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What are some Fun/Easy Classes to Take as "Electives"

robbins01robbins01 Posts: 207Registered User Junior Member
Basically, I have 2 GE's left to take (incoming 3rd year) that are either not being offered in the Fall or are full (F Sixth College practicum).

I asked my adviser what I should do, and she recommended I take a "buffer/elective" class in order to reign in the credits and boost my gpa. Any recommendations? I've heard CSE3 (took), MUS 15 - The Beatles (currently waitlisted), COGS3 (conflicts with an existing class that I need to take for my major), TDGE 1 (****ty morning time), TDAC 1 (full, not willing to waitlist), and PSYCH 1 (have taken), SIO classes (been there, done that, they are relatively easy but not my taste), and Gospel Choir (took & is P/NP rather than graded).

Any others I'm missing? I figure I should take advantage of the opportunity to take a fun elective course, so please, any and all ideas are welcome.
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Replies to: What are some Fun/Easy Classes to Take as "Electives"

  • operaticmimosaoperaticmimosa Posts: 78Registered User Junior Member
    If you are fluent in a foreign language, upper div language courses are usually really easy. I took upper division Russian and all we did was watch Russian movies and talk about them. You could try taking a 2/3 unit class like Gospel Choir. In my understanding, if you show up to class you are guaranteed an A. Also my roommates have said that the science for non-science major classes like Natural Disasters and Society and the Sea are super easy.
  • christee8876christee8876 Posts: 27Registered User New Member
    I have to disagree with operaticmimosa. I took a quarter of upper div chinese to fulfill my foreign language requirement last year and it was killer. there were quizzes every class and a paper due almost every week.

    You should pick a class you're genuinely interested in. Even if it's the easiest class on campus, if you're not interested in it you're going to be miserable.
  • shinydragshinydrag Posts: 132Registered User Junior Member
    mus 11 and mus 9
  • ucsdleeucsdlee Posts: 101Registered User Junior Member
    ^ i second that. mus 11. so easy. and you learn more about the culture and music imo. although jewish folk culture/music may not be your cup of tea, it was quite easy. i found it enjoyable.

    no readings/assignments. just attend lectures, which may be really boring at times..but it's really not asking much.
    just two midterms. final. done.
    although attendance is recorded for sections. but then again idk if it's actually factored into the grade.
  • $KingsElite$$KingsElite$ Posts: 2,323Registered User Senior Member
    MUS 15. /thread :)
  • robbins01robbins01 Posts: 207Registered User Junior Member
    MUS 11 is not being offered this coming Fall :(.

    I am currently waitlisted for MUS 15 - not stoked for 3 hour lectures though, although it's on the Beatles, so I guess there's really nothing to complain about.
  • Madisonian1123Madisonian1123 Posts: 45Registered User Junior Member
    Take classes that are based on how good the prof is, even a seemingly unappealing class can be great to take and more importantly fun if the prof is good.
  • $KingsElite$$KingsElite$ Posts: 2,323Registered User Senior Member

    But when you consider part of that time will be spent watching music videos and class rarely started on time or ended on time, it's not bad at all.
  • Stigmata7Stigmata7 Posts: 48Registered User Junior Member
    Oh try TDTR 10: Introduction to Dance Theory, there are still some spots. Dance department classes often get overlooked. I haven't taken it myself but have heard the teacher is quite entertaining and that its not too difficult. Also dance movement classes I've heard are pretty fun, but most are pretty wait listed as of now.
  • XenosisXenosis Posts: 30Registered User New Member
    I took MUS 15 once, it was all about East Asian Popular Music. It was a blast and all we did was watch music videos and take lecture notes.
  • Avib0yAvib0y Posts: 504Registered User Member
    Its only a Freshman Seminar but Film 87. I loved that class so much. You watch classic movies and then talk about them.
  • robbins01robbins01 Posts: 207Registered User Junior Member
    Thank you, reading each reply. Hopefully I get into MUS 15!

    MUS 11 will probably be offered in the winter or spring, so I'll take it then if I ever need a "filler course"
  • lakers4thewinlakers4thewin Posts: 74Registered User Junior Member
    bild 22
    two midterms, no final
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