucks are open everyday. I agree tho they should leave more stuff open later on the weekends.
  • frooblesfroobles Posts: 82Registered User Junior Member
    This is what I meant by the 9 room apartments (UC Irvine Student Housing - Arroyo Vista - Floor Plans & Community Map) Oh but I see that Middle Earth and Mesa Courts only have single, double, or triple occupancy.

    Hahahah ok...

    I'll be going home on the weekends so that won't be a problem for me!

    Thanks for clearing stuff up for me ^.^
  • haikumarukuchanhaikumarukuchan Posts: 1,795Registered User Senior Member
    ^ SOOO MANY people go home on the weekends, why is that?
    I can't go home on the weekends, it's too far! (3000 miles far and another country!)

    so am I gonna be lonely in my dorm?

    super duper lame.....

    I have a question regarding social scene!

    So, we're all CCers, do u guys think if we know each other on CC, can u actually be friends in like real life at a college?

    Has anyone ever have had that experience?!?!?
  • iownchopsticksiownchopsticks Posts: 191Registered User Junior Member
    ^ it happened to me. except high school not college.
    this girl posted a chance thread and it said she was a student in irvine so we PMed each other and it turns out she was in my AP lit class. so now facebook surveys its just like "how did you meet person #3" and were just like "-___________- talk college confidential..." LOL
  • thisisalanthisisalan Posts: 27Registered User New Member
    what are some good, lowkey food places around UCI?
  • evaaevaa Posts: 177Registered User Junior Member
    So exactly how many asians are there at UCI? I've been hearing some very high percentages...
  • zwankiezwankie Posts: 148Registered User Junior Member
    80%... Lol
  • ScaredAsHellScaredAsHell Posts: 234Registered User Junior Member
    it's kind of a boring campus to be honest.
  • frooblesfroobles Posts: 82Registered User Junior Member
    ^Oh man that doesnt sound too good...

    But dont worry cuz once i get there, that's all gonna change. :)
  • MaMooseMaMoose Posts: 263Registered User Junior Member
    Hey Froobles,

    UCI isn't planning on housing freshmen in AV next year (one of the benefits, I guess, of admitting fewer freshmen).

    If anyone cares, the Fall 2008 head-count lists 52.7% of the undergraduates as identifying themselves Asian American/Pacific Islander.

    Haiku, I don't know why so many undergrads head home for the weekend... free laundry is only so attractive.

    I do think the University could schedule more events on the weekend... the place has world-class venues with the Bren Center and several good-sized theaters. And Irvine is close enough to LA that you'd think a creative scheduler could snag some impressive talent... and do better than schedule John Legend on a Tuesday night.
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