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The difference between UCSD colleges?

myaumyau Posts: 468Registered User Member
Could anybody formulate some distinctive features of all 6 UCSD residential colleges, so that the new applicant would have any idea, what the difference between them (besides the GE requirements wich are easily found in the broshure), what kind of people usually choose each of them, how social and/or academic life differs from one college to another etc.? Which college's dorms are coziest? What are the male/female ratios in them? ;) What is the "spirit" of each of them - which are more "scientific" or more "humanitarian" or "artsy", which ones are most or least politicized?

BTW, when should the applicants choose the desired college - right in their application or later, if accepted?

I hope, different colleges' patriots won't fight here. ;) Everybody's perspective is welcome.
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Replies to: The difference between UCSD colleges?

  • Dk-blue_FalconDk-blue_Falcon Posts: 539Registered User Member
    all engineering students tend towards warren

    revelle has a cool dorm setup

    sixth is the most disconnected and looks like a camp

    muir is the most popular for its ge's and proximity to and view of the beach

    marshall has the best food

    erc is known for poli sci? it also looks the neatest

    BUT revelle is the best=]

    i'm only a first year so...
  • GlueEaterGlueEater Posts: 1,002Registered User Senior Member
    I'd be interesting in hearing more on this if anyone else has anything to add.
  • ShrinkrapShrinkrap Posts: 11,784Registered User Senior Member
    "BTW, when should the applicants choose the desired college - right in their application or later, if accepted?"

    Once you select UCSD in the UC ap it asks you to rank your preference for colleges.
  • 1357913579 Posts: 145Registered User Junior Member
    you could probably find some answers here...

  • ihavenolifeihavenolife Posts: 571Registered User Member
    sixth college isn't actually disconnected at all...If you pay attention, it is actually the closest college to Price Center, student services center, etc. the dorms are also cozy and you get to meet a lot of people easily....but they dont have a big cafeteria like other colleges so that's a let down...

    revelle has the worst food. this college is also actually far from most of the main ucsd buildings. the dorms are ok.

    ERC has the nicest and newest dorms and good food. but they got a lot of GE requirements...don't go here if you're doing a major that requires a lot of work.

    muir is pretty popular because of its ge requirements. however, the truth is that you gotta take them in a sequence, so there's no freedom, which sucks. they have a nice view of the beach but their dorms are like prisons. but their food is good.

    marshall has the best food. i dont know anything else about it.

    warren has fairly good dorms. their food isn't that bad, but it's not great either.
  • TienIsCoolXTienIsCoolX Posts: 822Registered User Member
    Muir dorms look prisony, but are extremely roomy compared to some of the other dorms I've seen.
  • atlantizatlantiz Posts: 426Registered User Member
    i am going to go ahead and say REVELLE does NOT have the worst food. i am a revelle student and i have to say some of their wraps and salads are pretty good . but if you choose to eat their fried stuff every day, then yeah it gets old. and besides, you are not confined to revelle dining. For example, if you have a class in Peterson or Solis (marshall college area) that gets out at 12pm..go to OVT (marshall's dining..which is pretty good)

    Revelle is VERY CLOSE to York Hall where your chem6 series and chem 6bl (for you bio and chem or premed ppl) will be, so if youre from revelle...it takes like a few minutes to get there and is very convenient.

    Revelle also has clics (a mini library basically) that is convenient for some studying.

    imo..6th is probably the least desirable. but i mean...students do live there, so it won't be horrible. i have never eaten at foodworx (so i can't say if it sucks or not) and probably never will.
  • mrxalleycatmrxalleycat Posts: 717Registered User Member
    MUIR is by the beach and closest to Price Center ....
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